Trade or Hold – Round 11

Written by Hot Sauce on May 31 2019





Jordan Clark – Def – $274,700 – AVG: 59.7 – BE: 45

Will continue to make you some cash until his bye round thanks to a solid game last week.


Marty Hore – Def – $396,500 – AVG: 86.8 – BE: 45

The gift that keeps on giving. Hore produced his highest score to date against the Giants and will continue to provide you great scoring and cash generation.


Xavier Duursma – Def – $337,800 – AVG: 72.5 – BE: 37

Another to produce his highest score and is now set to raise more cash than expected. Still a likely trade out target next week during his bye round.


Callum Wilkie – Def – $315,500 – AVG: 66.7 – BE: 60

A decent score on the weekend will allow him to possibly make you a little more cash. If you have no other options to trade out to pick up bubble boys, he is the one to go.


Connor Rozee – Def/Fwd – $402,200 – AVG: 81.4 – BE: 57

An average game by his standards in round 10 but he is still to be held for one more week. Could possibly ton up again this week which could result in him being held for longer.


Tom Atkins – Mid – $283,800 – AVG: 59.7 – BE: 42

Pulled one out of the bag here with 115 on the weekend and therefore should be held through to his bye round. Good for a further $35k-$45k increase.


James Cousins – Mid – $357,400 – AVG: 73.2 – BE: 52

As per last week, Cousins continues his hot streak of form and is one to hold onto until his bye.


Bailey Smith – Mid – $393,900 – AVG: 76.3 – BE: 42

Another excellent game has seen his price rise further and will do so until his bye. Has really come good in the last few weeks.


Sydney Stack – Mid – $336,000 – AVG: 75.5 – BE: 70

Should earn a little bit more cash after this week so you can hold. If nobody else screaming out to be traded and you need to, then he is your man.


Sam Walsh – Mid – $423,500 – AVG: 90.9 – BE: 79

Is sure to float around $425k until his bye when you should upgrade him. Until then hold, never know, his excellent 2nd half last week could spark him to a return to 100+ form.


Matthew Parker – Fwd – $236,300 – AVG: 57.0 – BE: 35

If you didn’t trade him out last week then you would be holding him this week as he is set to rise back to what he was worth last week.


Will Setterfield – Fwd/Mid – $223,300 – AVG: 51.0 – BE: 37

Flip of a coin decision really and would depend on your team needs.


Liam Baker – Fwd – $345,500 – AVG: 82.6 – BE: 46

His first 100+ game has seen him jump $15k last week and should get close to doubling that over the next fortnight.


Reilly O’Brien – Ruc – $402,000 – AVG: 89.4 – BE: 60

Would be lucky to have survived last week if you faced the injury carnage, but if he did then he should be held until his bye at least. Excellent ruck option when Grundy & Gawn share their bye week.


Noah Balta – Fwd – $305,200 – AVG: 52.0 – BE: -3

Those who held strong during his terrible start where he actually dropped in price before rising (unheard of really) have been rewarded and then some. He still has plenty of cash to generate if he can maintain the form.

Jonathon Marsh – Def – $196,700 – AVG: 57.3 – BE: 1

Marsh has only just started to generate cash so you would definitely be holding.

Noah Answerth – Def/Mid – $202,700 – AVG: 56.0 – BE: 30

A better game this week by the teenager as he looks set to make more cash if he remains in the side.

Rupert Wills – Mid – $203,500 – AVG: 60.7 – BE: -25

Wills is playing some decent footy at the minute and as long he holds his place in the Pies team he should stay in yours.

Liam Stocker – Mid – $182,700 – AVG: 46.8 – BE: 0

Seems to be getting more comfortable with each game he plays. With some decent scores in the coming weeks he could make some decent cash.

Nick Larkey – Fwd – $244,600 – Avg: 64.6 – BE: 14

Larkey has put together 3 scores in the 70’s in his 5 games and should get plenty more opportunities at the Roos. Too early to cull.

Josh Corbett – Fwd – $233,500 – AVG: 56.0 – BE: 26

As long as he remains in the Suns team, he should stay in your for at least a few more weeks. Should make a minimum $30k over the next 2-3 weeks.




Jack Scrimshaw – Def – $304,900 – AVG: 65.8 – BE: 74

His injury locks him in to trade out for a downgrade target.

Charlie Constable – Mid – $342,800 – AVG: 80.0 – BE: 51

Failed to break back into the side so he is a great choice to build up cash for he bye rounds.


Michael Gibbons – Mid – $259,400 – AVG: 52.1 – BE: 66

Nothing urgent here as will hover around his current price so you could hold, but I’d trade.

Willem Drew – Fwd/Mid – $321,800 – AVG: 73.1 – BE: 64

Not able to break back into the side. He should go. Now.

Gryan Miers – Fwd – $350,700 – AVG: 68.8 – BE: 114

If for some reason you didn’t trade him out last week, then it is an absolute must he is traded now. Set to follow last week and drop a further $20k.

Jack Petruccelle – Fwd – $269,800 – AVG: 54.6 – BE: 71

Is set to drop in cash again so now is the time to trade. Has disappointed owners in the last few weeks.

Jay Lockhart – Def/Mid – $259,500 – AVG: 53.1 – BE: 70

Consecutive poor weeks has seen Lockhart prematurely hit his high price point. Now is the time to move him on.





Darcy Moore – Def/Fwd – $379,000 – AVG: 79.1 – BE: 63

Moore should be back this week for the Pies which guarantees he should be held through the byes at least.

Brad Crouch – Mid – $477,000 – AVG: 94.8 – BE: 85

Just hold. At least until after the bye rounds, or as a M8.

Dom Sheed – Mid – $463,500 – AVG: 96.7 – BE: 53

A return to form has made him or more than viable option at M8.

James Worpel – Mid/Fwd – $434,800 – AVG: 89.5 – BE: 75

Hasn’t hit the century mark since round 5 and only has two for the season. Would definitely hold through the byes and then look at a possible upgrade.

Rory Lobb – Ruc/Fwd – $478,000 – AVG: 90.9 – BE: 84

Can lock him in at F6 if you have him.

Jeremy Howe – Def – $372,900 – AVG: 76.9 – BE: 76

If you have held onto him this long despite dropping $120k+ then you should hold at least through the byes. He has found his price point and I dare say can’t drop any further. Potential cheap upgrade if he gets his act together.

Brodie Smith – Def – $438,300 – AVG: 88.9 – BE: 100

Is due to dip in price a little but hold through the byes at least. Low priority upgrade.

Andrew McGrath – Def/Mid – $391,800 – AVG: 77.1 – BE: 69

Still yet to crack the ton but had his highest scoring game against the Tigers. He is due to rise in price and then trade after the bye.

Tom Liberatore – Mid – $414,100 – AVG: 94.4 – BE: 60

Libba rewarded coaches who stuck by him in the last few weeks with his first 100+ game since round 4. With that he will rise in price and is a sneaky chance to remain as a M8 option.


Alex Witherden – Def – $401,900 – AVG: 80.8 – BE: 93

Continues to disappoint and leak cash. Has dropped over $50k and will drop a further $25k in the coming weeks. If you can trade, I’d suggest doing it, otherwise hold through the byes, hope he adds some value then upgrade.


Jarrod Berry – Mid – $446,600 – AVG: 91.0 – BE: 118

Injured with a high breakeven. He needs to be sent packing.

Angus Brayshaw – Mid – $409,000 – AVG: 86.8 – BE: 94

Looks a shadow of the player that stormed into the Brownlow medal placings last season. On current form will continue to fall in price but wouldn’t be a priority at this stage.

Toby McLean – Mid/Fwd – $367,200 – AVG: 73.8 – BE: 79

With only one 100+ game this season, it’s fair to say he has been a huge disappointment for the coaches who were backing him to replicate his post-bye form from last season. A terrible 3-round average could see him drop further. Enough said.




Matt Crouch – Mid – $509,800 – AVG: 100.8 – BE: 152

I wouldn’t recommend trading any premiums who aren’t facing a lengthy stint on the sidelines.

Clayton Oliver – Mid – 585,900 – AVG: 104.6 – BE: 180

Was making up the cash lost with the 175 a few weeks ago but that was undone with last week’s 53. Still holding and should finish the season strong.

Zac Williams – Def – $505,100 – AVG: 94.1 – BE: 143

Could be back next week and is currently a top 10 defender on averages. I would hold.


Good luck coaches!


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17 thoughts on “Trade or Hold – Round 11”

  1. Have traded M. Crouch and Moore this week- wait, let me explain:

    Crouch was sitting at M6 in front of Walsh and Atkins. Fed up with the injury cloud and will probably return with decreased TOG. I also didn’t have any intentions of him being a keeper; won’t be TOP 8. Traded him to Ryan via Duursma DPP, so it’s not like I’m fielding an extra rookie as Duursma was already on the park.

    As for Moore, relative to my team, he’s done his job. Has made decent coin. I would have liked to keep him but I have WAY too many R13 players and needed to get cracking on offloading them. Have gone Moore to Houli.

    With those trades my DEF is now Hurn, Lloyd, Whitfield, Ryan, Houli & Hore (who I’m happy with at M6 for now).

    When you consider that, can trading Crouch and Moore be justified?

    *17 trades left after this btw


      1. I know you’re a big proponent of holding, TrooRoo, and you’ve been bang on in most of these situations (as with most other SC conundrums), but guys like Neale, Sloane and Bont are averaging 10+ points over Crouch- trading him makes room for them eventually.


        1. Sorry GunBoat..I have to agree with TrooRoo.

          If you have held M Crouch this long you would be mad to sell him now. By your own admission you are desperate for players in R13. M crouch will play!

          As for him not matching guys like Neale / Sloane and Bont.

          No one, bar J Kelly is matching Neale, and he should be on all non owners radar’s after his R13 Bye.

          I own Sloane and and I feel the only reason he is doing so well in the last month is actually due to Matt crouch being out, he could easily revert back to a 105/110 ave when Matt returns.

          Finally Bont.. Dunkley return to the midfield has already put a dampener on his huge scores. He is only one move of the magnets to being played forward.

          I’m holding Matt Crouch in the hope he can get back and average 105/ 110+ from here. When my team is complete, I will consider moving him on if he doesn’t deliver. History says he will.

          You will need all the trades you can muster when Carnage hits later in the season.



          1. Argh. You make an excellent point, FT.

            Like you said thougu, Crouch is eventually going to be offloaded- why should I wait?

            Got an oppurtunity to finish my DEF for the time being and avoid a rookie score.

            Again, will mull over what you’ve said. Tyvm.


            1. If you had a crystal ball you could of traded M Crouch two weeks ago. A totally legit use of an injury trade.

              If you trade him now ( one week out from the Byes)
              anyone you trade him to will miss a week. and……………. he will play R13!

              Try to find a couple of down grades that will play R13 like Bewley and Gardener. you may need to go one early, so you can go the other and a double upgrade R13.

              If I was you, I would be saving ( R12 Bye ) guys like Bont / Ryan / Sicily / Blakely as they are prime upgrade targets to fill holes in R13 when you will need them.

              Best of luck..


  2. trade out the dead wood
    2 weeks , 4 trades , +200 points & no frustration
    easy math
    2 more trades this week & the post byes are sorted


  3. Thanks Hot Sauce.

    Just on Drew…

    With Rocky out this week, I think he will be named for the China game.

    Looking at the extended interchange ( no Atley ) he is the only pure mid left.

    I’m hoping he comes in and tons up. 🙂


  4. I really want to get Lloyd in this week at his bargain price and the only way to do so is to trade Williams. Is it worth it?



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