Bubble Busters – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 2 2017

Huttabito gave us all the stats on the youngsters in his Rookie ReviewChillo highlighted the pros & cons of the most popular trade-ins in Flavour Of The Week……..so who are the most solid downgrade options ‘on the bubble’ ahead of Rd7?

Ideally we need our rookies to score well and also have decent job security in order to string together plenty of games.  So who are the best Bubble Busters for Rd7?  Has Parsons recovered from Luke Hodge’s jaw viciously attacking his elbow?  Did you trade him in early?  How good is Aaron Black’s job security at the Cats?  Can Vickers-Willis continue to hold his spot in the Kangas line-up?  Is there room for him with Atley?  And McDonald?

Assuming they’re all named for Rd7, then this weeks Bubble Busters, in no particular order, are (Name, Club, Price, Position, Average, BreakEven):

* Ben Ainsworth (GCS $198 300 MID) 71, -29

* Teia Miles (HAW $123 900 FWD/MID) 34, 4

* Ben McNiece (ESS $102 400 DEF) 54, -49

* Lewis Melican (SYD $123 900 DEF) 61, -49

* Ed Vickers-Willis (NTH $123 900 DEF) 54, -36

* Aaron Black (GEE $137 100 FWD) 74, -68

* James Parsons (GEE $117 300 FWD) 64, -59


Who are the best downgrade options 'on the bubble' ahead of Rd7? (three choices)

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Which THREE rookies would you like to have in your side when Rd7 kicks off?  Let the SCT Coaches know about it below………



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12 thoughts on “Bubble Busters – Rd7”

  1. I would only take 2 and that would be Parsons and McNeice.
    Parsons with 2 consistant scores in the 60’s seems enough for me and also being cheaper than Black. I think Parson would have a better job security than Black as Parsons earnt his spot in team first and Black was more of a cover for him. If they both get a run as parfitt is gone I feel black will get the chop first but experience is the only thing stopping me from being certain.
    McNeice at basement price and probably having a better job security than any of the other defender rookies on the bubble, is the reason why he gets my vote


    1. Agree. Im hoping parsons doesnt come straight back in so I can downgrade for McNiece this week and parsons in a week or two when he is back.


    1. Marchbank – he’s been really consistent in his scoring, and probably has about $30k max growth left in him, which will take place very gradually over the next 6 weeks or so. He could well go bananas one week and tonne up, but I’d suggest it’s more likely he has a slightly quieter game than a big one.

      If there were better looking downgrade options on the horizon, I’d hold him a while longer, but I think one of EVW and McNiece needs to come in this week to keep the cash flowing.


    1. I’d have thought EVW personally. Third year in NM’s system, they’re playing the younger guys now, he’s a good size and is pretty composed with ball in hand, and there’s not a heap of competition for his spot.

      McNiece came out of nowhere, and a source with ties to his local club suggested that the reason he’s playing at all is that he told Essendon he was at a point where he needed to decide between footy and his regular-people-career. It’s a show of faith by the club to bring him in, and he looks OK, but he could just as easily find himself back in the two’s for some more development.


  2. Going for Parsons. His TOG% is awesome; 85+ in two games while Black was in the 60s. Have too many rookie defenders (Newman, Stewart, Hampton) to go get EVW


  3. I have a problem called Nankervis & Greene with Parfitt & Eddy on the bench.
    I need the SC Gods to ensure that Eddy, Miles, Cameron & Pickett are selected this week otherwise I will be forced to trade in either Parsons [if selected] , Black or Balic [I realise its a wk late]
    Anybody have any better suggestions, I hated RD6.


    1. Willys Guns&SCT.

      I may get T/D for this but Parfitt to Balic (even a week late) is a good trade.

      Keeps your DPP link thats so important over the byes.

      Bench Nank and Greene.

      Eddy to Parsons would be my other trade.

      I traded Eddy to Balic last week.

      Every rookie doing nothing on your bench is costing you $

      Best of luck for the rest of your season.

      PS. I actually liked round 6


  4. Going to cop a loss this week and double downgrade. Holding off on bringing in Big Stef so I’ll take Nank’s 0.
    Parsons and Vickers-Willis (Swinging Adams to Mid) look good, any job security issues there?



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