The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13

Written by on June 20 2018

Is your team complete yet? Are all your premiums firing? Are all your premiums playing? If you answered ‘NO!’ to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!


Elliot YEO (WCE), $521 700 (-$39.6K), average 104, BE 100 – Simply brilliant against the Swans for his 144 points, Yeo is one of only six defenders averaging in triple figures this year, and should be near the top of your shopping list for Round 14. The Eagles are back at Optus against the Bombers this week; expect Elliot to soar at home.

Backing it up…
Jeremy Howe, $495K, BE 161
Jimmy Webster, $463K, BE 155 *injured*


Tom ROCKLIFF (PTA), $403 000 (-$126.4K), average 71, BE 15 – Can someone please talk me out of this? Here’s a guy who averaged 132 in 2014 – and he’s currently cheaper than snowshoes in the Sahara. Ideal looper for M9, and with that break-even this is definitely your last chance. Wanna roll the dice with the injury ward and take on Rocky?

Oliver WINES (PTA), $508 300 (-$35.2K), average 103, BE 7 – Port midfielders are in high demand this week, and Ollie has continued the trend of off-contract players finding ripping form. Scores of 142 and 157 in the past fortnight make Wines the hottest player in the league right now; can he keep it going? Again, microscopic BE translates to “now or never”. 3% ownership.

Marcus BONTEMPELLI (WBD), $532 500 (-$45.3K), average 106, BE 63 – The Bont has been out of favour in 2018, after he burnt a number of us last season. But at a relatively unpopular 11% ownership, Marcus has quietly had an excellent season with eight tons in 11 games. His lowest score this year, a 47 against the Pies, drops out of his cycle this week, and his price should advance from here. Just be wary that Bont can disappear into the forward line during games….

Orange jumper, orange boots….orange seats?

Josh KELLY (GWS), $552 600 (-$76.0K), average 110, BE 89 – On the surface, this is an easy selection, because Kelly is already a star in both footy and Supercoach terms. The singular question mark here is how much time can he spend on the field for the rest of the year? Razed the Suns for 146 at his last start, and completes the Queensland double against the Lions this week.

Limbo land…
Jack Macrae, $630K, BE 222 *injured*
Andrew Gaff, $537K, BE 164
Patrick Cripps, $532K, BE 157
Dayne Beams, $515K, BE 154


Patrick RYDER (PTA), $494 400 (-$72.1K), average 92, BE 73 – Arguably the best pure tap ruckman in the competition for less than $500K? You’ve surely noticed the common theme throughout the Fallen Premiums this week – underpriced stars with underlying injury concerns. Ryder’s Achilles heel is his Achilles heel, but for the punting types he is undeniably amazing value this week after piling up a season best 125 vs the Dogs.

Max Gawn, $620K, BE 158
Brodie Grundy, $632K, BE 148 


Chad WINGARD (PTA), $394 600 (-$116.7K), average 77, BE 16 – After a mediocre season thus far, everyone’s favourite Chad has flicked the switch in the past fortnight, posting scores of 116 and 105. More midfield time has been the catalyst, and if that trend continues Wingard is incredible value at south of 400K. Has averaged 90+ in a season three times in his career, so the potential is certainly there. Throw in that DPP swing, and the Chad is hard to resist!

Wingardium leviosa?

Jack GUNSTON (HAW), $444 700 (-$30.1K), average 94, BE 45 – No-frills Jack, just getting it done every week. Clarko swung him into the backline against the Crows, and Gunston responded with a season-high 123. Produced very good numbers in a similar role late last year, averaging 102 in the final seven games. Huge POD value at 2% ownership. Under-rated!

Forward thinking….
Toby McLean, $500K, BE 186


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10 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13”

  1. It’s leviOsa not levioSA.

    Rocky and Wingard both look like cheap back-up options – if I pick one, it’ll probably be the Chad.


    1. Sadly I don’t have enough trades left for either of the Port duo right now.

      Great write-up Chillo. Saving what trades I can and may look at Webster for Savage when he bottoms out and if form suggests it’s a good move.


  2. More desire than a prediction:

    Jack Crisp
    Patrick Dangerfield
    Brodie Grundy
    Jack Darling

    don’t miss it, tickets on sale NOW!


    1. I regretted not having Dusty last season, so was first picked this year.
      Can’t afford to do a luxury trade to move him on. So will cross my fingers and hope he decides to get out of first gear.


    1. Like Richard douglass signing an extension then coming out and scoring 9 SuperCoach points in a full game.



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