AFL Finals – Week 1

Written by on September 8 2017

Sorry this is a bit late, but it seems there are still a few hanging around who want to talk footy, even without the added flavour of Supercoach.

Chaos Theory has already posted the Week 1 team changes in the Coaches Box (thanks!). Most notable is that Joel Selwood is back for the Cats, while at Sydney Kurt Tippett makes way for Sam Naismith.

Feel free to post any thoughts, predictions and of course score updates below!



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27 thoughts on “AFL Finals – Week 1”

  1. Here are the scores from last night – the Crouch boys front and centre once again, but unfortunately Brodie Smith suffered a suspected ACL tear, and will likely not be seen again until 2019. I think the Crows are flag favourites again?

    Adelaide 12.12.84 def GWS 6.12.48

    Matt Crouch 126
    Tom Lynch 123
    Brad Crouch 120
    Eddie Betts 116
    Riley Knight 101
    Richard Douglas 88
    Hugh Greenwood 86
    David MacKay 74
    Luke Brown 74
    Jake Kelly 74
    Sam Jacobs 71
    Taylor Walker 71
    Rory Atkins 71
    Jake Lever 71
    Paul Seedsman 66
    Rory Laird 65
    Kyle Hartigan 65
    Daniel Talia 59
    Josh Jenkins 59
    Charlie Cameron 30
    Brodie Smith 29
    Mitch McGovern 29

    Stephen Coniglio 132
    Joshua Kelly 113
    Callan Ward 107
    Matthew De Boer 101
    Zachary Williams 98
    Tom Scully 90
    Toby Greene 86
    Jacob Hopper 77
    Shane Mumford 73
    Aidan Corr 73
    Harrison Himmelberg 71
    Heath Shaw 69
    Nick Haynes 67
    Phil Davis 63
    Jonathon Patton 59
    Dylan Shiel 59
    Brett Deledio 57
    Nathan Wilson 55
    Lachie Whitfield 55
    Rory Lobb 51
    Jeremy Cameron 42
    Adam Tomlinson 35


  2. What a weak effort from GWS. Never even looked like challenging the Crows. The defensive setup for Adelaide just quashed every Giants attack and then as we’ve seen time and time again Adelaide killed them on the break. Gutted for Brodie Smith though. He’s been a star in the latter half of this season.


    1. Yeah, the game was over by HT. When you consider the conditions, amazing they didn’t play Stevie J or Taranto. Even Ryan Griff would have brought more pressure.

      A lot of questions for the Giants, is Mummy done? Is Lobbe the next Vickery? Where is the game plan?


      1. As I’ve been saying for a while, GWS lacks the gritty defensive edge that is required to win a premiership. Last night was a perfect exemplar.


  3. Friday, 8 September

    Geelong v Richmond at the MCG, 7.50pm AEST


    Geelong: Andrew Mackie, Scott Selwood, Jordan Murdoch, Mark Blicavs
    Richmond: Shane Edwards, Jack Graham, Nathan Broad, Jason Castagna


  4. Yeh i’m looking forward to this game, hoping it’s a beauty. Got to be better than last night’s game, a real let down.


  5. Great 1st quarter from the Tigers. Referees favouring Geelong hope it evens out, Cotchin was incredible with his ferocity on the ball. Schwartzy if ur in the house good luck mate it would b great to c ur boys get up tonight.


    1. Still coping with the magnitude of what happened last night. I haven’t seen us win too many Finals in my 37 years on Earth so it’s still sinking in. Extremely proud of the team for their four-qtr-effort, definitely the better team on the night. Now a Prelim at the G against an interstate team……a GF spot is up for grabs if we’re good enough. Still can’t believe it…….Go Tigers!


  6. Well, I did not see that coming. Incredible final quarter performance from the Tigers, and they’ll face GWS, Port or WCE for a spot in the grand final. It’s a nice place to be in at this time of year….

    Richmond 13.13.91 def Geelong 5.10.40

    Dustin Martin 158
    Dion Prestia 130
    Nick Vlastuin 118
    Kane Lambert 117
    Trent Cotchin 109
    Shane Edwards 106
    Jack Riewoldt 103
    Josh Caddy 90
    Nathan Broad 88
    Bachar Houli 79
    Jack Graham 73
    Alex Rance 68
    Shaun Grigg 66
    Toby Nankervis 64
    Brandon Ellis 56
    Dylan Grimes 49
    David Astbury 48
    Kamdyn Mcintosh 48
    Daniel Butler 48
    Daniel Rioli 48
    Jacob Townsend 35
    Jason Castagna 31

    Mitch Duncan 131
    Scott Selwood 124
    Zach Tuohy 123
    Tom Hawkins 105
    Patrick Dangerfield 101
    Zac Smith 87
    Joel Selwood 84
    Jed Bews 76
    Zach Guthrie 75
    Mark Blicavs 74
    Tom Lonergan 72
    Lachlan Henderson 66
    Steven Motlop 60
    Sam Menegola 57
    Thomas Stewart 56
    Andrew Mackie 53
    Jake Kolodjashnij 51
    Brandan Parfitt 44
    Harry Taylor 41
    Cameron Guthrie 33
    James Parsons 29
    Jordan Murdoch 26


  7. Saturday, September 9

    Sydney v Essendon at the SCG, 4.20pm AEST

    Sydney: Lewis Melican (quad) replaced in the selected side by Harry Cunningham
    Essendon: Nil

    Sydney: Dean Towers, Nic Newman, George Hewett, Harry Cunningham
    Essendon: David Zaharakis, David Myers, Travis Colyer, Conor McKenna


  8. Port Adelaide v West Coast at Adelaide Oval, 7.20pm ACST


    Port Adelaide: Sam Powell-Pepper, Karl Amon, Jarman Impey, Dan Houston
    West Coast: Dom Sheed, Luke Partington, Mark Hutchings, Tom Barrass


  9. Saturday recap:

    There’s usually one blowout in the first week of the finals, and unfortunately for the Bombers they were on the wrong end of it this time. Franklin kicked four goals in the second quarter alone, and the Swans kicked ten in total, to turn the second half into junk time. Goodbye and good luck, Jobe Watson.

    2018 notes: Pick Hurley in your backline, and strongly consider Parker as a value mid.

    Sydney 19.7.121 def Essendon 8.8.56

    Josh P. Kennedy 132
    Luke Parker 125
    Dean Towers 105
    Callum Sinclair 102
    Daniel Hannebery 95
    Zak Jones 92
    Lance Franklin 90
    Jarrad McVeigh 86
    Callum Mills 83
    Heath Grundy 81
    Kieren Jack 81
    Jake Lloyd 80
    Sam Reid 78
    Isaac Heeney 78
    Sam Naismith 67
    George Hewett 66
    Tom Papley 66
    Gary Rohan 61
    Nick Smith 60
    Nic Newman 52
    Dane Rampe 51
    Harry Cunningham 32

    Michael Hurley 122
    Martin Gleeson 103
    Joe Daniher 100
    David Zaharakis 95
    Brendon Goddard 94
    Dyson Heppell 91
    Zachary Merrett 91
    Travis Colyer 83
    Darcy Parish 77
    James Kelly 73
    Orazio Fantasia 66
    Jobe Watson 65
    Andrew McGrath 64
    Conor McKenna 58
    David Myers 54
    Mark Baguley 52
    Tom Bellchambers 45
    Joshua Begley 45
    Michael Hartley 42
    Anthony M-Tipungwuti 41
    Patrick Ambrose 40
    James Stewart 38


  10. Extra time sent Champion Data into meltdown as the Eagles caused a boilover by beating the Power at home after the siren, thanks to a ‘dubious’ free kick to Luke Shuey. Due to an anomaly in the scoring system, only 7 players scored less than 100 pre-scaling! CD eventually got their act together though.

    2018 notes: Robbie Gray will be the first forward picked in every team, and Jeremy McGovern might be worth a look as a def/fwd swingman.

    West Coast 12.6.78 def Port Adelaide 10.16.76 in extra time

    Jeremy McGovern 142
    Luke Shuey 135
    Matthew Priddis 120
    Drew Petrie 105
    Shannon Hurn 99
    Andrew Gaff 89
    Dominic Sheed 84
    Jack Darling 77
    Lewis Jetta 76
    Sam Mitchell 75
    Elliot Yeo 67
    Jack Redden 66
    Joshua Kennedy 62
    Bradley Sheppard 61
    Nathan Vardy 54
    Tom Barrass 54
    Jamie Cripps 53
    Mark Lecras 50
    Eric MacKenzie 49
    Mark Hutchings 44
    Luke Partington 31
    Liam Duggan 26

    Oliver Wines 119
    Charlie Dixon 116
    Robbie Gray 112
    Darcy B-Jones 111
    Travis Boak 94
    Dougal Howard 89
    Hamish Hartlett 82
    Sam P-Pepper 79
    Justin Westhoff 78
    Dan Houston 77
    Chad Wingard 76
    Riley Bonner 74
    Karl Amon 73
    Brad Ebert 68
    Sam Gray 68
    Patrick Ryder 66
    Jasper Pittard 63
    Jared Polec 62
    Jake Neade 51
    Todd Marshall 45
    Jarman Impey 42
    Tom Clurey 37



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