The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13, 2021

Written by Chillo on June 9 2021

Targeting the boys coming off the byes this week – Suns, Cats, Giants, Power, Roos and Hawks. The pickings are a little on the slim side, and it definitely feels like you should be trading down right now to build the bank for future upgrades….OR you could steal a march on your opposition and grab some of these unfancied diamonds in the rough!  Did someone say “moneyball”?

Just kidding! Ladies and gentlemen, the Fallen Premiums.


Lachie WHITFIELD (GWS), $503 600 (-$58K), avg 93, BE 70 – The orange road runner is everyone’s favourite upgrade option this week. Starting the season with a six week layoff with a bruised liver is not ideal, but since his return Lachie has gradually increased his output and now appears to be back near his best. Don’t bother asking what role he plays, because he doesn’t have one – he just runs everywhere from first siren to final. His scoring history is excellent (last 3 seasons of 100, 111 and 105 ppg) and the Giants’ next three games include North, Carlton and Hawthorn. Minor flag: was sighted running laps away from the main group at training yesterday, but if selected, jump on.

Good at footy and got dance moves, too

Jack LUKOSIUS (GCS), $384 000 (-$46.8K), avg 81, BE 3 – Sorry Wighty, the secret is out! With one of the sweetest right foot strikes in the game, Jack started this season with back to back tons and seemed primed for a breakout. A few injuries and some indifferent form then saw Lukosius struggle his way through the next few weeks, but in the past fortnight he has gone 98, 128 and suddenly all seems right with the world again. As confirmed by the kick-in stats in those games, Lukosius is back to his preferred backline distributor role and his scoring should reap the benefits.

Backing it up…
Christian Salem, $496K, BE 176
Sam Docherty, $506K, BE 140
Jordan Ridley, $462K, BE 131


Oliver WINES (PTA), $549 800 (-$10.8K), avg 105, BE 94 – The Quadzilla has promised so much since he posted a 100 ppg average in just his second season. A combination of miskicks and misadventure have held Ollie back since then, but in his ninth season maybe he’s finally cracked the code. Averaging 31 possessions a game this season and 124 ppg in his last three games, Wines is the sort of contested ball beast that you should be looking for to fill out your midfield. Massive POD value at 2.8% ownership.

Just quickly….Travis BOAK ($533 800, avg 109, BE 125) and Josh KELLY ($562 300, avg 104, BE 111) are proven performers fresh off the bye. Each are in the middle of very good seasons and shape as nice pickups for your midfield this week. Tom MITCHELL ($542 000, avg 106, BE 93) has been a little more frustrating for owners, but is still going at a good pace.

Limbo land…
Clayton Oliver, $704K, BE 186
Hugh McCluggage, $553K, BE 169
Lachie Neale, $575K, BE 163
Jarryd Lyons, $614K, BE 156
Mitch Duncan, $581K, BE 152
Elliot Yeo, $483K, BE 152


Nothing to see here this week. In fact, if you’re trading in the ruck department this week, then I strongly recommend you look at the other end of the price scale for suitable candidates…

Brodie Grundy, $628K, BE 160
Rowan Marshall, $497K, BE 146

The Dixon-Gray line marks out happiness for Power fans

Robbie GRAY ($424 300, avg 83, BE 31) and Charlie DIXON ($462 400, avg 87, BE 55) have been running the Port forward line for a few years now, and throughout the pre-bye weeks they each showed that they have not lost their touch. Three tons in four games for Charlie, and back-to-back 100+ efforts from Robbie leading into the mid-season break for the Power’s dynamic duo, who are both under-priced and interesting points of difference. In the dumpster fire that is the Supercoach forward line in 2021, you could do a lot worse than taking a punt on either of these proven stars.

Tom HAWKINS (GEE), $513 400 (-$55.2K), avg 95, BE 79 – Confession: I love the Tomahawk. You’ll probably write him off and throw him in the “no key forwards” bin, but his record over the past two seasons suggests that he’s more than that. Hawkins averages 8.2 score involvements per game this year, which is miles ahead of any key forward and is the cornerstone of his scoring. Currently the 8th ranked forward for SC scoring this year – do not dismiss!


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12 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13, 2021”

  1. Nice write up as usual Chillo and thanks for the shout re lukosius. I just hope his job stays the same with Bowes likely return. Many in one of my leagues refer to lukosius as my love child.
    Reckon Ollie and Robbie get a very close look this week.


  2. Awesome as always.

    I’d also throw in Powell-Pepper:

    – F/M eligible
    – B/E of 16
    – Only $424k

    Took a few games to get back into it from his R7 debut, scoring 107 and 130 in the last 2 weeks.

    Probably not one I’d be looking at myself, but just putting it out there.


      1. Ugh, hope not.

        Need O’Connor to either be a late out or the Cats to ease him in returning from injury.


  3. Thanks Chillo.

    Whitfield came in last week, I’m crossing everything he is ok.

    I had planned to go Hall and Jelly this week. Something about this seems off. I just don’t like the combined risk.

    I had actually done some research, and you have helped me over the line.

    Welcome to the team Josh kelly and ….

    Tom Hawkins.

    His last game against the Power he scored 204.

    They are also both legit Vice Captain candidates this week , with Kelly v North.

    I need a big one this week, next week will be brutal.

    Thanks again Chillo love ya work.


  4. Would a sideways trade Jiath to Lukosius be a good move considering the Lukosius role or am I being silly?

    TU: Good
    TD: Silly


    1. Eh, focus on R14 bye and getting to full premo.

      Not miles between Jiath and Lukosious, can be dealt with later.

      Plus, if Lukosious is moved back to a wing with Bowes back then steer clear. Needs to play off HB to be a viable DEF option.



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