2UP: FEB 3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:45 am, February 24 2018

Pizza belongs to Italy, Sauerkraut belongs to Germany, Croissants belong to France, Souvlaki belongs to Greece………and the Thumbs UP/DOWN Function belongs to SCT 😉  How did we ever get by without them during that fateful Summer of ’16?

If you’re having trouble seperating two players (or a combination of players) then enter them into the Comments below.  Our Coaches will point you in the right direction……….

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Perfect Team – RUCK

Written by Schwarzwalder on 12:00 pm, February 1 2018

Which team are the SCT Coaches aiming for in 2018?  Today we look at the Ruck Line.  Vote here…….

Coaches have given 9 responses.

Perfect Team – MID

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:00 pm, January 31 2018

The search for the Perfect Team continues with the MIDs today.  Vote now……….

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Perfect Team – DEF

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:00 pm, January 30 2018

If you could set up a full Supercoach side right now, which SIX Defenders would you choose?  Vote here……….

Coaches have given 12 responses.

Poll – SC GFs

Written by Schwarzwalder on 9:00 am, August 23 2017

Lisa wants to know how many Grand Finals you made……….

Coaches have given 24 responses.