Who To Field – Round 12

Written by Dane on June 3 2022

Probably not as needed throughout the byes, but if you are stacked on one line and tossing up who it should be, put it in the comments below to find the answer!


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9 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 12”

  1. I envy those of you who may have this problem through the byes haha
    I think I’m 20, 16 & 19 through the byes but will sort that middle bye to hopefully get to 18 with Owens & Merrett.


  2. Ideally/realistically, how many premo’s (incl pseudo premo’s, ie Butters, Cogs), should you be fielding in the bye rounds?

    TU:- 11 to 12

    TD:- 13 or more

    I’ll still have 17 trades left (1 boost) after this round & intend using 4 trades for R13. I have 14 premo’s R12, but only have 13 in R13 (incl Butters & Cogs). Is that acceptable? Cheers



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