Game Chat – Fremantle v Melbourne

Written by MJ on March 5 2015

The Demons will be fielding a few rookies that will keep us (and Badger!) interested in this Thursday night clash over in the west. Jesse Hogan ($130k FWD), Christian Salem ($185k FWD), Billie Stretch ($117k MID), Ben Newton ($215k MID) and Aaron vandenBerg ($127k MID) are all in the squad for the Red and Blue. Lumumba ($417k DEF/MID) will also play his first game in new colours.

The Dockers are still without Nat Fyfe, as he recovers from a hamstring injury sustained a few weeks ago. Keep an eye on the rookie-priced players in purple as they try to impress Ross Lyon tonight: Michael Apeness ($189k FWD), Tanner Smith ($117k DEF), Brady Grey ($123k MID), Max Duffy ($142k FWD) and Connor Blakely ($117k MID).

Who’s taking your interest tonight? Locking in any rookies?


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23 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v Melbourne”

  1. PA will be keeping an eye on Jon Griffin. At $242K he could be a smoky at R2 depending on what role he plays during the NAB.


  2. Clancee Pearce for me. Would love to see him with some MID time and hopefully he can return to an Avg of 90+. Would feel a lot more confident if I can rid one of these D-Rookies.


  3. Hogan, Salem, Vandenburg.

    Like PA, Griffin has some interest. Apeness none since he lost Fwd/Ruck.


  4. Newton, Hogan, Vanderberg and Pearce all looked good.

    Vanderberg is a big lad that goes in very hard.

    The shoulder or elbow injury to Duffield looked pretty serious – which may help Clancee (although Fremantle have quite a few guys lining up for that role)?

    The big disappointment for me was Salem. I really expected him to get a lot more involved, although he did use the ball well.


  5. Mundy and Barlow also both getting injuries. Freo midfield looking in a little trouble for the start of the year.

    Clancee a big opportunity coming up


  6. I’ve just watched the 1st qtr and think Suban could be a BIG chance at that price… still another 3 qtrs and a pre-season to go of course 😀


  7. 127 Lachie Neale

    118 Clancee Pearce

    116 Michael Johnson

    111 Matt Taberner

    109 Heritier Lumumba

    106 Dom Tyson

    99 Nathan Jones

    99 Tom McDonald

    98 Stephen Hill

    93 Tendai Mzungu

    89 Alex Silvagni

    87 Michael Walters

    86 Chris Mayne

    84 Daniel Cross

    81 Cameron Sutcliffe

    80 Viv Michie

    76 Nick Suban

    75 Paul Duffield

    73 Matthew Pavlich

    71 Rohan Bail

    69 Dean Kent

    67 Zac Clarke

    67 Jeff Garlett

    66 Luke McPharlin

    66 Hayden Crozier

    65 Jesse Hogan

    64 Hayden Ballantyne

    62 Aaron Vandenberg

    57 Sam Frost

    55 Ben Newton

    52 David Mundy

    50 Jimmy Toumpas

    49 Max Gawn

    49 Tom Sheridan

    48 Michael Barlow

    46 Matt Jones

    46 Chris Dawes

    43 Jack Grimes

    42 Matt de Boer

    42 Lynden Dunn

    41 Mark Jamar

    40 Christian Salem

    36 Colin Garland

    36 Jay Kennedy-Harris

    35 Neville Jetta

    32 Jordie McKenzie

    30 Lee Spurr

    21 Jonathon Griffin

    17 Cameron Pedersen

    13 Michael Apeness

    8 Connor Blakely

    6 Tanner Smith


  8. Clancee looks like a huge chance for me now. Would be golden to get a decent scoring backmen at the price this year.

    I was also fairly bullish about salem, or maybe optimistic is the better word. 32 DTs from 92% game time tonight and he is now a definite no. Back to Mitch Clark.



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