Game Chat – Port v Richmond

Written by Motts on August 8 2020

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, 4:35pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R18 2019, Richmond 15.11 (101) DEF Port 9.9 (63)

What it means for Power: A win over the reigning premier would be a huge feather in the cap of the Power who lead the ladder but don’t seem to be getting the respect normally reserved for such a position holder.

What it means for The Tigers: Second place on the ladder albeit temporarily and the chance to continue to scare the bejesus out of the rest of the comp that the Richmond giant has awoken.

Motts Watch: Dusty. He is SO good to watch.

Mottsy’s Tip: Tigers by 10 in an arm wrestle


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56 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port v Richmond”

      1. interesting – depending on trades and places to fill, frees up $143K and can use that for Goldy and another premium

        Gawn injured as it is and 240BE will lose cash – bring him back in again later if he looks good … thoughts and reasons why the TD’s??


        1. Good poll Macca
          I would have considered trading Gawn and picking him up again if we had O’Brien Mark 2 or Marshall was sole ruck but can’t trust young body of English and not sure if Goldstein can sustain current form and both still to have bye
          Hopefully Draper is named though and with less free kicks against 100 may be achievable as back up


          1. yep – Gawny hasn’t been looking too good last 2 matches though and this injury may be more than they are telling us … he may miss more than 1 match.

            Goldy back to Gawn when / if he has a bye if Gawn’s fit and hopefully after he plays another match and drops a fair bit … it’s an interesting conundrum! I’m not sure on the best approach and have hesitated on the call as my move would have been to drop pickett for another premo mid with the cash freed up … hmmm


            1. Good on you Macca.
              The whole idea of this side is to provoke some discussion and left field thinking
              I have Aarts and Picket as emergencies in this game so if they have sub par performances it will give me something to think about


              1. gee strong numbers to have them as E’s … you must have decent bench cover on the lines? Sadly I got dragged in to the skinner trade in last round too …

                Gawn trade is still very much on my list for tomorrow with other options to go out and bring in!


        2. Dear Macca,
          If it wasn’t best 18 would have done it. (Both)
          Have Goldy in one league and Grundy in the other with Draper as backup.
          One league has 1/2 million, the other 6k ITB.
          Can you please have a chat with the missus and find out what she recommends and get back to us.
          Yours Sincerely


      2. Footy question, for Victorian clubs is there any difference this year finishing 1 through 4?

        If Richmond finish higher than Port do we get to play them ‘at home’ at the Gabba versus in Adelaide?


      3. already dropped 50k
        if hes only out for 1 week better off bringing in a rookie somewhere else
        2 or more weeks he would be worth moving on


  1. Worth bringing in Woodcock? I need a forward rookie, so it’s either him or one of the North boys in Hosie or Walker, but at least I know Woodcock is playing……

    TU: Woodcock will do
    TD: Wait and get either Hosie or Walker – they won’t both be dropped?


    1. Happy to pass on Pickett’s 5k price rise and new big BE to get Tom Mitchell. Pickett might even be dropped.

      Kenny Roger’s classic song The Gambler comes to mind “Got to know when to hold them and gotta know when to fold them”


  2. Half Time – Power lead 8.6.54 to Tigers 7.3.45 (and how many coaches are spewing along with me at the moment for not bringing in Woodcock? Decided to get either Hosie or Walker instead and now reported that they are both being dropped this week).

    Ollie Wines 76
    Peter Ladhams* 74
    Travis Boak 64
    Boyd Woodcock 58
    Zak Butters 57
    Robbie Gray 57
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 52
    Charlie Dixon 51
    Karl Amon 51
    Dan Houston 44
    Mitch Georgiades 40
    Tom Jonas 38
    Xavier Duursma 38
    Sam Powell-Pepper 36
    Scott Lycett 36
    Hamish Hartlett 35
    Jarrod Lienert 33
    Tom Rockliff 31
    Cameron Sutcliffe 23
    Tom Clurey 22
    Kane Farrell 20
    Trent McKenzie 8

    Dustin Martin 56
    Nick Vlastuin 54
    Ivan Soldo 53
    Jack Riewoldt 51
    Shai Bolton 49
    Dylan Grimes 47
    Jayden Short 46
    Jack Ross 43
    Liam Baker 38
    Marlion Pickett 38
    Kamdyn McIntosh 34
    Josh Caddy 32
    Jake Aarts 30
    Kane Lambert 30
    Daniel Rioli 29
    Mabior Chol 27
    Noah Balta 22
    Tom J. Lynch 22
    Sydney Stack 19
    Nathan Broad 15
    Derek Smith 13
    Jason Castagna 0


  3. Can anyone tell me free kick count , apparently Richmond are getting favoured. Don’t worry, just checked 10 -6 ports way.


    1. Hey Bruce not a fan of either team but it’s just very contentious decisions that should be going one way and then go the other and they go up the other end and kick a goal. 2 or 3 contentious decisions that were appalling in my eyes that led directly to goals.


  4. i hate the tigers but gotta hand it to em
    playing in front of a feral crowd
    port playing like its an elimination final
    & the tigers are up to it so far


  5. Full Time – Port too strong, running out winners by 21 points

    Ollie Wines 181
    Peter Ladhams* 132
    Robbie Gray 123
    Travis Boak 119
    Charlie Dixon 111
    Zak Butters 106
    Dan Houston 102
    Tom Rockliff 98
    Hamish Hartlett 86
    Karl Amon 84
    Boyd Woodcock 76
    Jarrod Lienert 68
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 67
    Scott Lycett 60
    Sam Powell-Pepper 58
    Tom Jonas 56
    Xavier Duursma 55
    Mitch Georgiades 53
    Cameron Sutcliffe 51
    Kane Farrell 45
    Tom Clurey 44
    Trent McKenzie 10

    Nick Vlastuin 98
    Kamdyn McIntosh 85
    Jack Ross 79
    Shai Bolton 79
    Ivan Soldo 78
    Daniel Rioli 72
    Jayden Short 72
    Mabior Chol 72
    Dustin Martin 70
    Dylan Grimes 69
    Jack Riewoldt 66
    Liam Baker 60
    Tom J. Lynch 56
    Jake Aarts 56
    Sydney Stack 51
    Kane Lambert 47
    Marlion Pickett 45
    Josh Caddy 43
    Nathan Broad 43
    Noah Balta 31
    Derek Smith 29
    Jason Castagna 18



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