The Fallen Premiums – Grand Final Edition, 2020

Written by Chillo on September 16 2020

Wow, that came around fast! An unexpected side-effect of shortened quarters is the acceleration of time, who knew? After eighteen rapid rounds, a couple of frenzies, a three month COVID-induced intermission and 37 trades, Supercoach 2020 will come to a close on Monday night and maybe, just maybe SCT will be able to boast a winner! All the best Yiorgi, if weight of moral support counts for anything you are a dead set certainty.

For those of you fortunate enough to still have a trade or two up your sleeve, there are a few final dilemmas to be dealt with this week. But perhaps you’ve avoided these and are plotting a nice luxury trade to finish your season and maybe win yourself a league or two? Here are the Fallen Premiums!


Dilemma #1 this week: what to do with Docherty? The Blues distributor is the most selected defender in Supercoach but went into Sunday’s game under an injury cloud. As sure as Simmo wears sleeves, The Doc failed to see out the opening quarter before his dodgy calf pinged again. GD has already covered your thoughts on the potential replacements with this timely poll, and it’s pretty hard to argue with any of the popular choices. Who you take should be based solely on your available budget and good old gut feeling. For what it’s worth, I reckon you can’t go wrong picking anyone with Daniel in their name (note: not Talia. Or Howe).


There are usually some phenomenal individual scores registered in the final round, as teams warming up for the finals come up against opposition who are already thinking about what outfit they should wear on Monday. For that reason, I find it very difficult to go past

Tim KELLY (WCE), $461 400 (-$100.4K), avg 98, BE 14, and

Andrew GAFF (WCE), $527 800 (-$55.4K), avg 105, BE 106 

this week. Both men absolutely ran riot last week so there is more than a whiff of points-chasing about this, but they come up against a North side who have completely chucked it in for 2020. You’d be brave to bet against the Eagles’ pair repeating the dose on Thursday night.


Dilemma #2: Goldstein has become Cold-stein (sorry) in recent weeks, and comes up against the might of the NicNat this week. Is there a viable swap somewhere for those of you unfortunately lumped with the Kangaroos’ big man? Reilly O’Brien (ADE), $532 500, avg 105 has quietly gone about his business all year, and now finds himself as the centrepiece of a Crows side that has found hot form in recent weeks. Richmond are winning but giving up big scores to opposition rucks (Blicavs 134/Ratugolea 116 last week), so ROB might be a left-field option worth considering this weekend if you’re prepared to lux out Goldy.


Dilemma #3 this week is what to do with Jy Simpkin (NTH), $391 400, avg 90. The Roos’ youngster is having a breakout year but his form has fallen off a cliff as the season winds down, with scores of 79, 48 and 62 in his past three games. So if you don’t have much cash to add to Jy’s price tag, what do you do? You fly with Liam Ryan (WCE), $422 600, avg 75! Scores of 97, 109, 100, and 119 in the past month and he’s sure to get on the end of a few scoring chains this week. Be warned though that he is also fully capable of turning in a sub-30 point shocker, so stick the E on him to be on the safe side and have that loophole ready.

He kicks goals, he takes hangers, but can he help you win Supercoach?

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4 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Grand Final Edition, 2020”

  1. Tossed up between Sheed and Kelly 3 weeks ago yep went Sheed traded him to acres though so got something I am going for Dunkley to finish the year off. NDD



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