Game Chat – Brisbane v Footscray

Written by Motts on August 8 2020

Where and when: Gabba, 6:40pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R20 2019, Brisbane 14.14 (90) DEF Footscray 11.14 (80)

What it means for The Lions: Second spot on the ladder is theirs to reclaim after the Saints leapfrogged them during the week.

What it means for The Dogs: Losses to Port and Richmond in successive weeks have stung the Dogs. They need to beat a premiership contender if they’re going to be taken seriously.

Motts Watch: Will have the VC on Neale so he’ll be the one I’ll be paying most attention to but looking for a big game from Witherden again.

Mottsy’s Tip: Brisbane by 20


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69 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v Footscray”

  1. Tiny bit of press around that Neale and a few others had gastro this week.

    T/U stick with Neale as VC
    T/D go with Macrae


      1. Was on SEN. Him, McCarthy & Witherden all mentioned. Of course I can’t verify but makes me a bit wary. Not sure what to do to be honest


  2. Starcevich too ruscoe?
    dunno much about the young fella but 1 goal 3 is impressive…

    TU: do it

    TD: JS isnt good


  3. Real unsure who to bring in for rookies, as teams are only named the night before.

    Going to be bold and trade out Starcevich and bring in Cottrell for the Blues. He’s making his debut so won’t know how he scores, but backing him in as I played cricket with him back when I was 11-12.

    Backing him in as I feel he can hold his own, let’s hope it pays off!


  4. Need a rookie trade in before bounce tonight
    TU Ruscoe – hoping he holds his spot with the Pies injuries
    TD Wicks – not worried about his not playing this weekend, but is his JS ok for next week?


  5. Probably should have VC’d Macrae over Neale, but feels wrong to complain when I’ve got those two and Bont at HT. Very happy.

    How’s everyone else looking?


  6. how on earth is Macrae 35 more than Neale? Macrae 19 possies, with 14 handballs, 2 tackles, 1 goal, 9 CPs and a free – 1 clanger – 63DE
    Neale 17 possies, 9 kicks, 3 tackles, 8CPs and no clangers – 76DE. …

    Surely their scores cant be that far apart?? (I have both, but how is there 35 difference??)


    1. Plus so many things that we don’t see Macca, knock ons, pressure, hard ball get, loose ball get, mark on the lead, handball receive…. So many more things go into SC scoring that we don’t see.

      I get the frustration though too, I left the VC on Neale instead of going Macrae, but if MacRae wasn’t on the score he was on, then you would be happy with Neale VC at half time….


      1. all of those items are ones we see – the hardball and looseballs are the CPs, the mark is either scored as contested or not contested and gets more or less points, the only thing we dont see is the 1% …

        The scores are still lopsided … and goes to the comments I’ve made a few times and as Jo had maybe indicated … its to do with the scaling … Neals greater tackle, no clanger and greater kicks and better DE (unless all his kicks were scored ineffective) should have scored more than Macrae … the only item that helps Macrae is the goal – which scores 8 … so I can live with a 10-12-14 difference … but 35?? – here’s the scoring from the site …

        Effective kick 4 Points
        Ineffective kick 0 Points
        Clanger kick -4 Points
        Effective Handball 1.5 Points
        Ineffective handball 0 Points
        Handball clanger -4 Points
        Handball receive 1.5 Point
        Hardball get 4.5 Points
        Loose-ball get 4.5 Points
        Goal 8 Points
        Behind 1 Point
        Mark uncontested (maintaining possession) 2 Points
        Mark contested (maintaining possession) 6 Points
        Mark uncontested (from opposition) 4 Points
        Mark contested (from opposition) 8 Points
        Tackles 4 Points
        Free kick for 4 Points
        Free kick against -4 Points
        Hitout to Advantage 5 Points
        Gather from Hitout 2 Points


    2. I have been been watching a bit more closely tonight, this is what I’ve noticed in the difference,

      Macrae has had to work harder for his possessions, some were also stolen turnovers at centre bounces.
      Some of his disposables have had better outcomes ie goals etc where Neale has received a lot of stand alone handballs and short kicks, some resulting in points and out of bounds, which gives Macrae more effectiveness.

      This is often why a full forward scores a lot for not doing much.

      Just saw the jamhed response SPOT ON……have you ever decided to take up umpiring?


  7. Anybody with Bailey Smith should be worried. He’s a SC trap. He’s spending a lot of time fwd. When eventually thrown into the middle he’s not attacking packs but floating around looking for the release. Macrae, Bont, Libba, Dunkley are the ones in-and-under and there’s a whole raft of other guys floating around like Lipinksi, Vandemeer, McLean and other under inside mids to receive the handball. Just not getting anywhere near enough of it.


    1. had to take the shot@ his price
      wasnt going to loose much $ on him after he bottomed out in price
      certainly hasnt performed as well as he did over the 1st 3 weeks @ the doclands
      no one knew how he would perform @ the hub


      1. It’s frustrating considering the start he had to the season. Smith isn’t a fwd wing. He’s too slow and marking is poor.
        7 touches going into the 4th quarter isn’t going to cut it. As soon as Smith was thrown back into the middle (with 10min to go in the 4th) Dogs had 2 scoring shots and 3 inside 50s, Smith involved in all 3.


    2. Dunkley has changed dynamics but as Jo says he still has been delivering for his price and worst case scenario will be an upgrade to an Uber premium at seasons end .


  8. Shame about Bailey Smith. Has spent the whole 3rd quarter sitting on the wing not getting a touch with Dunkley back in the middle. Hard to see him getting big minutes in the middle with Dunkley Libba Macrae and Bont all fighting over it. Thinking hes a trade out option if you can afford an upgrade


  9. Bailey Smith is getting screwed by mr magnets a inside bull being forced to run the wing.

    Swear bevo just wants to piss his players off.


  10. I still can’t believe everyone is sleeping on Lyons. 2% ownership with a 115 average, lowest score .of 88 and ceiling of 147. With Neale, McCluggage and even Zorko taking the tags you can back he wont get attention. Picked him up about a month ago and hes been fantastic.


  11. Bailey Smith finally getting a run in the middle with 7 minutes left in the last. Hasnt been there since the first half…

    Edit: Hes had 4 touches in about 90 seconds. Mr Magnets ruining the dreams of his owners


  12. jeez Starc must be afraid of leather poisoning – just not anywhere near it tonight … held as a body on field and seems to be best 22 … but gee a rookie losing cash like he will is not great …


    1. I wouldn’t panic yet Jeanott
      4 round avg of 84 is still ok and Footscray have played 3 of top 4 teams in last 4 weeks .
      Bevo may change structure yet wth Dogs losing 3/4 games


  13. Final Score – Lions by 24 points, big VC scores for those with either Neale or Macrae

    Lachie Neale 167
    Dayne Zorko 163
    Jarryd Lyons 140
    Eric Hipwood 129
    Hugh McCluggage 114
    Oscar McInerney 113
    Zac Bailey 112
    Alex Witherden 101
    Callum Ah Chee 87
    Noah Answerth 77
    Daniel Rich 70
    Jarrod Berry 70
    Daniel McStay 69
    Grant Birchall 55
    Charlie Cameron 52
    Darcy Gardiner 49
    Harris Andrews 44
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 28
    Mitch Robinson 25
    Lincoln McCarthy 24
    Matt Eagles 13
    Brandon Starcevich 11

    Jack Macrae 183
    M. Bontempelli 138
    Tim English 123
    Josh Dunkley 88
    Caleb Daniel 88
    Bailey Williams 87
    Patrick Lipinski 85
    Tom Liberatore 81
    Jason Johannisen 71
    Mitch Wallis 69
    Bailey Smith 69
    Sam Lloyd 65
    Josh Bruce 59
    Zaine Cordy 59
    L. Vandermeer 55
    Toby McLean 51
    Bailey Dale 46
    Ed Richards 46
    Aaron Naughton 44
    Alex Keath 29
    Easton Wood 27
    Ryan Gardner 23


  14. Had Neale VC, Macrae, Bont & Smith in this game, Smith disappointing, but I still feel like I actually had 4 wins out of 5…… the fifth was that I FINALLY traded out Starc this week. Lol. He has been haunting me on that backline bench since round 1 lol


    1. i had him tagged to go to Watson, but with news of the ins at Freo, it would seem Watson will miss out (who knows with these rolling team lists!!) … so i went the “safe option” and held Starc … thinking he seems to be best 22 and guaranteed every week with the nice DPP with Rivers … may come in handy in the last few weeks …

      Would have been nice tho if he could have got his usual 40-50 and not lost cash etc … sheesh I barely saw him all night … he must have shut his opponent down, or otherwise that’s an awful long time on field not touching the ball much!!


      1. The Rolling team announcements make it an absolute bloody lottery, you’re spot on Macca.

        I took the punt anyway and brought Watson in for him and then was pleasantly surprised to see Rivers named too!

        Hence why I had to make Gawn Captain, it was going to be Rivers otherwise!

        Great day of footy today anyway!
        I for one am so happy I can escape from the current day to day and enjoy something other than the rubbish we are living through right now…


  15. PS. This is going to sound weird… but with Neale VC going well, Welcome to the Captaincy, …. M Gawn….???!!!

    Go well emg: Draper!


  16. Say you are Rank 135th, and you want to make an aggressive trade, which is Gawn down to Goldy… is it smart?

    Surely I gain points on those above me, and worst case hope that Gawn holds the niggle upon returning and he drops in price and swing with Goldy again if need be?



    1. Hi Nedyaj
      Well done on your rank & you need to have a few bold moves to stay ahead of game but continue to trust your instinct as it is obviously working .
      As long as you have sufficient trades left It should be ok.
      Also only top 18 count this week so it’s also assessing how much more will Goldy score above your 18th ranked player


      1. I unfortunately in having thought I made the trade for Draper before his lockout, didn’t actually trade Draper in so lack the cover there.

        Coaches just have a history of saying a player will be one week, and then they’re not. Even if Gawn does come back, he still may be carrying an injury into more than likely another compressed fixture where he may need anotber rest. There’s a lot of maybes involved, but Goldy presents durability and I think durability is a very good thing to have with those fixtures coming thick and fast.

        I’ll sleep on it, but 150k in the bank and no injury/resting concerns is a plus side for me. But it’s Gawn, who is one of the best.


    2. If it was a normal round i’d say yes but it’s best 18 scores and if you have Draper for cover and he gets picked he might be good for 70 pts. Max has had the bye. Big decision you have to make .


      1. Max has also now missed another week since that bye, so carrying him for the “he doesn’t have a bye” is null and void because this is effectively a bye too. Goldy will play the same amount of rounds as him now from this point on.

        At least that’s my thinking and math?


        1. Hey, Nedyaj.

          I’m slapping together a poll about Big Maxxy now, hopefully that helps.

          Will be up soon.


    3. Goodwin confirmed Gawn will only miss one match. Gawn will be back to his best quickly possibly before Pies match. If not, definitely after, because matches will be back to normal playing on weekends therefore more time resting for gawn.

      Try and bring in Draper.

      I’m ranked 33rd overall. I have Gawn and Viney.
      I will most likely have to trade Simpson, Day, Hayden for Shuey, Draper and Schoenberg . Which leaves me 10 trades left at the end of this round.
      I’m reluctant to lose Simpson and Day as they are still making money but need to trade aggressively to improve my rank.



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