Cow Talk – Round 17

Written by Father Dougal on July 22 2015

Small or Far Away – Father Dougal on Cows



Oxley went over a ton again with 118. Nice. Sure likely to rise with a BE of 38. If he makes his average of 88 and a bit he’ll go: $21,200, $20,200, then $2,500.

Brown has a BE of 55, which is two and a bit under his average. He’s getting to be Mr. Stable, although now that I’ve said that the stable will probably burn down and we’ll have horses fleeing everywhere. Then someone has to catch them and it won’t be me, I warned you.

McIntosh is starting to rise back up. If he can make his average of 65 he’ll go $18,600, $10,100 and $8,400.

Saad saved me some writing by not playing again. Shockingly he again played like someone who didn’t play, and again scored the traditional zero for someone who didn’t play.

Lever played ok and made 57. His new average is 66.8 and if he makes it he’ll go $9,000 $7,900, and $10,100


Ellis-Yolman saved us from another drop by not playing.

Cripps is once again not appearing in this column.

Miller ….! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I’d be chortling in joy if I owned him, which I don’t, so good for you who do. He’s sure likely to rise now. If he hits his average of 74 he’ll go $29,200 and $20,700 and -$9,700. Watch his scores over the next few week to make sure you sell at the right time.

Vandenberg played again and made a fine 90. If he keeps up 90s, he’ll go $24,00, $15,000 and 11,300.

Boston didn’t play again. Arrrgh.



Hogan … “but one good score will pump him right up”….Well, he made 107, so Hogan and Franz are here to (clap) Pump You Up! If he can keep up his average of 87 he’ll go $15,600, $15,400 then $3,900

Clark did not play yet again blah injury blah. Blah blah blah.

Krakouer played and scored enough to fatten more like a good little cow. His BE is only 38 so probably. (Probably!) going to rise some more next week. If he keep to his average of 68.8 he’ll go $14,800 then drop $2,400, then rise $3,100. If and how much he will play is the mystery of mysteries.

Tarrant went for 46, and thus dropped. If he keeps up the 45/46 things he’ll drop off about $14k over the next three weeks. At 52ish he’ll break even over the next three.

Lonie …. “Watch out” I said. I hope you watched out. Left his wombat with bow legs, scoring 19. With his last two scores and a BE of 114, expect him to drop a lot. If he can make a 60, which is a big if, he’ll go -$22,800, -$6,500, then $12,400.


New Cow

None. Steele is $500 short of being a cow and I am cheerfully not writing about him. Okay, I should, I know. I’ll add something on him tomorrow.


Random Cow Thoughts:

Um, none. Had two 10 hour road trips in 2 days and now I have no thoughts. I’m amazed I was able to write this on time and I used all my brain power (ohhhhh, set myself up there, didn’t I….) to get this out.





Author: Father Dougal

First time player, new to both Supercoach and the AFL. Having fun though! Now a second time player. Let's see if I learned anything! Oh, I learned a little. Now a third year player and running out of excuses.

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10 thoughts on “Cow Talk – Round 17”

  1. Brilliant FD!!

    Cow Talk is a brilliant concept and the effort you put in is a credit to you.

    I also see your Supercoach team is stiff opposition for anyone that comes up against them pumping out big scores and well entrenched in the top 5k.

    We might play each other in a league final or two yet also.

    Good Luck for the rest of the year FD!!


  2. Great work Father. I look forward to Cow Talk every week, and I just want to mention your brilliant Strength of Schedule – invaluable, even (or especially) at this stage of the season.


  3. Your weekly feature makes this site that much more unique, FD. You’re a good man for keeping it going!
    On a sidenote, strong line up you’ve assembled there. I really hope we don’t meet before any GFs 😉


  4. Hi community
    I only have 4 trades left and have brown as D6,however his scoring has been substandard for a D6 and feel he needs to be moved on.

    Option A is to look at some players who will play every game from here like hurn 366k, savage 364k, Kelly 344k or Malceski 348k and these look to be the best options. All are coming off tons last round (except Malceski who had 94). I only have 383k to spend as I have 110k cash in bank. I know that they are only likely to ave 70-75 from here on.

    Option B is to burn two trades now and downgrade him to a rookie and buy a super premo like rance Tmac picken or murphy

    Option C is to do nothing at all this week and wait for the finals with 4 trades left

    What do you think about these options, and Is there anyone else I could consider as a good semi premo defender if I went option A



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