33 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 7”

  1. I have Darcy, Campbell and Nyuon in my forward line with one to field. May have to be two if Reid doesn’t play, but with 3 additional options to choose from

    The main problem is that Campbell plays tonight and teams won’t be named for the other players. I can’t loop either

    A 60 point win where Darcy did nothing and Lobb took some ruck and now up against Jackson/Darcy this week.
    Nyuon was nowhere last week until the 2nd half and is playing Crows
    Campbell playing the Dees but a low scorer unless he scores.

    TU: go for Campbell
    TD: Darcy/Nyuon is better and no issue about being subs


  2. Which St Kilda player would you play on field

    T/up – Wilson
    T/up – Garcia

    Will be loopholing this player and if they spud it up then I can play Darcy on field and put Sanders to the bench .

    So much to-ing and fro-ing this round with having to play the correct rookies due to Sanders and Reid being out.


  3. Also can put 2 of Roberts/Williams/Graham/Sharp on the ground
    T/U Roberts/Sharp
    T/D Williams/Sharp
    Or keep 3 on and not take Thomas 76
    Any thoughts welcome



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