Injury News – Pre-Season

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on February 19 2021

Willys Guns suggested we put together an updated injury list heading into AAMI Community Series. So, I’ve gone and gathered as much information as I could find about current injury complaints and we’ll look at their scope, timeframe and SC implications. Remember that Chaos Theory and the Coaches Box remain the authority for teams and injury updates, keep an eye out.


Lachie WHITFIELD (GWS, $561.1k)

Having spent 9 days in hospital after suffering a bruised liver and only being discharged just the other day, Whitfield’s looking at a 2 – 3 months on the sidelines – let’s be honest, with GWS, it won’t be any less than 3. The immediate repercussion is that Whitfield obviously can’t be selected, but his injury opens the door for Isaac CUMMING (GWS, $288.0k) to perhaps absorb his role and increasing the job security of popular rookie Jacob WEHR (GWS, $117.3k). Assuming that timeframe holds, that puts Whitfield’s return on or around GWS’ bye in June, which makes him an ideal upgrade target if you’ve got the stones.

Jordan RIDLEY (ESS, $547.7k)

Suffered a minor calf injury calf injury recently, but is reportedly but on schedule with his pre-season load and re-joined the main group 3 weeks ago. Given the potentially recurrent nature of calf injuries, just monitor his movement before you start him.

Tom STEWART (GEEL, $538.0k)

Stewart resumed full training on Wednesday after recent quad tightness, monitor as you won’t want him playing Round 1 with reduced TOG. Also note that Cats skipper Joel Selwood said around a month ago that each Cat would have a rest through the year in preparation for finals

Ben PATON (STK, $344.2k)

While not himself directly SC relevant, Ben Paton’s broken leg improves the chance of Thomas HIGHMORE (STK, $117.3k) making his debut this season. As a medium sized defender he fits the bill to replace Paton and would make a juicy D8.


Lachie NEALE (BRIS, $721.8k)

Heard just recently that Neale had sat out the Lions’ past two intraclub games due to a calf injury he suffered at the start of his pre-season. He has resumed full training this week however. Should be fine.

Adam TRELOAR (WBD, $587.6k)

Treloar just aggravated a persistent calf injury which has frequently interrupted his career. This time it’s reportedly only tightness but it’s nevertheless expected to rule the recruit out of Round 1, although the Dog’s medical staff remain optimistic. Not only can you not start him but his absence confound coaches when assessing the Dogs MID set up, atleast one Dogs MID will have their CBAs shaved when Treloar returns.

Mitch DUNCAN ($556.7k)

Notched up a calf setback and another undisclosed “minor issue”. He’s unlikley to play in Round 1, with the Cats likely to take it slow given their depth.

Ben CUNNINGTON ($439.8k)

Set to return from a back injury that saw him miss most of 2020, Cunnington recently suffered a concussion during training. Per the AFL’s new concussion rule, he won’t train for 12 days. If you plan to start him, be sure that he’s still managed to get a sufficient pre-season under his belt


Braydon PREUSS (GWS, $303.0k)

Set for shoulder surgery which will rule him out for 4 – 5 months. However, in a silver lining, Matthew FLYNN (GWS, $123.9k) looks set to debut.

Sean DARCY (FREO, $420.1k)

Not as much to go on here but Darcy’s had a battle with damage to his arcuate ligament in his left knee  and been in a leg brace since late January. This has sparked discussion of debuts for either Lloyd MEEK (FREO, $123.9k) or popular R3 loophole Josh TREACY (FREO, $102.4k) to either outright cover for Darcy or play second fiddle to relieve him. Two weeks ago Freo said Darcy should play Round 1, no word since.


Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEEL, $611.9k)

Dangerfield’s been battling a groin issue all pre-season, having travelled interstate to see a specialist. He’s been on a modified load, which he’s apparently had no problems with, and just yesterday the tone of the Cats and Dangerfield himself is markedly more optimistic, with both stating he’ll be fine for the AAMI Series and Round 1. Sounds a little rosy, so still monitor him.

Rowan MARSHALL (STK, $557.2k)

Copped a foot stress injury two days ago, which will sideline him for 1 month and cause him to miss Round 1 at a minimum. It’s unclear how Ryder’s tracking at this stage but assume he solo rucks with a second fiddle from the reserves until Marshall’s back. Can’t start him.

Isaac HEENEY (SYD, $454.5k)

Recovering from his ankle surgery last year and under an injury cloud of late. Good news is participated in the Swans’ scratch match last week and is increasing his workload. If he looks limber, you can start him but he note his minutes and role.

Jeremy CAMERON (GEEL, $388.1k)

Had hamstring issues recently but reportedly back to main training with Stewart. Watch his mobility and fitness.

Lance FRANKLIN (SYD, $312.0k)

Lot of ambiguity around Franklin currently. Resumed training but the Swans are playing it slow and not putting a timeframe on his return. Heeney could be restricted to more exclusively FWD duties if Franklin doesn’t return soon, be cognizant of that.

Ben Brown (MELB,$260.3k)

Going under the knife for knee surgery, expected return between Round 4 – 6 according to the Dees. Given Brown has yet to play for the Dees, there shouldn’t be any structural repercussions.

As a disclaimer, I’ve put this together based on the all the available information I could find but bear in mind there’s not as much reporting on injuries at stage. That, in conjunction with a focus on SC relevant injuries, mean there may be some minor omissions.


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21 thoughts on “Injury News – Pre-Season”

  1. Thanks GB

    Some others worth mentioning could be

    Clayton Oliver – had shoulder surgery during the offseason. Understand he’s due to rejoin the main group, but has been on a modified program

    Tom Mitchell – also had shoulder surgery during the offseason. Missed intra club matches, so is done doubt on R1.

    Taylor Adams – I think was a hamstring???? But was relatively minor, apparently. I think caused him to drop off peoples radar, but might still be ok for R1

    Nat Fyfe – has a minor issue that will cause him to miss a internal practice match, but news is hard to come by

    Tim Kelly – I think a thumb issue that is causing some concern

    Elliott Yeo – dreaded groin issue that sees him unlikely for early rounds.

    Connor Rozee – the report of him kicking 6 goals in a practice match mentioned a foot issue. But I couldn’t really work out whether it was an injury from last season he was overcoming, or something that happened in the match

    Mat Crouch. – I think has had interrupted preseason, but details of the injury are a bit sketchy.

    Dyson Heppell – was not on track and looked doubtful for R1, but seems to have come good

    Dion Prestia – now in doubt for R1, but I can’t recall the details.


    1. Hey, Phil.

      Oops, missed Titch and Satan – sorry about that. Good catch.

      As for the others:

      Yeo and Adams are old-ish news, haven’t heard anything new, and Kelly’s thumb happened before I wrote this up.

      With Fyfe, Heppell, Prestia and Rozee, I couldn’t find anything concrete on them. Heard Fyfe carved it up at the match sim but no mention of injury? Think he’s fine.



      1. Head knock and has not trained since. Club claims he does not have concussion but you know what news out of Freo is like.


    2. Nat Fyfe won’t play in intra-club. Head clash last week, has been on light duties this week. Club and Nat being cautious. Dockers say there’s no concussion.

      Tim Kelly has a thumb injury, some swelling, Kelly was in and out of training on Tuesday and completed some individual running work while the Eagles finished the session with game-related drills.

      “Tim pulled up sore with a thumb injury (from last Friday’s session) and we’re just getting that all checked out at the moment so as to firm up the prognosis,”
      “He’ll have a slow week and we’ll work out exactly what it is, but we’re not fearing anything that will cause a long-term issue for Tim.”
      General Manager – Football Craig Vozzo


  2. Thanks for the update Gunboat.

    My take on the Freo ruck set up…

    Theres a good chance with Pearce and Hamling back ,that either Cox, and or Logue could play forward.

    This might free up Lobb to play as the No.1 Ruck, with Cox giving him a chop out.

    I hope Meek or Treacy get a look in.

    Meek is probably more likely if they replace Darcy like for like.

    If they think Lobb can handle the Ruck, Treacy may still get a gig forward.

    Just my view on it anyway.


    1. Treacy, a strong-bodied rookie key forward, has shot into calculations in the absence of the injured Matt Taberner (quad) and on the back of an impressive block of training.
      Josh Treacy has staked an early claim for round one selection, booting three goals in the Dockers’ final intraclub hitout of the pre-season.


  3. Add Darcy Gardiner (Bris) to the not playing round 1 list, still not recovered from knee injury.

    Also you didn’t include Michael Hurley did you?
    Sam Weideman out for season as well.


  4. Dion Prestia looks set to miss the start of the season after suffering a hamstring injury. Prestia is expected to be sidelined for 3-4 weeks with the soft tissue strain


  5. G’day,

    With Marshall going down (losing interchangeability with Treacy), I am now looking at R3 for some cash generation. Flynn and Meek have now come into the equation. I know we need to wait to round 1 for team announcements but I would like to hear your thoughts on potentially the best option. I am leaning towards Flynn ATM.


  6. Hey, T Rex.

    Assuming both get a gig, Flynn would have better JS as Darcy will be back at some stage (might even be back by R1) whereas Preuss’ season is basically over.


    1. Totally agree Gunboat.

      I think Freo will go with Lobb and Treacy as their R/F combo.
      I can’t see Meek , Lobb and Treacy in the same team.

      For GWS.. Mummy probably starts with Finlayson / Riccardi as back up.
      You would hope with Pruess out for most of the year that, Cameron would throw Flynn the job and keep Mummy as back up.
      We should get a look at him in the preseason games anyway.

      It would be great to be able to start Flynn at R3 and Treacy at F8


  7. Cheers GD & FT.

    I like the idea of Flynn (R3) and Treacy (F8) as you said keeping in mind pre season (and selection for rnd 1). Also got to keep in mind any potential better cash cow options as F8 come rnd 1.

    Thanks again gents.


    1. Thanks T Rex.

      Treacy is a lock for me.

      DPP $103k rookies are gold. His price is so low he only needs to sneeze and he goes up in value.

      You can also throw him back to Ruck 3 when you cash in Flynn. Allowing you to pick up a rookie forward on the bubble.

      Lets hope he gets a decent run at it.



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