Game Chat – Brisbane v Port

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on February 23 2020

Where and when: Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex, Sunday 23 February, 4.10pm AEDT


Brandon STARCEVICH (BRIS) DEF/MID @$147,700

A popular pre-season pick rated for his tackling and intercepting ability. Experience in the NEAFL should give him an edge at selection night.

Ely SMITH (BRIS) FWD/MID @ $123,900

Handily classified as a “FWD”, Smith’s drafting and time in the NEAFL was as an inside midfielder with elite disposal efficiency and a low kick to handball ratio.

Grant BIRCHALL (BRIS) DEF @ $292,700

I can feel the eye rolls already! But if any medical staff can get him right, it’s the Lion’s- having gotten players back on the park last year in record time and managed an injury free off-season.

Darcy BYRNE-JONES (PORT) DEF @ $473,400

Can’t ignore DBJ after his strong, high ceiling finish to 2019. Just needs to retain and excel in that HB receiver role and he could make for a deadly POD.

Dan HOUSTON (PORT) DEF/MID @ $484,800

He’s been all the rage over the last fortnight. Named right where we want him in the middle, now has the chance to live up to the hype.

Notable Absentees: Deven ROBERTSON (BRIS), Jackson MEAD (PORT), Ollies WINES (PORT).


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42 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v Port”

  1. Brisbane is not getting much press coverage so it is great to check their rookies. Also I am not starting Houston so I want to have a good look at DBJ and Birchall.


      1. Dan Houston

        21 Touches , 9 K 13 HP, 2M 9TK 12 CP 10 Cl

        95 SC points from 71% game time.

        He looks very at home in my side 😉



    Brisbane: 2.3.15
    Player SC
    L.Neale 41
    S.Martin 43
    D.Zorko 40
    E.Hipwood 32
    H.McCluggage 34
    J.Berry 35
    D.Rich 24
    L.McCarthy 10
    H.Andrews 33
    Z.Bailey 18
    M.Robinson 17
    G.Birchall 17
    D.Gardiner 20
    D.McStay 17
    A.Witherden 18
    J.Lyons 14
    C.Ballenden 14
    C.Cameron 9
    C.Rayner 10
    M.Adams 17
    C.E-Yolmen 7
    C.Ah Chee 8
    B.Starcevich 1
    O.McInerney 1
    E.Smith 1
    C.McFadyen 1
    Port Adelaide: 2.2.14
    Player SC
    T.Boak 53
    P.Ladhams 29
    X.Duursma 35
    C.Dixon* 20
    J.Westhoff 20
    D.Houston 18
    T.McKenzie 23
    R.Bonner 22
    C.Rozee 11
    K.Farrell 15
    H.Hartlett 19
    B.Ebert 10
    S.Motlop 19
    K.Amon 11
    T.Jonas 10
    J.Lienert 7
    Z.Butters 9
    M.Georgiades 9
    D.B-Jones 8
    T.Marshall 2
    S.P-Pepper 7
    T.Rockliff 10
    S.Mayes 7
    R.Burton 3
    T.Cox 1
    T.Clurey 3


  3. People give thoughts on Harris Andrews as a potential pod at D3? Tossing up between him or going safe with Doherty let me know your thoughts


    1. He was considered by a lot of people last season, but most people passed on him.
      Think he falls into the bracket of good not great (sc), better choices. He’s not a bad pick, just not a really good one.


        1. Just personally I’m tipping Ryan to finish top 3. More experienced, injured team mates, high ceiling. Just needs to raise his floor.


            1. Not so much that he won’t top 6 worst case.
              All the defenders have negative issues to deal with.
              This is just my gut talking.


            2. That’s what keeping me off of Ryan atm, Pumba.

              Finding the DEF line to be the toughest rn. Question mark over Lloyd, injury risks with Williams, Doedee and Docherty, Laird undercut by Milera and Gibbs and I’m not sold on Sicily.

              Honestly tempted to start Hurn and Houli like I did last year.

              Clearly defined roles and good ceilings. People immediately bring up their age, but both had career best season’s in their twilight and are still physically good enough to compete at an elite level.


              1. Wouldn’t worry about Young for one he looks a ways off R1 now but also ask yourself this, do I believe that Ross Lyon was holding Luke Ryan back from being a SC uber premium defender in a similar way that Longmire was holding back Mitchell & Newman?


      1. Yeah I had him in draft last year & it was frustrating because though he can, intercept & he is a very good kick for the most part he had no interest in doing anything other than defending his man, to be fair he had Rich & Hodge to do the distributing.


    2. Andrews is first and foremost a shutdown player. The kid is a gun but SC is all about the pts. Look for a running defender or someone getting some midfield time…… Enough of them to choose ahead of Andrews


      1. As an SC pick or in general? because the kid is an absolute star but I do get the SC reluctance, for me he reminds me of Bont & Bont was very good in his second year but had the mid time & I don’t think Rozee will get better than a 50/50 split, could he be good enough to be a top 6 FWD with only a 50/50? it honestly wouldn’t surprise me.


      1. And Mitchell?
        Almost unstoppable if they are both scoring well I have decided to take a hit to other positions and go 6 deep in the middle and my worst being Oliver


      1. I’ve got T.Lynch F3 and D Smith at F4

        My answer to the F3 problem was to pick two. Hoping one works and the other one doesn’t hurt me. If both work then I have two keepers instead of 1.


    1. I worry he can play to many roles well, he’ll get some in and under time but he’s so classy I think they’ll use him outside at least as much as inside, wouldn’t be surprised if Berry averages more.


  4. Powell-Pepper DPP cheaper than Rozee and almost same result.

    Ps it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone.

    ……..and don’t go peeping at GC defenders TOG either!


    1. P-P will play more forward minutes this year, according to Hinkley. He’s a no-no for me. Rozee can only go one way for me and that is skywards. Kid’s a freak and doesn’t need as much of the pill to score well at SC. Bit like Heeney, but his coach is Horse 🙁



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