Round 7 Aftermath …. So Far

Written by Duck on 2:33 am, May 11 2009

For a round i thought i’d be fielding a full fit team i was very disappointed to be plagued by injuries … 3 zero’s dammit!

Here’s the casualty list so far …. with 1 more game to go tonight.

Simon Goodwin (Adel) ankle scans

Shaun Higgins (WB) groin test

Jared Rivers (Melb) ankle scans

James Frawley (Melb) abductor test

Chance Bateman (Haw) calf scans

Luke Hodge (Haw) abductor assess

Cameron Stokes (Haw) hamstring test

Alex Rance (Rich) cheekbone 3-4 weeks

Nathan Brown (Rich) groin test

Troy Selwood (Bris) head OK

Steven Salopek (PA) shoulder 3-4 weeks

Kane Cornes (PA) shoulder 2-3 weeks …

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Injury List Heading In To R7

Written by Duck on 3:58 am, May 6 2009

There could be a glimmer of hope for my shabby injury ridden team with a few players due back this week …. here’s the status of injuries as we head into R7.

Nick Gill (hamstring) available
Trent Hentschel (knee) 2 weeks
Brett Burton (knee) indefinite

Rhan Hooper (ankle) available
Joel Tippett (back) test
Matt Tyler (ankle) test
Adam Spackman (ankle) 1 week
Jamie Charman (ankle) 3-4 weeks
Bart McCulloch (quad) 4-6 weeks
Bradd Dalziell (knee) 6 weeks
Kieran King (ankle) 9-11 weeks
Matthew Leuenberger (knee) 11 weeks
Pat Garner (knee) season

Shaun Grigg (ankle) test
Chris Yarran (hamstring) test
Chris Johnson (thigh) 2-3 weeks
Adam Bentick (knee) 5 weeks
Sam Jacobs (foot) 5 weeks
Robert Warnock (foot) 5-7 weeks
Darren Pfeiffer (shoulder) 7 weeks
Andrew Walker (shoulder) indefinite

Paul Medhurst (ankle) test
Heath Shaw (hamstring) test
John McCarthy (hamstring) 1 week
Alan Didak (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Sean Rusling (shoulder) 1-2 weeks
Ben Johnson (broken leg) 4-5 weeks

Mark McVeigh (ankle) test
Hayden Skipworth (hamstring) 1 week
Kyle Reimers (quad) 3 weeks
Dustin Fletcher (fractured leg) 3-4 weeks
Andrew Welsh (ankle) 6 weeks
Brent Prismall (knee) 7 weeks
Jason Laycock (foot) indefinite
Scott Gumbleton (back) indefinite
David Hille (knee) season

Not available

Tom Harley (knee) available
Cameron Ling (Achilles) test
Brodie Moles (ankle) test
Adam Varcoe (knee) test
Gary Ablett (adductor) 2-3 weeks
Brad Ottens (knee) 3-4 weeks
Ranga Ediriwickrama (hamstring) 3-5 weeks
Scott Simpson (fractured ankle) 12 weeks
Steven Motlop (shoulder) indefinite
Mitch Brown (broken leg) season
Matthew Egan (foot) season
Josh Hunt (knee) season

Grant Birchall (thumb) test
Stephen Gilham (knee) test
Clinton Young (hamstring) 1 week
Max Bailey (knee) indefinite
Trent Croad (foot) indefinite
Xavier Ellis (foot) indefinite
Tim Boyle (knee) season

Mark Jamar (foot) test
Paul Wheatley (quad) 2 weeks
Brad Green (broken jaw) 2-3 weeks
Colin Garland (foot) indefinite
Sam Blease (leg) indefinite

Matt Campbell (hamstring) test
Daniel Wells (hip) test
Liam Anthony (foot) 1-2 weeks
Robbie Tarrant (knee soreness) 1-2 weeks
Jesse Smith (hamstring) TBC
Daniel Pratt (knee) 2-3 weeks
Lachlan Hansen (hamstring) 3-5 weeks
Brent Harvey (elbow) 10-12 weeks

Mitch Banner (sinus fracture) test
Toby Thurstans (hamstring soreness) test
Jarrad Redden (ankle) 2 weeks
Shaun Burgoyne (knee soreness) 4 weeks
Nick Salter (knee) 5 weeks
Justin Westhoff (fractured foot) 5 weeks

Nathan Brown (groin) test
Kane Johnson (knee) 4 weeks
Matthew Richardson (hamstring tendon) 10-12 weeks

Steven King (hamstring) test
Max Hudghton (calf) 1 week
Jarryd Allen (hip) indefinite
Sean Dempster (knee) indefinite
Xavier Clarke (knee) season

Leo Barry (knee) test
Craig Bird (shoulder) 1 week
Tim Schmidt (knee) 1 week
Patrick Veszpremi (finger) 3 weeks
Brendan Murphy (shoulder) 7 weeks
Lewis Johnston (foot) 9-10 weeks
Henry Playfair (hamstring) indefinite
Campbell Heath (knee) season

Josh Kennedy (eye) available
Luke Shuey (groin) 4 weeks
Beau Staker (hand) 6 weeks
Beau Waters (elbow) season

Jamason Daniels (quad) test
Paul O’Shea (hip) indefinite
Stephen Tiller (groin) test
Tom Williams (foot) test

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