Trade Talk R12

Written by Motts on June 11 2013

With one bye round out the way we can now freely trade in players from teams that had byes in R11. Those teams are conveniently located at the top of the page but to save you the effort of having to shift your eyeballs up, those teams are: Brisbane, Hawthorn, Richmond, Fremantle, Port and The Dogs.

Who you sending back to the changerooms? And who’s getting handed their guernsey this week?


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185 thoughts on “Trade Talk R12”

  1. Who is a greater priority to downgrade to Nicholls? Will either play again this season!?

    T/U M.Gawn

    T/D J.Neade (swing Rowe between)


  2. Already done, also with a plan for the next few rounds

    O’Meara for Barlow
    Kerridge to Hrovat
    Gawn to Nicholls

    Leaves me 246k

    Hutchins to T.Mitchell via Vlastuin

    Terlich to Hanley (already have Birch)


  3. Trades for me:

    Evans- Hrovat
    Daisey- Barlow
    Rowe- Nichols

    Sitting on 12 trades with 550k banked

    Next weeks trades:

    O’meara to premo most likely Joelwood
    Terlich to premo maybe Hanley or Birch

    Crouch to premo in a few weeks


  4. Welcome back to the team Mr Pearce Hanley! I am super sorry I traded you out for Birch when you had your 1 round suspension. You punished me severely, and thus I have no chance at the overall any more (I was 3rd overall when I traded you out :'( )

    Opinions on whether I should:

    TU: Upgrade Macaffer to a premium this week
    TD: Sideways J. Kennedy (WCE) to a premium this week and keep cash


  5. Hey guys

    Trying to fill my last spot in my mids, and tossing up between fyfe, swan and cotchin, swan seems to be over his form slump and is looking very tempting for under 550k.

    T/U – Swan
    T/D- Fyfe


  6. Who will average more for the rest of the year and therefore better long term?

    Birchall thumbs up
    Hibberd thumbs down

    Birchall likely to get rested at least once, has the better average over the years but Hibberd is having a break out year averaging more. However not sure Essendon can continue to win games and therefore Hibberd may drop off. Money not much of a factor, they only other factor is I have Heppell and Goddard, so if Essendon drop off or have a very poor game, so will my scoring.


  7. Another poll which someone will put up at some stage. Deledio or Cotchin? An easy run home with Richmond pushing for finals. I prefer Cotchin myself as he was killing it till the injury during the Fremantle game, the week off will help him.

    There run home consists of Adelaide, Doggies, Saints, Gold Coast and a SC finals consisting of Brisbane, Carlton, GWS then Essendon.

    Cotchin thumbs up
    Deledio thumbs down


  8. Trades this week
    O’Meara > Griffen
    Kommer > Mundy
    That will complete my mids, with only 1/2 spots in the def to fill (depending on if I keep goodes)

    On the topic of strategy has anyone considered getting an additional premium for each line to rotate off the bench. I’m sure it’s been done before but with partial lockout it could be a real winner this year.

    While the 2 Tom’s (Mitchell & Nichols) may be able to hold down that position imagine having the luxury of a Roughead on the bench and being able to sub his score on field if Walker decides to spud it up.

    To have this truely work you would need to trade in a rookie that has no chance of playing and preferably one who plays o lot of sat night / sun games. That in itself is risky as well as burning through another 4-6 trades which would leave most with only a couple left.

    Perhaps no point for me but maybe good for MJ or Gus who have a great chance of winning overall. An extra 40 or 50 here and there may be the difference!


  9. JJK > K Martin
    Terlich > Duffield
    Rowe > Minson

    429k in the bank

    R 13

    Jones > Jelwood
    Laird > Hanley
    Crouch > T Mitchell

    Leaves 1 final Mid upgrade to make which will most likely be Jobe in round 14


  10. Thinking of off-loading Jacobs and O’Meara this week even though they are playing. Evans will become Hrovat also.

    TU: Jacobs to Minson this week

    TD: Jacobs to Goldy next week


  11. Starting a SC campaign… K Mitchell to T Mitchell should not officially count as a trade… merely a admin oversight? Who’s onboard?


  12. Terlich to Birchall.
    Shuey to Griffen.
    LeCras to Roughead.

    3 byes avoided, 3 definite upgrades to the team.


  13. Already done Terlich – Birchall this week but I wan’t to know who to trade out for Nicholls
    T/U: Rowe
    T/D: Gawn

    Going to have a 15 on the park this week, 17 if Rockliff and Dwyer are named (doubt it)


  14. Is it worth sideways trading Colquhoun > Hrovat? Colquhoun won’t consistently be picked and won’t make much money for me. Hrovat will, with good JS too.?Worth it?

    T/UP: Yes
    T:DN: No.


  15. Kyle Martin (T/Up) or Hrovat (T/Down)?

    Minus the fact that Hrovat has already pass it Bye.

    Mitchell is coming in next week



  16. ive got currie and hannath on the ruck bench-

    should I trade

    currie for nichols thumbs up …..straight swap

    hannath for nichols thumbs down…..pocket 100k


  17. Nicholls comes in this week and maybe Hrovat … maybe??

    I will also bring a gun in … one of Barlow, Fyfe, Griffen, S.Mitchell or Delidio. At this stage i am leaning toward Barlow. Great accumulator, very consistent and Freo have a good draw from here. I think Barlow is the man.


  18. Howdy SCT’ers

    Pendles gets the call up this week.

    Round 13 is going to kill me but my team will be :

    Backs – Shaw, Goddard, Gibbs, Birch, Duffman and HepD
    (Thurlow, Oxley)
    Mids – Gaz, Swan, Pendles, Jobe, Cotch, Thompson, Jelwood, SSelwood
    (Mitchell, Crouch)
    Rucks – Minson, Nicholls(to be upgraded later on)
    (Gawn, Rowe)
    Forwards – NicNat, Cox, Ryder, Buddy, Johnson, Dustin
    Danihar, Staker)

    Been trading hard and that is the team I have formed or will have formed round 13.

    Will leave me 3 trades for the rest of the year and to upgrade Nicholls.

    T/U – Nice team
    T/D – Not enough trades left, your going to crash and burn 🙂


  19. Still losing sleep over whether to get Fyfe or Barlow. Hope you guys can help me with this tough one.

    TU: Fyfe
    TD: Barlow

    Any reasons would be greatly appreciated!


  20. Hey all, first time responder here.

    A toss-up here:

    I’ve already bought in Nicholls and Hrovat for Viney and Daw. What about the 3rd trade?

    T/U to upgrade Richards, T/D to upgrade Mumford. Have over $300k left in money, so money is not a problem.


  21. martin of the richmond kind, due for a huge price drop over the next two weeks with a break even of 170 odd,
    going to be my kerridge trade in my fwd line next week

    Bartel, franklin, nicnat,rockcliffe staker. macaffer , kerridge, rowe

    thumbs up martin
    thumbs down stevie j

    Any one else
    and cox in my ruck


  22. Out: Gawn In: Nicholls.
    (Nicholl’s round 13 bye is irrelevant, since I have Nic Nat and Cox.)

    Out: Viney In: Hrovat.
    Hrovat wins out over Martin because he’s had his bye; and will provide help during the RD 13 mid carnage

    Out: Lonergan In: Premium Defender via Goodes.

    Got about 520k to spend here. Next week Goodes will swing back when I trade Laird out and allow me to pick Tom Mitchell and Joel Selwood up.

    As for the Defender upgrade; Hanley’s playing Freo in the House of Pain so i reckon Lyon might send a hard tag at him; not to mention his B/E is very, very high. Right now I’ve brought Duffield in; but he’s not guaranteed. Alternatives could be Hamish Hartlett or Chris Newman or maybe Garrick Ibbotson. (I want their byes to be over with.)

    Which Def upgrade would you bring in, Coaches?


  23. T/U – Whitfield to Barlow/Fyfe (and who to choose out of those 2?)
    T/D – Whifield to Cotchin


  24. My trades this week: Gawn- Nichols, and Viney – Hartlett. Hartlett then moves to the backline and Vlastuin comes to midfield on the bench (midfield was already complete). This leaves me with only 7 trades, but a full team of premos!!!


  25. Gawn to Nicholls
    Kommer to Hovrat
    Moloney to Griffen

    Mitchell in next week, Jager out next week


  26. I find it astounding that there is very little love for Ryan Griffen…

    Not sure what else the bloke has to do to get a gig in more SC sides but he’s the set and forget captain in round 13 in the absence of GAJ and Pendles for mine.

    Anyway after shocking Andy in the psyche out box this morning to the point of him nearly reporting my apparent stupidity to the SC moderators… I have a new strategy.

    This week I’ve done the following:

    Lucas -> Griffen
    Jacobs -> Minson
    Terlich -> Duffield

    Next week I’ll do one more trade:

    Macaffer -> Birchall

    This will leave me with very little cash in reserve and 8 trades remaining for the season.

    This would leave Leuenberger on the pine in the rucks until he returns (a possible POD come finals time with the Lions favourable run home), O’Meara as permanent bench cover in the mids (and potential cash downgrade option if needed in a pinch), Mayes as permanent bench cover in the forwards along with Staker.

    The one glaring weakness (aside from the mixed bag of emotions from having both Buddy and Zorko in the same team) is the bench cover in the backs. I will have Hutchins (Suns) and Thurlow (Cats) as bench cover and their JS is tentative at best post bye rounds.

    Hutchins is due for an extended spell when the likes of Bock, Bennell, Brennan and Broughton return and Thurlow might be slightly better off but it’s possible he might not be sighted again when Chapman, Taylor Hunt, Caddy etc make their returns.


  27. This week I’m doing

    Terlich –> Hartlett
    Daw –> Nicholls

    What should i do for my last trade? Should i bring in Kyle Martin?

    My team looks like this at the moment

    DEF: Goddard, Hartlett, Birchall, Gibbs, Goodes, Vlastuin (Thurlow, Colquhoun)
    MIDS: Ablett, Pendles, Dangerfield, Cotchin, Fyfe, Kennedy, Priddis, Rampe (Viney, Crouch)
    RUCKS: Minson, Nicholls (Rowe, Currie)
    FWDS: Martin, Cloke, Rockliff, Franklin, Cox, Staker (Kerridge, Kennedy)


  28. Would Blicavs be worth downgrading to Nicholls for cash?
    Or would he be a safe backup for the remainder of the year?

    Btw my other ruck backup is Currie.


  29. This weeks trades are Blicavs to Nicholls and O’Meara to Griffin. Leaving my team now as…

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, Birchall, Gibbs, Vlastuin (Staker, Thurlow)
    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, JPK, Griffin, Fyfe, Hannebery, Priddis (Mundy, T.Mitchell)
    RUC: Cox, Kreuzer (Nicholls, Currie)
    FWD: Walker, Martin, Rockliff, JJK, Harvey, Franklin (Zorko, B.Kennedy)


  30. Going Evans, Daw & Kerridge >> Fyfe, Nicholls & Dusty Martin.

    May change fyfe to Griffen or rowe instead of Daw if Daw’s selected, but prefer to leave some money in the bank for next week and fremantle’s run in the supercoach finals is great.


  31. Real stuck on this one..

    In : Hrovat Out : Crouch or O’Meara ??

    O’Meara more likely to score bigger then Crouch this week. But..

    Crouch will raise higher in cash with his very low BE.


  32. Trades for this week look like being:

    Leuenberger to Minson
    Terlich to Jaksch (DPP link with Staker)
    Kerridge to Duffield

    Leaving me with only 10 trades left :/

    Got Nicholls last week, as well as KMart so letting Hrovat through to the keeper and getting Mitchell next week.


  33. Rowe > Hrovat (via B. Kennedy)
    Jenkins > Minson
    Dixon > Birchall

    Looking forward to seeing the back of three constant headaches. Trades will leave me with 22 playing this week! (Just don’t mention R13)


  34. I have to choose 2/3 of these to finish my midfielders off.

    Pendles, Griffen and Barlow.

    Pendles = MR CONSISTENT
    Griffen = Has been smashing it with two 170+ scores. Has an alright finals run, most definitely the last two weeks.
    Barlow = POD, has been great this year and has gotten 130+ quite a few teams. Extremely easy finals run.

    Who to pick? It’s not directly for this week, but the trades I do this week could effect it. Btw money is not an issue


  35. Can someone explain the breakevens to me please?

    Specifically, in relation to JPK?? How did he go from a BE last week of 165, to not scoring many, and his BE dropping to 118?????? … thought he would drop substantially and his BE rise to over 200???


  36. so trades this week stand as
    big burger – nicholls
    clarke – birchall
    blicavs – barlow
    133K left in the kitty
    my mind changes all the time though so its probably not set in stone. if anyone has an opinion or suggestions on these trades feel free to give it/them. the only one im unsure about is birchall. other backs are god, hepps, hanley, shaw, goodes(staker,thurlow) i cant get gibbs because i cant afford to have another miss in the rnd13 bye


  37. Out of Def, Mid, Ruck and Forward..What line should have better bench coverage? What players do you think would get rested through Supercoach finals time?


  38. heres my team so far..

    B.Goddard B.Gibbs D.Hepple
    B.Goodes N.Vlastuin Thurlow Int: J.Clarke S.Docherty

    G.Ablett S.Pendlebury O.Wines K.Stevens
    J.Viney B.Crouch M.Hutching J.Lonergan Int. J.Toumpas L.Neale

    D.Cox I.Maric Int: N.Vardy D.Currie

    D.Martin J.Kennedy L.Franklin
    S.Kerridge B.Staker J.Daniher Int: S.Rowe J.Stringer

    i have 18 trades left and $3.1 million in the bank.

    im thinking this week to trade
    Kerridge for either A.Walker or J.Bartel
    K.Stevens for N.Horvat
    and O.Wines for either K.Martin or D.Swan

    Who will be more reliable out of bartel or walker? and will martin continue to get a game? or will it be more worthwhile getting swan now?

    Also for trades next week, im unsure who to dump for Mitchell before his price Jumps. None of my cash cows will be at full value yet so should i get rid of toumpas or lonergan?


  39. went into this week stressing about round 13 so i thought a bit outside the square and came up with something im very happy with.

    this week ill be going with terlich to birchal like most people
    then macaffer to hrovat moving dusty back into the forwards
    and then jacobs to goldstien now i know goldstien has a bye this week but jacobs is not going to play for me anyway because i have maric and Nichols on field
    this gives me 19 players on filed this week instead of 18

    next week i will trade crouch to joelwood and vlaustin to joe daniher same situation as the rucks i will already have 6 on the field so bringing in a round 13 bye player when he has his bye won’t matter which means i will go from having 15 guys playing to 17 with an extra trade left maybe do a sneaky sideways trade


  40. This is my team so far I’m looking for some good trades and I’m sitting on a team with 14 trades left and $80k in the bank wat should be my trades
    Def. B.Goddard M.Hibberd B.Houli P.Duffield B.Goodes D.Terlich (int.) J.Thurlow J.Frost
    Mid. G.Ablett J.Watson S.Pendlebury JJP.Kennedy B.Deledio N.Vlastuin J.O’Meara J.Thomas(coll) (int.) B.Crouch J.Viney
    Ruck. NicNat D.Cox (int.) M.Gawn M.Daw
    Forward. S.Johnson JJ.Kennedy .L.Franklin J.Riewoldt B.Macaffer S.Dwyer (int.) S.Rowe B.Staker
    Pls Help


  41. Two trades this week
    Kommer to K.Martin
    Omeara to A.Walker
    I was tempted to do the third, maybe crouch or goodes to Hrovat, but thought it wiser to save the trade as I also have Tom Mitchell as well, and can only fit so many cows with diminishing trades and time. Time to work on completing team, just a few more trades and I should be done.


  42. Just wanted people’s thoughts on birchall vs hartlett. Have neither in my team currently.

    Both are around $140k below their peak earlier in the year, both have massive fluctuations in their scores (including high ceilings) and they both have had their byes.

    Leaning towards hartlett for 3 reasons:

    1/ I reckon birchall will get rested towards the end of the season
    2/ looking at this week, port plays gws, while I think birchall may get locked down with armfield/curnow
    3/ when port was winning, hartlett was playin well. Makes me think after the bye, port will do all they can to get him up and going

    T/U hartlett
    T/D birchall

    Comments appreciated


  43. Downgrading M.Jones for K.Martin
    O.Meara for T.Mitchell
    & Upgrading S.Dwyer for J.Roughead
    T/U, good trades or T/D, there are better options


  44. I am going to bring in someone for the Spud T.Hawkins
    i have got three options but i believe getting midfielders in is better so
    Thumbs up – Swan small BE (49) but bye rnd 13
    Thumbs down – Lids reasonable big BE (129) and already had bye
    Comment for Dustin Martin


  45. What you lads think of my team?

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Hartlett, Duffman, Dixon, Vlastuin (Goodes,Terlich)
    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Barlow, JPK, Fyfe, Priddis, O’meara, T.Mitchell, (Crouch, Hvrovat)
    RUC: Minson, Blicavs (Nicholls, Currie)
    FWD: Cox,Stevie J, Rockliff, JJK, Bartel, Franklin (Mcaffer, Staker)

    Sitting on 12 trades and 550k banked, turning O’meara into Cotching, Joelwood/ Griffin and Terlich into Birch/Hanley next week, will be trading Crouch to premo once his Be is reached mitchell can sit nicely at m8 with that average


  46. got a full 18 playing this week and next so dont need to worry about who im bringing in
    daw -> nichollas
    o’mear -> mitchell

    t/u go for it
    t/d wait a week for mitchell


  47. bringing in nicholls so trading out:
    thumbs up witts
    thumbs down hannath

    wanting to trade rowe as well but only can afford a rookie forward i dont want to trade him in the ruck for nicholls cause then nicnat and cox are both forward so nicholls would become my main ruckman


  48. I am thinking of brining in a non playing mid/fwd from freo so I can take advantage of the emergency loophole in my midfield.

    Come round 14 this will be my midfield
    Gazza, Swan, Pendles, Watson, JPK, Hannebery, Cotchin, Murphy with Tom Mitchell on my bench.

    Thumps up -> great idea
    Thumps down -> go with full bench coverage


  49. please give advice n following team:

    Defenders: Goddard,Hanley,Hartlett,Gibbs,Shaw,Goodes (Terlich,Thurlow)

    Midfield: Ablett,Dangerfield,Murphy,Cotchin,Priddis,Shuey,O’Meara,Vlastuin

    Rucks: Natinui,Nicholls

    Forwards: Walker,Rockliff,Roughead,Kennedy,Franklin,Zorko

    95.7k salary cap
    with 11 trades remaining

    I realise a ruck or fwd premium upgrade if i move roughy to ruck is #1 on the cards. unsure with who exactly atm
    this week considering crouch to hrovat then having the money for o’meara to fyfe?
    waiting on downgrading macaffer because he’s about to rise and search for a good FWD downgrade
    and terlich considering after the bye the next 2 games will be WB and STK
    and maybe more of an output and no really DEF downgrade potential currently?




  50. Viney & Zorko
    Thumbs up- hold
    Thumbs down- trade Viney
    Comment to trade them both
    I would love to get Hrovat or T Mitchell in the midfield but Viney and Crouch still have money to make, should I trade Colquhon?


  51. trading Dixon out for,
    Thumbs up Hanley
    Thumbs down harlett
    Comment other:
    I have Goddard, heppell, birchall goodes, terlich staker and thurlow


  52. Trades this week.
    OUT: Blicavs, lonergan, Terlich
    IN: Nicholls, Hrovat, Birchall
    Next week
    OUT: Crouch, Kerridge, O’Meara
    IN: Mitchell, Kennedy(Syd), Selwood
    Thumbs up: Good trades
    Thumbs down: No good


  53. My mantra for the last 4 weeks has been “dont trade in any R13 bye players”.
    Traded Jobe in. Mantra changed to “Definately dont trade in any more R13 players in.”
    Am 3rd in my main league playing 1st – Bugger!!! Traded in Swan, A Walker and T Nicholls, really need to get a win here. Out Macaffer, Monfries and Gawn. Will leave me with a very slim chance R13 when I will be playing 16th.


  54. A lot of talk about bringing in fyfe I think I’ll wait till rd 15 to bring him In because that’s where there easy run starts Not including Brisbane this week thoughts?


  55. The most frustrating player in my team right now Dayne bloody Zorko
    TU- Trade
    TD- Hold until after the bye rounds


  56. Only the one trade for The MudDawgs this week,
    Dwyer ➡ Nicholls (through big hairy Cox) and pocketing $238K for next week’s upgrades.


  57. Luke Brown brought back and on i/c. Jasper Pittard due to come back from injury Rnd 13 (whether via SANFL or AFL who knows). Prefer Pittard for long term cover but doubts on his coming back next week when i would need him (Brown has bye next week when i have Godd, Hepp & Gibbs out)

    Thumbs UP: Trade out Brown (he needs up-grading as high score variance)
    Thumbs DOWN: Trade out Pittard (needs to be stuck together with gaffa tape)


  58. Controversial one….
    For those already with Nicholls, has anyone considered also getting in Gorringe in this week as he is also on the bubble.
    Reasoning is that one if not both of them should play from here on in (especially if Dixon’s ankle is done in). Means great emergency cover & price rises for one if not both of them.

    Thumbs UP: Yep, Gorringe (for say Rowe) in as well as Nicholls is good thinking.
    Thumbs DOWN: Nah, Gorringe has poor JS & waste of trade.


  59. Finally got round to replacing LeCras, but for who.
    I want someone who has already had their bye and to keep for the rest of the season, so its between

    TU Dustin Martin BE175 – Worth the money, just get him.
    TD Justin Westhoff BE 61 – Just as good, save some cash.

    Comment if you have a better idea.



  60. Still got Wines floating around in the midfield there, fortunately hasn’t gone down too much yet. Will defs trade him up to a premium either this week or next.
    The dilemma is whether to hold on this week as he has a BE of 78, Port has GWS, and that would open up more trade options after this bye round…or to get rid of him this week for Barlow with his low BE.

    T/U = Trade to Barlow (or Fyfe)
    T/D = Hold til next week



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