Game Chat – Brisbane v Sydney

Written by Thommo on May 4 2019

Where and when: the Gabba, Saturday, May 4, 4.35pm AEST.

Last time they met: the Gabba, round 10, 2018: Sydney 10.7 (67) d Brisbane 6.13 (49).

In wet and slippery conditions, the Swans got the better of their younger opponents despite losing a number of key statistical categories. Brisbane had more inside 50s, clearances and tackles but Josh Kennedy (34 touches) revelled and the half-back line of Jarrad McVeigh, Zak Jones and Jake Lloyd rebounded the ball with precision, driving Sydney to a third straight victory.

What it means for Brisbane: After six rounds, the Lions are right in the hunt for the top eight and it’s games like these, against the struggling Swans, they’d love to win to show their continual improvement. A win in front of the home fans after the last-start shocker against Collingwood would also go down well.

What it means for Sydney: The Swans have been competitive most weeks but they’d love to bash the door down against a club they’ve traditionally had the wood over. If dreams of September action still flicker, this is a must win.

How Brisbane wins: After rediscovering some form against Gold Coast, the Lions and coach Chris Fagan will be wanting more of the same – back to basics and winning the contested ball. If the Lions get that right, and show some patience when they have the ball, there’s enough weapons to kick a winning score.

How Sydney wins: Essendon and Collingwood supplied the blueprint in recent weeks. Aside from being competitive around the contest, you have to cut off Brisbane’s switch of play from half-back to hopefully frustrate it into errors. Quick counter-attack from the defensive half has also caught the Lions napping in recent weeks.

The match-up: Jarryd Lyons v Josh Kennedy

Although it’s unlikely there’ll be much tagging in this match, this pair are the genuine inside mids for each club and should have a big influence on the result. Lyons got back to his best against former club Gold Coast last weekend, while Kennedy was also in good touch against GWS.

It’s a big week for: Sam Reid

With Lance Franklin ruled out of the clash after failing to overcome a hamstring injury, Reid needs to have an influence. Brisbane has the third most potent attack so far this season, meaning Sydney will likely have to kick a decent score to be competitive. Reid has kicked six goals through six rounds and would love to either kick – or supply – a few on Saturday.

Big call: Brisbane to beat the Swans for the first time in 10 years

Thommo’s Tip: Lions by 10 points.

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44 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v Sydney”


    Brisbane: Jarryd Lyons, Lewy Taylor, Alex Witherden, Oscar McInerney
    Sydney: Jackson Thurlow, Nick Blakely, Jordan Dawson, Robbie Fox


      1. Neale might cop the hewitt tag and
        cripps has scored over 127 two out of six.

        I’m all aboard the take the 127 and run.


          1. no selwood , got the C on danger , gna play full mid roll v the bombers @ the cattery , expecting 170 from the big cat this week


  2. Neale off and racing Q1 ….. what tag?
    Berry is getting better each week, next year SC relevant maybe..?


  3. I apologise in advance to all Jake LLOYD owners. I finally bought him in earlier today. Bound to put the mockers on him! 🙁


    1. Decided to wait on lloyd , thought he may be levelling off, clever me grabbed sicily instead , banking those 80 points!!!!
      Obviously we are buying for the season, not just todays score.


    2. at least he continues to accumulate pts for doing f’ all. Funny. Don’t mind so much being an owner 😉


      1. I wil get him in at some stage , the thing is he gets a fair amount of possessions and his de is usually good so those scores around the 100 mark are fair , just can’t reconcile wth the 130’s.



    Q time 5.6.36 – 1.2.8

    L. McCarthy 47
    G. Hewett 40
    D. Zorko 38
    H. Cunningham 33
    L. Neale 35
    J. Thurlow 23
    H. McCluggage 35
    L. Parker 22
    J. Berry 34
    A. Aliir 21
    D. Rich 33
    J. Dawson 20
    M. Robinson 31
    D. Rampe 19
    J. Lyons 31
    T. McCartin 17
    S. Martin 30
    J. Lloyd 16
    T. Cutler 30
    Z. Jones 16
    D. Gardiner 27
    C. Sinclair 15
    C. Cameron 27
    S. Reid 14
    L. Hodge 18
    J. Kennedy 13
    E. Hipwood 17
    I. Heeney 12
    A. Witherden 14
    N. Blakey 10
    R. Lester 11
    C. Mills 8
    D. McStay 7
    R. Fox 6
    O. McInerney 7
    T. Papley 4
    N. Answerth 6
    W. Hayward 4
    L. Taylor 3
    K. Jack 3
    J. Walker 0
    L. Melican 2
    C. Rayner 0
    O. Florent 1



    1/2 time 7.8.50 – 7.6.48

    D. Rich 64
    A. Aliir 67
    H. McCluggage 57
    G. Hewett 67
    L. Neale 55
    Z. Jones 52
    M. Robinson 53
    I. Heeney 45
    J. Berry 50
    J. Thurlow 43
    C. Cameron 48
    J. Dawson 43
    T. Cutler 47
    H. Cunningham 43
    L. McCarthy 46
    J. Lloyd 41
    S. Martin 46
    W. Hayward 40
    D. Zorko 43
    J. Kennedy 40
    L. Hodge 42
    L. Parker 36
    N. Answerth 40
    T. McCartin 35
    O. McInerney 38
    D. Rampe 32
    J. Lyons 38
    C. Sinclair 31
    D. Gardiner 36
    T. Papley 25
    A. Witherden 35
    N. Blakey 25
    J. Walker 26
    O. Florent 25
    D. McStay 24
    S. Reid 24
    R. Lester 19
    C. Mills 18
    C. Rayner 16
    K. Jack 17
    E. Hipwood 11
    L. Melican 11
    L. Taylor 10
    R. Fox 5


  6. Unlikely to win any of my 10 leagues this week, needed big scores from Cogs & Oliver. VC used on Grundy, and just missed throwing the C on Neale. Options remaining are Cripps, Danger, M Crouch…most coaches have gone Cripps or are are taking Gawns 127 (8/10 coaches), so gotta take a chance on:
    TU: Captain Danger
    TD: Captain M Crouch
    Comment – Cripps. I could scrape a win if he goes higher than the coaches with Captain Gawn or Neale.


    1. No, you shouldn’t have. Regardless of who scores better today, Lloyd will massively outscore Rich for the rest of the season.



    full time 14.19.103 – 12.9.81

    before scailing

    H. McCluggage 127
    G. Hewett 153
    D. Zorko 127
    J. Kennedy 118
    S. Martin 123
    A. Aliir 116
    L. Neale 109
    T. Papley 104
    C. Cameron 105
    L. Parker 98
    M. Robinson 104
    J. Lloyd 97
    D. Rich 91
    C. Sinclair 79
    O. McInerney 87
    C. Mills 72
    T. Cutler 80
    J. Dawson 71
    D. McStay 79
    I. Heeney 69
    J. Berry 77
    J. Thurlow 64
    D. Gardiner 76
    Z. Jones 60
    A. Witherden 70
    W. Hayward 58
    J. Lyons 68
    D. Rampe 57
    N. Answerth 67
    S. Reid 57
    L. McCarthy 66
    O. Florent 56
    L. Hodge 55
    H. Cunningham 52
    J. Walker 47
    T. McCartin 47
    C. Rayner 45
    R. Fox 38
    L. Taylor 44
    N. Blakey 37
    E. Hipwood 42
    K. Jack 34
    R. Lester 42
    L. Melican 26


  8. Of course I bring in Lloyd when he fails to crack the tonne. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt of the conditions, but I hope this isn’t start to become a more common occurrence. Never had him last year goes massive, didn’t start him does great. Whenever he is in the team, he turns non premo :/


  9. Where did Rich go in the second half? He was outstanding early.
    Not really SC relevant, but think Tom Papley is a gun. McCluggage looks awkward, but he’s gonna be a pig. His poise reminds me of an early Pendles.



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