Flavour Of The Week – Rd 10

Written by Chillo on May 23 2017

Supercoach’s Silly Season is officially upon us. You’ve probably (hopefully) been quite diligent in your trades until now, monitoring those break-evens and sticking to the mantra of buying low, selling high. Hopefully you’ve also kept tabs on the clubs that your players play for, and when said clubs have their mid-year hiatus.

Rounds 11 through 13 are The Bye Rounds, Supercoach’s equivalent of Augusta National’s infamous Amen Corner. If you have any more than a dozen donuts in any week during the next month, it could be catastrophic for your SC2017 chances. And possibly your waistline, too…

With sprinkles!

So Round 10 represents the last chance saloon for fixing any bye imbalances your squad may have. Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday May 23:

1. Hugh Greenwood (ADE, fwd/mid, $117 300)


+ The best SC debut since – dare we mention his name – Josh Glenn. 15 possies at 80%, 9 tackles and three goals enabled Hugh to ton up on debut.

+ Prior to last weekend he was super-impressive in the SANFL, averaging 24 possessions and a goal in the first month. Won senior selection on merit

+  DPP status, coupled with the Round 13 bye, could be exceptionally useful.


– THE JOSH GLENN RULE. Also, he’s not going to play the Lions and kick 3 goals every week.

– The Crows are travelling pretty well at the moment and competition for spots is fierce. Hopefully Hughie can hold his place, in the short term at the very least.

2. Fraser McInnes (WCE, def/fwd, $155 100)


+ Solid second game from McInnes, despite yet another insipid away performance from the Weagles. 14 touches and 5 hit outs on the day, totalling 66 points.

+ Now on the bubble with a microscopic break-even of -42; projected to rise $36K this week (despite being slapped with a projected score of only 39).

+ A defender/forward two-headed monster with the Round 12 bye? Tick and tick.


– The Droopy Tree is back, and would appear to be best 22. There is a chance that McInnes loses his spot if Petrie is in this week.

– Further to that, Scott Lycett is not far away from a return also. McInnes is basically a straight swap in terms of role. Job security is paper-thin.

3. Michael Hibberd (MEL, def, $437 100)


+ Another quality game from the rebounding Pig. His 33 possessions at 88% efficiency led to 110 points, his third ton in five games.

+ His 56 against the Hawks falls out of his price cycle this week, sending his break-even plummeting to a tasty 34.

+ Averaging 99 and at this price point, with value defenders thin on the ground, Hibberd could be a great pick for that D5/D6 spot.


– The ultimate seagull, Hibbo has laid a grand total of 3 tackles in 5 games. He has to maintain his offensive output to keep those scores coming.

– Has the round 11 bye, which is a nuisance. Bringing him in this week puts you a man down for next week.

4. Patrick Dangerfield (GEE, mid, $579 900)


+ The Cats had a massive homecoming party against the Dogs, and Dangerfield was front and centre in more ways than one. Just a lazy 36 possessions, 12 tackles and 4 goals on the night, totalling 151 points as a popular Friday night VC loophole option.

+ An uncharacteristic “form slump”, i.e. 5 round average of only 111, means Dangerfield is down $137K on his starting price. With a break-even of only 77, he is undoubtedly the value premo of the week. As an added bonus, Geelong has the favourable round 12 bye.

+ As the reigning Brownlow medallist, there’s a rumour around that Danger is good at footy. Might be something to that, should investigate further.


– Noticeably spending a lot more time forward of centre this year. Whether that’s for team development, or something a little more sinister, remains a mystery.

– He’s already in over 62% of teams, so he has a POD value pretty close to zero.

5. Daniel Lloyd (GWS, mid, $117 300)


+ The apprentice chippie from Killarney Vale backed up with 47 points in his second game against the Tigers. Now on the bubble with a break-even of -32.

+ A huge injury toll at GWS should help Lloyd retain his spot for a few weeks yet, with a series of LTI’s leaving the Giants scrambling for numbers on the field.

+ At 25 years old, Lloyd is a mature-age rookie who has really had to work hard for his shot at the AFL. Players of this sort generally have a good record when it comes to Supercoach.


– He was very hard to find for most of the game last week, and only a few important touches during the Giant’s final quarter charge saved his score from being a complete flameout.

– As a rookie in a very strong squad, it’s going to be a challenge for Lloyd to maintain his spot in the 22 when the incumbents start to return.

#6 – 10: Dustin Martin (RIC), Mitch Wallis (WBD), Scott Pendlebury (COL), Shai Bolton (RIC), Tom Mitchell (HAW)

Most traded OUT players this week: Caleb Marchbank (CAR), Curtly Hampton (ADE), Sam Powell-Pepper (PTA), Daniel Butler (RIC), Andy Otten (ADE), Harley Balic (FRE), Will Hoskin-Elliott (COL), Tom Stewart (GEE), Andrew McGrath (ESS), Sam Petrevski-Seton (CAR)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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11 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 10”

  1. None of my mid or fwd rookies are completely ripe, but loads of downgrade options. Two over ripe def rookies with no good downgrade options. Just can’t win.

    Think I might have to take a punt on McInnes. If he’s playing he’ll be useful in week 11 too.


  2. What are people’s thoughts on Marchbank to Scharenberg this week if Sharenberg is named for the Pies? Would be a bit of a leap of faith but his VFL form has been exceptional, and it removes a Round 11 bye player in Marchbank before he starts to lose money. I like the idea of Marchbank to Hibberd, but not necessarily one round before Hibberd has his bye.


    1. Tim – I like Scharenberg a lot as a player, and there is a strong chance that he comes into the side this week.

      However, his injury history is not great, therefore I would definitely recommend waiting until he is ready to play his third game.

      It is tempting though – as I have a feeling that McInnes might play this week and then get dropped for round 11.

      And who knows how long Stewart will stay in the Essendon team (or how well he will score)?

      For this reason, I would prefer to downgrade to D Lloyd this week, but I don’t have any MID rooks ready to cull (ie have Fisher, Barrett and Myers).

      And I can’t use any D/P magic this week to get rid of a Balic or Butler or Marchbank or T Stewart for D Lloyd this week.



  3. That is probably why are you doing so well Hutta!

    Another week of Great write ups starting with Thommo yesterday with Hutta and , Chillo following up today. Keep up the outstanding work Fellas.


  4. thinking of going eddy to greenwood which will give me just enough money to go marchbank to hibbered

    or I could go balic to llyod (gws) and marchbank to hibbered and think about getting greenwood next week


  5. Just going left field with (I think, anyway) underrated bye-proof POD Harbrow in for Marchbank… save the rest for a triple trade next week. At rank 7,617, it’s time for a couple of calculated risks, and Harbrow’s numbers, as well as his past bye-round, bode well for the next 4 weeks at least.



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