Game Chat – Carlton v Richmond

Written by Thommo on March 23 2017

Venue: MCG at 7:20pm AEST

Last Time They Met: Rd 1, 2016: Richmond 14.8 (92) def Carlton 12.11 (83)

Game notes: Despite Carlton and Richmond having poor 2016 seasons, the fans of both teams share Round 1 optimism, confident their boys can start the season well. While Brendon Bolton’s Blues have few expectations after trading in still more young Giants in the off-season, they have traditionally pushed the Tigers in this fixture. With Cripps having an interrupted pre-season, it will take a big effort for him to do the heavy lifting tonight, but his star is on the rise and the task is not beyond him.

Unlike Carlton, the Tigers have had a more impressive pre-season and they have traded well, bringing Caddy, Prestia and Nankervis into the fold, so they have no excuses. The Tigers’ fans and Damien Hardwick expect, and will accept, nothing less than a victory to start 2017.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Thommo’s Tip: Richmond by 30 points.

Mottsy’s Tip: Carlton to cover the line.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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97 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Richmond”

  1. Quarter Time
    Carlton 4.3.27
    Richmond 7.3.45

    S. Petrevski-Seton 31
    L. Plowman 29
    S. Docherty 28
    B. Gibbs 27
    M. Kreuzer 26
    C. Curnow 24
    K. Simpson 23
    S. Rowe 21
    J. Weitering 20
    B. Smedts 19
    D. Armfield 18
    M. Wright 16
    J. Silvagni 15
    S. White 13
    H. Macreadie 4
    J. Pickett 4
    L. Casboult 4
    M. Murphy 3
    P. Cripps 0
    C. Marchbank 0
    D. Thomas 0
    E. Curnow -1

    D. Butler 33
    S. Grigg 32
    T. Nankervis 29
    D. Martin 22
    B. Ellis 20
    T. Cotchin 19
    D. Grimes 19
    R. Conca 18
    B. Griffiths 17
    D. Prestia 15
    K. McIntosh 15
    J. Caddy 10
    B. Houli 10
    N. Vlastuin 9
    J. Riewoldt 4
    J. Castagna 3
    S. Lloyd 0
    D. Rioli 0
    D. Astbury 0
    T. Hunt 0
    A. Rance 0
    S. Edwards 0

    ** I think the scores are broken at the moment. Lots of possessions haven’t been converted to points yet ***


    Carlton 4.3.26 vs Richmond 7.3.45

    S. Petrevski-Seton31
    L. Plowman29
    S. Docherty28
    B. Gibbs27
    M. Kreuzer26
    C. Curnow24
    K. Simpson23
    S. Rowe21
    J. Weitering20
    B. Smedts19
    D. Armfield18
    M. Wright16
    J. Silvagni15
    S. White13
    H. Macreadie4
    J. Pickett4
    L. Casboult4
    M. Murphy3
    P. Cripps0
    C. Marchbank0
    D. Thomas0
    E. Curnow-1

    D. Butler33
    S. Grigg32
    T. Nankervis29
    D. Martin22
    B. Ellis20
    T. Cotchin19
    D. Grimes19
    R. Conca18
    B. Griffiths17
    D. Prestia15
    K. McIntosh15
    J. Caddy10
    B. Houli10
    N. Vlastuin9
    J. Riewoldt4
    J. Castagna3
    S. Lloyd0
    D. Rioli0
    D. Astbury0
    T. Hunt0
    A. Rance0
    S. Edwards0


  3. As a Tigers fan, I’m always cautious about getting cocky……but gee, the Blues aren’t doing much out there. How you seeing it at the ground, Motts?


      1. Don’t forget the Blues play the Bombers R3. I am going to let him try and have a big game before I trade him out. R1 has the least impact on price of any round in the season. If he does well R3 any effect from R1 will just be a blip.



  4. Non-biased thoughts:

    – I’m feeling justified in putting SPS on-field, and in picking Marchbank.
    – I’m hoping I haven’t made a mistake in passing up on Butler.
    – Daniel Rioli and Charlie Curnow are both looking good.
    – Sam Rowe is defending much more aggressively this season – I like it!
    – Richmond has been a lot better than I thought they’d be. In particular, their pressure has been very good.
    – Cripps started quietly.
    – The AFL website has crashed.


  5. And now for some unabashedly biased thoughts:

    – The umpires are clearly favouring Richmond. 50/50 free kicks are going their way; in the same situations, but with the jumpers reversed, Carlton isn’t getting a free kick.
    – It bounced. That was not a mark!
    – 37 points in a half is hardly insurmountable.
    – Regardless of what happens, Richmond will still be crap this year.
    – Daisy is a liability. Drag him.
    – How good is SPS!?


      1. Childishly hurling abuse at Carlton supporters online? From that, I’m going to infer that you barrack for one of Richmond, Collingwood, or Essendon. Whichever of them you go for, you’re in for a disappointing year.

        I, on the other hand, have the luxury of low expectations. No grey hair or bald spots for me!


    Carlton 12.4.76 vs Richmond 15.11.101

    M. Murphy94
    S. Docherty89
    L. Plowman87
    M. Kreuzer85
    J. Weitering75
    K. Simpson74
    M. Wright74
    B. Gibbs68
    S. Rowe57
    S. Petrevski-Seton56
    C. Marchbank55
    B. Smedts52
    S. White49
    E. Curnow46
    J. Silvagni46
    L. Casboult44
    C. Curnow32
    D. Armfield30
    H. Macreadie28
    P. Cripps24
    D. Thomas19
    J. Pickett17

    D. Martin116
    T. Nankervis89
    S. Grigg87
    D. Butler79
    D. Prestia77
    B. Griffiths75
    N. Vlastuin72
    J. Riewoldt64
    J. Castagna63
    T. Cotchin62
    B. Ellis55
    R. Conca53
    D. Grimes52
    A. Rance44
    J. Caddy41
    S. Lloyd38
    S. Edwards36
    D. Astbury36
    K. McIntosh34
    D. Rioli31
    B. Houli26
    T. Hunt4


    1. Rance MKII

      Very similar game sytle. Him and Hampton can hold down D5/6 all the way until the byes. Don’t need to worry about these dodgy rookies then.


  7. FULL TIME |
    Carlton 14.5.89 vs Richmond 20.12.132

    M. Murphy123
    K. Simpson114
    L. Plowman110
    M. Kreuzer106
    B. Gibbs98
    S. Docherty97
    M. Wright92
    J. Weitering79
    S. Rowe76
    C. Marchbank71
    S. Petrevski-Seton63
    J. Silvagni62
    L. Casboult62
    E. Curnow62
    B. Smedts61
    S. White53
    P. Cripps45
    C. Curnow44
    H. Macreadie39
    D. Armfield35
    D. Thomas32
    J. Pickett29

    D. Martin148
    S. Grigg123
    T. Nankervis123
    D. Prestia98
    N. Vlastuin92
    D. Butler90
    T. Cotchin84
    B. Griffiths80
    J. Castagna79
    J. Riewoldt76
    R. Conca75
    D. Grimes70
    B. Ellis69
    J. Caddy64
    A. Rance62
    K. McIntosh56
    D. Astbury53
    S. Edwards52
    D. Rioli51
    B. Houli46
    S. Lloyd41
    T. Hunt13


  8. Well butler on the bench :/ is it worth losing ruck fwd swing man link to put strnica in the foward and preuss in the ruck just to get butlers score or miss out?


    1. I am wondering if Preuss is only playing because Ben Brown is underdone. I can’t see them playing Preuss, Brown and Waite every week.


      1. Agree, but if Preuss performs he’ll hold his spot, much like Brown did a few years ago. Never liked the idea of a permanent loophole. With few decent rookies and so many expensive ones, I’d prefer preuss who at least has some chance of making money over someone who has none.


        1. Normally I would agree Chips but Preuss is ruck only and I need a ruck-forward swing. I’ve decided to park Cameron on my ruck bench knowing he’ll play eventually.


            1. Just Cameron. Last year I had a non-playing ruck donut and regretted not having Mason Cox during the byes. Fingers crossed Cameron plays during byes to help out the Tribe!


  9. Pickett got better as the game went on; don’t do any corrective Pickett -> Butler trades until after round 2.

    If you have Cripps, don’t trade him out – he’ll be fine in another week or two.


    1. Don’t do Pickett to butler at all! If you missed Butler you missed him. And I speak as someone who missed him. There is no way that move is worth a trade


      1. Yeah, I probably should have phrased it as “if you must do a corrective Pickett -> Butler trade…”. I’m going to try and avoid it if I can. But if the two of them put up similar scores next week to what they did tonight, I’m going to be tempted.


          1. Dont even mention his name. I am so sour i missed those 100s but i did need to do a corrective trade before rd3 and his money was useful.


    1. It’s a long season, but an early win for those with Nank. Won’t play Carlton every week though.

      Made a last minute change of swapping Doc for Gawn, so happy Doc didn’t go bonkers. Thought Marchbank might’ve done better – looks capable of dropping a 120+ at some stage to boost his price.


        1. Agree Jack. He’s sole ruckman and will score well as long as it stays that way. I’m thinking 90-95 average around about


  10. When you literally move Pickett onto the field for butler after the first ball is bounced and it let me. Karmas a bitch


    1. Yeah. We will have to wait and see. Everyone will flog carlton.

      I expect oliver florent to score 706 sc points in a few weeks.


  11. Some odd weighting there! Marchbank just became my new favourite Blue with a massive 97 points!!!

    Unfortunately Nank (114) and Doc (91) were downgraded.


  12. Hi Guys.. First timer here. Q. Does the scores for ‘E’ count. Had Butler on bench so guess will miss his scores.. ta


    1. You’ll only get butlers score if you have a player that scores zero on the ground (ie not playing) on the forward line


  13. Bloody hell… I’ve just realised that AFL Fantasy locks your captains during partial lockouts! Why didn’t they tell me this BEFORE I tried to loophole Cripps!? He did manage 77 points in the Dreamteam codes (better than his 50 in SuperCoach), so it’s not an absolute disaster… but it’s still an annoying way to start the season.


  14. Really disappointed by Docherty.

    Not trusting the defense rookies I wasn’t sure if I wanted to roll with 4 premos back there but had to wait til team announcements tomorrow. Swapped Shaw to him last minute as I would would have wanted them both in if I was going with 4 and had no option but to lock in Docherty today. Was looking good being on 89 at 3/4 time….


    1. Just a small swing for one game. Doc still a fine pick. I moved Shaw to him as well, and am still happy with that.


    2. He was off for what seemed like the final 8minutes in which time Simmo racked up 5 touches. That was the difference between 91 and 100 points for Doc. His role was great meandering around the backline so only worry if he got injured late.


      1. Yeh I’m not worried at all, Docherty is a fine pick and was very consistent last year. His 2 jlt games and first 3 quarters laat night has showed he’s picked up where he left off.

        Just disappointing to see him finish on 97 and then scaled back to 91.


  15. Time on ground, contested possessions, disposal efficiency for supercoach relevant/popular picks:
    K Simpson: 92%, 12/33 contested, 69.7 d.e, 4 clangers, 7 marks, 22/33 kicks, 5 Frees for, 3 tackles
    S Docherty: 88%, 5/24 contested, 79.2 d.e, 4 clangers, 6 marks, 18/24 kicks
    C Marchbank: 88%, 10/19 contested, 78.9 d.e, 5 clangers, 8 marks, 15/19 kicks, 2 tackles, 5 one percenters
    M Kreuzer: 84%, 8/15 contested, 40 d.e, 3 clangers, 4 marks, 39 hitouts, 11/15 kicks, 4 tackles, 2 goals
    P Cripps: 84%, 5/19 contested, 63.2 de, 3 clangers, 3 marks, 5 tackles
    M Murphy: 76%, 18/35 contested, 65.7 d.e, 4 clangers, 6 marks, 7 tackles, 21/35 kicks
    S Petrevski-Seton: 71%, 8/11 contested, 54.5 d.e, 2 marks, 7 tackles
    J Pickett: 68%, 2/5 contested, 60 d.e, 2 marks, 3 tackles

    A Rance: 93%, 5/9 contested, 88.9 d.e, 4 clangers, 4 marks, 3 frees against, 4 tackles, 8 one percenters
    D Martin: 89%, 13/33 contested, 72.7 d.e, 5 clangers, 5 marks, 4 tackles, 4 goals, 23/33 kicks
    D Butler: 86%, 5/19 contested, 68.4 d.e, 2 clangers, 1 mark, 3 tackles, 2 goals
    T Nankervis: 78%, 6/8 contested, 87.5 d.e, 3 marks, 3 tackles, 27 hitouts, 48% Hitout to Advantage
    D Prestia: 77%, 8/28 contested, 82.1 d.e, 2 clangers, 2 marks, 5 tackles
    J Caddy: 77%, 9/17 contested, 82.4 d.e, 2 clangers, 3 marks, 2 tackles



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