The Fallen Premiums – Rd 10, 2022

Written by Abs on May 18 2022

Instead of asking if your round was decent, let me ask, did you field Rioli Jr? Steele owners look no further, we’ll have a deep dive into some appealing midfield options (Travis Boak anyone?)…. The byes loom just around the corner so keep a close-eye on the impending doom structure during rounds 12 to 14.

Did round 9 have you staring at your SC score like such?


Dayne Zorko (BRL, 540k, (-$55.4k),  94.5 AVG, 92 BE) when it comes to SC coaches seeking a POD (a unique player that usually tanks my season, point of difference). Half the time it appears as if the POD in question is no good and coaches are just talking unnecessary risks. Zorko on the other hand doesn’t fit that description whatsoever. A 5-round average of 110.4 and a 3-round average of 115.3 says it all really. Coming into the season underdone, Zorko battled through a calf complaint and found himself playing out of the Lions defence due to Kiddy Coleman’s absence. Round 7 against Sydney, Zorko was back playing in that Mid-Fwd split that coaches from last season look back fondly on. 120, 123 & 103 points since the SC-friendly role change has taken effect, along with appearing to be well and truly over any niggles. Zorko would make a fine addition to any defensive line.

Jordan Dawson (ADE, 532.9k, (-$17.4),  103.8 AVG, 73 BE) Mentioned Jordy last week, but will be a popular selection for coaches again this week. A monster first half for Dawson, mainly finding himself playing as the loose-man down back for the Crows with the occasional run down the wing to break open the Lions defence with his strong kick. However, Dawson did find attention in the second-half from Jarrod Berry, who held Dawson to a conservative 107 points. Jordy offers a fine option for coaches looking to complete their defence. Just be wary of impending role volatility.

Backing it up….
Tom Stewart, 616k, 176 BE
Alex Witherden, 595k, 149 BE
Adam Saad, 491k, 145 BE
Jayden Short, 569k, 138 BE
Steven May, 495k, 132 BE


The only way is the Rambo way.

Sam Walsh (CAR, 601.9k, (-$35.2k), 114.5 AVG, 116 BE) Hewett, Cripps, Walsh, Docherty. Is it too much Carlton? Short answer, no (unless you support Collingwood). The long answer involves the impending byes and a small jab at coaches that traded Hewett or Cripps out (I joke, I joke, don’t abuse me in the comments). Flying somewhat under the radar, Walsh has only dipped below 100 points two times this season. A fast start for Walsh with 2 goals in the first quarter. Walsh scored a large 147 points against GWS in Leon Cameron’s farewell game and helped will the Blues over the line. Personally, I’ll be waiting until his bye in round 12 to bring this jet in, but for coaches that can make-do with a R12 bye Steele replacement, Walsh will definitely put together a nice run home as the Blues look to push for a top-four spot.

Touk Miller (GCS, 632.2k, (-$45.6k), 119.6 AVG, 120 BE) this should be as short as, if no Touk Miller, and youre searching for a Steele replacement, look no further. Some of Touk’s remaining games consist of the following teams. North x2, Hawks x2, Adelaide, Tigers, West Coast, Collingwood. Pencil in a few 150+ scores with that line-up! A 3 round average of 137.3 and priced modestly @632k, Touk should be a priority upgrade before he hits 650k+.

Clayton Oliver (MEL, 645.3k, (-$26.7k), 120.7 AVG, 146 BE) I’ve been seeing some interesting debates revolving around, “who to bring in, Callum Mills or Satan Oliver?” A little myth I’d like to bust right out of the gate is, “Mills has a much larger ceiling than Clarry.” The following scores are Oliver’s 5 largest scores from 2021. 204, 166, 159, 144, 140 (x2), yes technically 6 largest scores, sue me. I’m not here to argue one over the other, however, Oliver has gone 130+ three times this season and with North Melbourne this week, could easily make it four times and hit his BE.

Christian Petracca (MEL, 578.8k, (-$27.4k), 116.8 AVG, 99 BE) naturally, when it comes to mentioning Clarry, Petracca also gets brought up. A popular choice last week, Tracca rewarded owners with a handy 136 points (and if he could have put away a few missed set-shots, could have been pushing 150+). Could also do much worse than Tracca in your midfield, however with the debate seeming to be Petracca or Brayshaw? I personally do prefer Andy.

Andrew Brayshaw (FRE, 557k, (-$27.3k), 116.4 AVG, 100 BE) might have turned off potential suitors after a down performance personally and as a team. Brayshaw, however, presents amazing value, and also plays the first two weeks of the byes. With Fremantle playing Collingwood this week, who’s midfield bleed points to opposition midfielders. Also factoring in that the game is @Optus Stadium, with a Flagmantle team seeking a strong bounce-back. I’d be inclined to mention Andy as a potential Captain smokey! Fyfe nearing a return also should inspire hope for potential owners of Andy, as it won’t hinder, but further support Brayshaw’s abilities.

Limbo Land….
Jack Steele, 591k, 199 BE *injured*
Tom Mitchell, 527k, 192 BE
Callum Mills, 667k, 167 BE
Zach Merrett, 560k, 164 BE
Lachie Neale, 679k, 161 BE
Clayton Oliver, 645k, 146 BE
Travis Boak, 555k, 141 BE
Tom Green, 527k, 139 BE
Ben Keays, 569k, 129 BE


Todd Goldstein (NTH, 501.7k, (-$47.1k), 89.2 AVG, 50 BE) Goldy has really turned the clock back since Xerri has been out and he’s had the lions-share of ruck duties. With a 3 round average of 123.3 points Goldy really does look primed as a smokey to finish off our forward lines while offering crucial ruck-cover on the stretch home. The only knock is that Xerri isn’t far away from returning and it’s all speculative to see how they split Goldy’s duties once Tristan is back. Another option, that presents some serious value while also offering ruck-cover after the DPP updates in round 12, is Darcy Cameron, who I’ll cover in the forwards section!

Max Gawn, 640k, 221 BE
Reilly O’Brien, 518k, 162 BE
Peter Ladhams, 471k, 155 BE
Tom Hickey, 494k, 142 BE
Brodie Grundy, 545k, 138 BE *injured*
Nic Naianui, 587k, 130 BE *injured*


Completing your forward-line without Parker?

Luke Parker (SYD, 548.1k, (-$43.5k), 102.4 AVg, 128 BE) arrogant, nasty, humiliating and kicking men while they’re down! Oh not Luke Parker, but the state of the AFL Media. Led Sydney in CBA’s with 18/23 against the Dons. With a 5 round average of 113.4, Luke has truly found consistency in his role and output over these last 5 weeks. For those looking at Heeney for 50k less, just beware that his blended mid/fwd role appears to be dead and buried. A high 128 BE results in no urgency to bring Parker in, however for those moving Coniglio or looking for forward premiums, Parker looks set to finish top 6.

Darcy Cameron (COL, 411.4k, (-$9.2k), 68.3 AVG, 44 BE). With a 3 round average of 104.3, and Grundy set to miss a further few months. Cameron playing as the #1 ruck for the Pies is looking like a solid cut-price forward. At worst he’ll make you some cash, scoring well enough to sit at F6 and be a required flick towards the SC finals. At best? Pies put Grundy on ice and let Cameron finish the season off, all while maintaining a solid scoring stream. With 3 rounds of data in the books and a solid 115 points against Jarrod Witts. It really makes it seem that Cameron won’t slow down anytime soon while he maintains his duties. Definitely one to consider!

Forward thinking…
Toby Greene, 436k, 173 BE
Dylan Moore, 494k, 163 BE
Josh Dunkley, 592k, 152 BE
Luke Parker, 548k, 128 BE
Isaac Heeney, 498k, 126 BE
Tim Taranto, 465k, 121 BE

Rest In Peace legend.


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16 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 10, 2022”

  1. Need a fwd/ruck player in the forward line in case Gawn or Preuss aren’t available. So who do I opt for – Cameron or Goldstein?


    1. I much prefer Cameron, mainly due to the unknown of the role Goldy will play with Xerri’s return.


      1. Hey fellas.

        I”m not so sold on Cameron yet. Theres some rumours on Twitter that Mason Cox has been going well in the two’s and could get a call up.If Begg gets dropped and Cameron had to split his ruck time with Cox I would have concerns. Cameron is definitely the better forward. I would check team sheets before jumping on Cameron.

        Xerri a test this week also so I will be passing on Goldy too


          1. Bailed out on Friday from Dawson and went Zorko myself FT.

            If the wheels stay-on, Zorko just has that larger ceiling that was too tempting to pass up.

            Thanks FT!


  2. Would like to get thoughts on Zach Merrett as a potential upgrade after his bye as a M7/8.
    If he scores 100 each of the next 2 weeks, will be priced at about $510k going into his round 12 bye. Ideally bring him in round 13 and will play each of the last 2 bye rounds. Before the weekend, lowest score of 99 this season. The 2 previous seasons has averaged 115. I think there’s plenty of good value in him.
    On the weekend was the first time he hasn’t been in the top 2 for CBA’s mids at Ess for the round, would just need to make sure he is back in the CBA’s over the next two weeks to lock him in.


    1. Definitely one to monitor. Like you mentioned was playing more on the wing and wasn’t as present at CBA’s (present at only 26%).

      With most teams seeming to have a Petracca or Brayshaw at M8. Merrett would be a handy, consistent POD too.


    2. Would Travis Boak be in a similar category? Projected to be at $510k if he has 115/115 over the next two weeks, rd 12 bye. Averaged 125 prior to last week.

      Not sure at all for the reason of last weeks stinker.


      1. I don’t love Boak.

        Spending more time forward and has always started hot and slowed as the season progresses. Better options to complete your midfield IMO.


    3. He is my first upgrade target.

      Rowell —> Zerrett locked in for R13, particularly as his second half of the year is historically superior.


  3. Thanks for this Abs, I get a laugh every week from your write ups. As an Essendon supporter I even had a laugh at your Heppell pic at the start and yes…..I look at my team like that most weeks lol!

    Walsh in for me this week, has potential to go huge and consistent the rest of the time. Yes there is concern that there is too many fingers in the pie at the Blues but it still works for my bye structure with him so in he comes…..


    1. Hahaha, if we don’t laugh, we cry Jamhead. Missus supports the Bombers, so as a Hawks supporter it’s bitter-sweet watching them atm.

      Walsh definitely a solid choice. Bit concerned with him only attending 7 CB’s this past week but the consistency and ability speaks for itself.


    1. Not quite sold on him. With DPP players like Boak, Bont and Bailey Smith potentially on the horizon, along with Dusty, Parker, Heeney, Libba, English (very shortly) all viable.

      I just don’t see him being a consideration. That monster ceiling was shown in Round 1 in the thrashing vs The Dons, but he hasn’t gone beyond 120 since.

      Guys like Cogs and Butters who we all have, present a better option at F5-6 than Tomahawk.



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