Flavour Of The Week – Rd 10

Written by Chillo on May 22 2019

Soooo, this week’s seven most popular trade targets are all either premium defenders….or rookies who have only played one game. Yep, the common opinion this week is that if you’re going to trade up, you’re going to have to break one of the cardinal rules of Supercoach, and then hope for the best. I’m thinking that this week could decide the season for a lot of teams out there!

Here are the most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Wednesday May 22:

1.      Robbie Young (STK, fwd, $117 300)


+ Drafted from North Adelaide with pick 67 as a mature age recruit, Robbie Young quickly fulfilled his reputation in his debut for the Saints. Only 8 possessions, but all were impactful, including two goals.

+ Experienced Supercoaches will know the value of mature-age rookies. Young’s impressive debut will come as no shock to those who have reaped the benefits from previous ‘riper’ players in their first year of footy.

+ Young has also demonstrated the ability to push up into the midfield when required, providing extra zip around the stoppages and on the wings..


– That 69 point effort was his first game.

– Looks very much like a low possession, high impact sort of player. Generally speaking, players of this type are irritatingly erratic scorers – for example, look no further than Young’s similarly-styled teammate Matt Parker, who has managed 3 scores over 70, but four scores below 50 so far this year.

2.     Lachie Whitfield (GWS, def, $556 400)


+ Missed two weeks with a bad cork, but repaid the faith and then some against the hapless Blues. The maths is pretty simple: 40 possessions + 3 goals = lots and lots of points! A round-high 170 to be precise.

+ GWS face the struggling Dees and Suns in the next fortnight. Both of those teams have been giving up plenty of points to their opposition lately, so you can expect the Giants and Whitfield to cash in again.

+ Supercoach 101 says to pick as many midfielders as possible. Whitfield is a midfielder that you can pick as a defender. This is not a hard decision.


– Lachie’s break-even is still reasonably high at 117, so you can probably wait one more week (but not more than one!).

– Whitfield shares the Round 14 bye with other popular defenders such as Laird, Brodie Smith, and his Giants teammate Zac Williams. Plan ahead and ensure you haven’t overloaded that bye round in your backline.

3.      Joe Atley (PTA, mid, $123 900)


+ Taken at pick 32 in the 2016 draft, Atley has spent most of the time since honing his game in the SANFL. A few injuries at the Power gave him his chance, and he responded with 19 possessions and 66 points against the Suns.

+ Atley plays the type of in-and-under game that Champion Data seems to prefer. He managed 12 contested possessions on Sunday in conditions that really suited that particular style.

+ With Ollie Wines over a month away from a return, there is scope there for Atley to finally get an extended run in the strong Power midfield.


– Atley effectively replaced Willem Drew in the Power lineup last week, and Drew responded with a 32 disposal effort in the SANFL. Was the week off just a refresher for Drew? Could he come straight back in for Atley this week?

– Robbie Gray is also due back from injury this week, and that could possibly be at Atley’s expense too. Oh, and the whole Josh Glenn thing, you know.

4.      Joel Garner (PTA, def, $123 900)


+ The Big Bird has been a solid fixture in the Power’s reserves for over a year now, and got his chance in the seniors against the Suns last weekend. 13 possessions at 77% and 65 points was a very tidy debut.

+ Garner is a halfback flanker that specialises in rebounding the ball in defence. That means lots of kicks, which means lots of points! Reads the play well and gets his share of intercepts too.

+ Garner turned 20 yesterday (happy birthday!), and showed the extra composure in his debut game that comes with that extra couple of years of footy.


– Price won’t change this weekend. Wait one more week?

– It’s possible, likely even, that Joel doesn’t even make it to the field this week. Does Tom Jonas come straight in for Garner?

5.    Jake Lloyd (SYD, def, $556 700)


+ After copping a forward tag against the Bombers for his first sub-100 score of the year, Lloyd bounced back against North with 141 from 28 possessions, including lots and lots of kick-ins.

+ Lloyd was the highest scoring defender last season by a large margin, and whatever your reservations are about his style of play (believe me, I have a few of my own), his Supercoach record is too hard to ignore.

+ A quick look at the current averages for defenders will show that Hurn, Whitfield and Lloyd are more than 10 ppg ahead of the rest. Any team missing more than one of these guys needs to fix that up as soon as possible.


– Essendon did focus extra attention on Lloyd two weeks ago in a bid to curb the Swans’ rebound out of the backline, and it did work to a certain extent as they kept him to 83 points. Other teams may follow suit?

– The round 13 bye has to be considered, and Lloyd’s BE is still reasonably high at 108. Maybe there are slightly better trade options for this week?

#6 – 10: Darcy FORT (GEE), Shannon HURN (WCE), Lachie NEALE (BRL), Jack MACRAE (WBD), Travis BOAK (PTA)

Most traded OUT players this week: Willem DREW (PTA), Xavier DUURSMA (PTA), Matthew PARKER (STK), Sam WALSH (CAR), Michael GIBBONS (CAR), Zac WILLIAMS (GWS), Charlie CONSTABLE (GEE), Darcy MOORE (COL), Reilly O’BRIEN (ADE), Tom LIBERATORE (WBD)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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27 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 10”

  1. may not have a choice.

    Z Williams – definitely OUT
    D Moore – highly unlikely
    Danger – 40:60?, and
    any of Clark, Constable, Setterfield and Hayes – perhaps omitted

    personally, could be looking at more than one donut and it’s not even the byes!

    awesome 😉


    1. wish we knew what was happening long term with m crouch
      brad scores 80’s – 90’s when matt plays
      & 120’s when he doesn’t


    2. stop it AS … it’s too soon for nightmares!! yikes! I avoided a donut last week … looking much worse (potentially) this week – though the Injury list thread seems more positive … of course, we always believe the club news right??!!


  2. One of my favorite SCT write-ups. Great stuff, Chillo.

    Which rookie seems to have the best JS? Gotta go early on one. Down to Young and Atley, I think.


        1. Sorry but no. I just feel that if Long forces his way back in playing well in the magoos, it will be at the expense of Young over Parker, especially if Young has a bad game. That said, you’d think it’s Young’s spot to lose after last week. Just don’t expect higher scores than that!
          Parker is loved and should score better (can’t score worse!) having just played four straight against predicted Top6 sides; ADE GWS WCE and COL.
          CAR and GCS are two of the next three.

          Could be completely wrong, but they are my thoughts.


        1. because it seems he was a straight IN for Zac Bailey, who’s out for 5weeks with a hamstring. Should/could get a long enough run to make some cash. His bye stinks tho’! 😉

          again, could be wrong, but they’re my thoughts. good luck!


  3. Just on Joel Garner’s job security. Tom Jonas, Hamish Hartlett and Ryan Burton are a fitness test away from playing this week. I doubt they’ll all get up, but chances are they’ll be playing within the next couple of rounds – which almost certainly means Garner out.


    1. He was really good last week. Lester probably goes out (he was good also) if Hodge comes back in. Answerth had a poor game last week and would probably go out before Hinge. Brisbane usually gives a block of games to its debutants.


  4. With the lack of cash generation for rookies does it make it harder to get to a full team? Feel like it will take longer this year than other years and an advantage if you can do so earlier.


    1. Definitely feels like it Mick. Especially those of us that missed out on ROB, Barker, Ross, etc. because of the apparent lack of job security…


    2. IMO its been a pretty good year if you have jumped on most of the decent/popular choices.
      I mean if people missed ROB that was their own fault, it was a pretty obvious one, just hard not being able to capitalise on his scores.


  5. Having Parker with a 99 BE and no cash for an upgrade, Young looks like the only option but Josh Glenn rule is something you don’t want to challenge….


  6. Setterfield likely to keep his spot? Had bad start but was put on the ball when Cripps was getting killed, kid seems to float a bit, not work hard enough. Almost seemed reluctant to get physical and tackle after a terrible 2 week penalty vs GCS cant blame the lad. A few pushing at Blues who should bring in 2 fwds to help the fwd line scoring. Bit worried with returns and M.Crouch out in mids and Danger in fwds im looking at trading away a donut.



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