Uncharted Territory – Round 13

Written by The Salamander on June 11 2021

Young Hawk Changkuoth Jiath stared the year on fire, but has dropped off dramatically in his last five games. As you can see from the chart above, his numbers have been down across the board, except for a slight bump in contested ball.

The overall shape of his scoring pattern is similar to what it as before, just a lot smaller:

But why? Well, wee can see from the above that he’s getting almost as much of the ball as before, albeit slightly differently: a few more contested possessions, a few less uncontested, and far fewer marks. But it’s his ball use from those possessions that has really dropped away.

This might indicate why:

Although there are no direct points on offer for metres gained, it is a strong indicator of role: when a defender has high metres-gained, that’s generally indicative of a halfback distributor type role, which is known to be very SuperCoach-friendly. CJ had that role earlier in the year, but, looking at the above chart, it seems to have dried up.

You’d have to ask the Hawk’s coaching staff to know why his role has changed, but at least we now know where all his points have gone.

That’s all I have for you today, but I know some people were wondering about Jiath, so I hope that’s been at least somewhat enlightening.


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6 thoughts on “Uncharted Territory – Round 13”

  1. Wow, great visualizations on Jiath. Nice work, Jack.

    From watching the Hawks, just noticed that teams started to account for Jiath and Impey’s run and carry more and manned them tightly. Scrimshaw’s ascendancy has probably had an impact as well.


    1. Thanks, GD.

      I noticed the Blues were getting someone to run alongside him when he started his “give the ball to me!” run from the backline when we played them, so I’m sure other teams have been putting time into him, too.


  2. CJ goes 100% @ the footy
    Always has
    He relies on reading the play
    Early on the hawks had a lot more reliable & predictable ball movement
    The last few weeks the ball movement has been unpredictable & inaccurate so he ends up in the wrong place when that happens
    Same thing used to happen to him @ the mustangs
    Just needs to add a plan B to his attack on the footy that we all love watching so much
    Brad hill had similar issues when the hawks were inaccurate with their ball use
    It will come in time



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