The Fallen Premiums – Rd 17, 2021

Written by Chillo on July 7 2021

Good morning Supercoaches, and welcome to this week’s exciting edition of Chillo’s Soapbox!

So this week I wanted to briefly talk about live scoring. I don’t have the skills or wherewithal to go into the vagaries of Champion Data’s much-maligned system – if you’re interested, check out any of the excellent articles on the subject from The Salamander – but I do have some thoughts on the consternation caused by what some visitors to this site see as “inconsistencies” in scoring, particularly when it comes to end-of-game updates.

Australian Rules Football is a fast-paced and dynamic sport – hell, that’s one of the main reasons we all love it. For all their efforts, I think it’s unrealistic to expect the boffins at CD to be able to accurately log every single action that occurs within such a quick game while it’s in progress. So updates to the scoring at the end of the game are inevitable. Of course greater transparency from those doing the stats would be fantastic but until we get that (if we get that), and as tempting as it is to get those constant updates, maybe it’ll save a whole lot of heartache if we just check the  scaled scores after the final siren?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fallen Premiums.


Adam SAAD (CAR), $467 900 (-$58.3K), avg 88, BE 63 – The Doc checking out will have a ripple effect on a number of Carlton’s prime movers, and perhaps the effects will be positive for the running man. Since his 21 point stinker back in Round 8, Saad has been incredibly consistent in providing the rebound for the Blues off halfback, only dropping below 80 once in seven starts. And without Docherty stationing the wing, suddenly there is even more room for Adam to do his thing – 116 against the Dockers last week is prime evidence of that.

Just quickly….Three tons on the trot for Jordan RIDLEY ($495K, avg 101, BE 70) , who seems to have resumed normal service after a mid-season slump. Last chance to get him for sub-$500K…

Backing it up…
Jeremy Howe, $476K, BE 185
Tom Stewart, $533K, BE 148
Jake Lloyd, $523K, BE 141


Andrew BRAYSHAW (FRE), $532 000 (-$12.2K), avg 104, BE 67 – It’s always been a question of “when” rather than “if” the younger Brayshaw becomes a bonafide premium. Maybe he needs one more year to properly season, but that doesn’t mean he’s irrelevant to Supercoach this year. With a nice run of home games coming up (COVID permitting), Andy has thrown in the odd loose game here and there but overall he’s been great this year. Ideally priced to finish off your midfield, and with Fyfe increasingly taking a back seat to the younger brigade, there’s plenty of points to be had here.

Parks on the park is a wonderful sight to behold

Luke PARKER (SYD), $513 000 (-$58.1K), avg 102, BE 90 – There’s no school like the old school, and at the ripe age of 28 the Swans tough nut just keeps getting it done. Putting up a triple figure average for about the gazillionth year in a row, Parker’s consistency and durability make him a perfect M8 candidate that you won’t lose any sleep over. Sydney has an exceptionally friendly finish to the season (Roos/Suns in rounds 22 and 23) and look set to feature in September this year, so there’s plenty of good reasons to POD it up with Parker.

Just quickly….Taylor ADAMS ($483K, avg 86, BE 61) was flagged last week and now has back-to-back 30+ possession games under his belt. Crazy cheap and ignored by just about everyone….

Limbo land…
Marcus Bontempelli, $694K, BE 168
Clayton Oliver, $599K, BE 159
Nat Fyfe, $506K, BE 154
Ollie Wines, $579K, BE 146


Rowan MARSHALL (STK), $437 200, avg 84, BE 88 – The Saints swingman has made yoyo’s look steady this year, mixing big tons with long injury layoffs. History has shown that Marshall can share the ruck duties with Ryder and still maintain his Supercoach relevance, and he is priced well below his capabilities after averaging 96 and 110 in his past two seasons. It’s just a question of whether he can hold his body together for this home sprint of seven games. Throw him in your forward line and he’ll be ideal ruck cover if you’re running with a R/F loop at R3 (e.g. Edwards, Comben etc.)

Max Gawn, $606K, BE 152
Nic Naitanui, $606K, BE 148


Jordan DE GOEY (COL), $407 200 (-$28K), avg 72, BE 10 – Another super talent whose form line is all over the place this year, De Goey has taken on extra midfield duties lately and his scoring has improved accordingly. Scores of 115 and 114 in the past fortnight provide a spark of hope that he could be a solution for those trying to finish their teams with limited funds on hand.

Yeah, those are some boots to fill alright!

Matthew KENNEDY (CAR), $418 400 (-$19.1K), avg 69, BE 59 – With Cripps on the wane and doubtful to even play this week, the left-field option that actually makes sense this week is Kennedy. Thrust into the Blues midfield to lend a hand to the impressive Walsh, Kennedy is a former no. 13 draft pick who has always demonstrated an ability to find the footy, but has been starved of opportunities for various reasons throughout his six year career. Now as one of the prime movers for Carlton, Matt boasts a three round average in the triple digits and must be considered as a final upgrade on form alone.

Just quickly….Patrick DANGERFIELD ($533K, avg 102, BE 32) was the ultimate Fallen Premium last week after smashing out a vintage 184 against the Bombers. Still incredibly cheap, but not for much longer!

Forward thinking….
Shai Bolton, $460K, BE 167
Zak Butters, $501K, BE 143
Toby Greene, $478K, BE 139


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15 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 17, 2021”

  1. What would Dangerfield need to score this week to be 565k after this round. This is allowing for a 32k increase in price this week


    1. Great last slot in the mids, if he can stay on the park.

      His cut price will also allow a few to get a Danger type in place of Dale me thinks.


  2. Considering targetting Butters in 2-3 weeks as final forward upgrade, but I don’t have Danger. Also looking at Bont if he drops enough in 2 weeks. Need a final Mid & Fwd.

    TU: Danger & Adams/Similar
    TD: Butters & Bont


  3. Anyone else noting the game by game improvement of Matt Rowell – $400k for 100+ pts the rest of the season?



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