The Never-Again List

Written by The Salamander on September 11 2020

There’s been a fair bit of discussion lately about certain players being on coaches’ ‘never again’ lists, so I thought it would be interesting for us to all compare notes.

Personally, I don’t have a ‘never again’ list as such; I just go out of my way to avoid injury-prone players (e.g. Fyfe), unless they’re significantly under-priced. But any player can, in principle, make their way into my team, for the right price.

What about you? Is there anyone you’re swearing off for good? And have you ever put someone on your ‘never again’ list only to find yourself picking them again the very next season? If so, what changed your mind, and how did it work out?


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37 thoughts on “The Never-Again List”

  1. Brodie Smith has to be on mine. Need to write a letter to my future self of the dangers that will always be there: I.e. scoring 100 one week does NOT make up for scoring 14 points the week before!! He has been on my never again list many a time.
    He just looks so smooth with the ball, when he is on he looks great. But ‘when’ is just too few and far between.


  2. Thanks for the Poll Sal.

    I’m a bit like you. I will probably consider anyone if there cheap enough. These guys would have to be VERY cheap before I ever go near them again.

    Tom Rockcliff
    Shaun Higgins
    Angus Brayshaw
    Jon Ceglar
    Toby Greene
    Robbie Gray

    On the flip side of this, these guys are on my watchlist as potential value / Breakouts for next year.

    Sam Walsh
    Jack Lukosius
    Matt Rowell
    Scrimshaw* ( while Sicily is out )

    I actually started Short at $350K this year when Houli was supposed to miss for the first 8 weeks. It turns out Houli hardly played and Short has averaged 97.8.

    Maybe Scrimshaw* can provide similar value next year.

    Thanks again Sal.


    1. Like both those lists FT. I’ll add Jelly and Fyfe to the never again. You get places in SC with pts, not averages.
      Glad Rowell didn’t hit 7 games….think that gives him a 30% discount which makes him a must have.


      1. No way they give Rowell a 30% discount as then everyone would have him, which is something I think that they try to avoid (everyone having the same players).


      1. Heeney will probably be one of my first picked FWDs next year. Good for a 95 average but playing 6 games this season will give him a discount sub 500k.


  3. Don’t have one but I do have a picked every season list which started currently has:

    Oliver, McRae, Grundy & Gawn

    New additions for next season will be Lloyd & Neale


    1. Started
      Oliver, Macrae, Grundy, Gawn, and Neale this year

      Next year i’m looking at
      Mitchel, Macrae, Grundy, Gawn and Lloyd.

      3-4 Captain options then value where you can find it for me.


    1. I think he’s found the cheat codes to break SC cause he doesn’t seem to have a giant influence on a match but still gets 30 possessions and a 120 score. Agree with you, he’s simply a must have.


  4. Zac Williams is the big burn man that i’m moving onto my Tom Rockliff list. It used to be called the Shaun Higgins list but he’s had a pretty reliable back half of his career so Tom’s taken ownership of the list. Zac Williams is a good SC scorer but just can’t string enough games together in a row to truly be SC relevant. Think i’ll chuck Conigilio onto that list too. Don’t think it’s his fault but more Leon Cameron’s propensity to shift a key mid out of the midfield for weeks on end.


  5. All rucks except the big three, Gawn,Grundy and NicNat.
    My experiment with cheap alternatives is well and truly over after trying it this year.

    Never again.

    A special mention to GWS as Gunboat suggested. They have very classy players, that can burn you, repeatedly. They can score enormous then crash. They get injured too frequently and the club are notorious for disguising the injury and timeframe . Getting to the point where it isn’t worth the heartache.

    # Please remind me of this when I post my team next year. Thanks.


  6. Agree with most of what is covered above.

    1. Don’t mess with your rucks – pick the two u want for the whole year ie Gawn, Grundy – I’ve wasted 6 trades this year on a combination of Jacobs, Naismith, Goldy
    2. Apart from Whitfield and Haynes avoid GWS players eg Williams, Kelly, Cogs
    3. Really like Cripps as a player but he just gets beaten up every year, better value elsewhere
    4. Fyfe, Martin – Just too inconsistent but if Fyfe is M/F will be hard to ignore


    1. related to your first point, i ended up wasting lots of trades because i traded in players who weren’t known to be durable.

      Like most people with my starting squad I always select highly on durability, however I made the mistake of not doing that for players I traded in.

      My F6 position I think i’ve spent 5 trades on, trading players in and out.


    2. Just on 3: you’d be betting on his 2020 season being an aberration rather than the new normal, but it’s worth noting that Cripps will be cheap next year.


      1. Cripps will be locked and loaded next season coming off an average less than 105. Pretty cheap compared to what I’ve paid Rd1 the last 2 seasons.


  7. I started with J kelly & Treloar.
    Both got injured so I trade out.
    Both returned so I trade back in.
    Both got injured so I trade out.
    It is like a bad relationship


  8. Many of the players above would be on the never again list, but there are some others that have really hurt me and come close to never again
    Walters, Macpherson, Mclean, are 3 names that have hurt me.
    Macpherson was looking great last year and then came into this year priced at 440k. He has played 11 games this year averaging <60 and is now priced at 280k
    Mclean was another 2 seasons ago where he was playing great for the Dogs averaging 95 as a fwd, but then can't average more than 70. Would probably need to be at another club to get more mid time.
    Walters is not as bad as the others but can be really frustrating when he is thrown forward for the whole game. Often getting low scores, has really driven me away from my team


  9. IMO guys, GWS has too much mid-field talent and not enough backup for the other key roles.

    The coaching panel, IMO, appears to be focusing on their “big names” and club promotional endorsements instead of the general balance of team structure.

    Hence when an injury occurs to a “star endorsement” to the club, it creates panic decisions.

    Please note this is all IMO, from team selections and trades, and yes, it could be a standard procedure for all clubs, however, this club seems, IMO, to standout more.



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