Who To Field – Round 14

Written by Dane on June 16 2022

Once again this is probably not needed with the byes as any warm body is ideal, but if you are stacked on one line and are looking for the best of two options, put it in the comments below and use those TU/TD buttons to find an answer!



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9 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 14”

  1. I want to trade out M Rioli to free up a little cash. Who should I bring in who has more chance of playing games.
    Tu- Ambrosio
    Rd-S Durdin
    Comment – J Clarke


    1. Got the same dilemma Finn.

      Wehr’s top score is 66 (albeit a small sample size). So even if he’s goes a bit above that let’s say 70-75; that’s only gonna net you an extra 13-18 points.

      I’m leaning towards taking Durdin’s score personally. A bird in the hand and all that…

      Good luck whatever you decide.




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