Game Chat – Fremantle v Port Adelaide

Written by Thommo on June 15 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Saturday June 15, 2.35pm

What it means for Fremantle: The Dockers’ belief is growing after nailbiting wins over Brisbane and Collingwood before the bye, and taking care of business at home against a top-eight rival will boost their September chances.

What it means for Port Adelaide: Port has been frustratingly inconsistent all season and hasn’t won consecutive games since rounds five and six. Backing up their thumping win in Shanghai with a second victory in Perth for 2019 would give them some breathing space inside the eight.

The stat: The last six clashes between these sides have been won by the home team, with Port averaging 69-point victories in three games at Adelaide Oval and the Dockers averaging 11-point triumphs in their three home games.

The match-up: Nat Fyfe v Travis Boak

Former Power captain Boak has been in ripping form since switching back to midfield this season, climbing 31 spots to 49th overall in the Official AFL Player Ratings. If he can impact the game more than Fyfe (No.2 overall) it will go a long way to Port Adelaide clinching another win in the west.

It’s a big week for: Sean Darcy

He needs to prove his fitness first after an ankle issue but assuming Darcy is cleared to replace Rory Lobb (foot) in the ruck, the young Dockers ruckman needs to have an impact at stoppages and around the ground against Scott Lycett and Paddy Ryder in what would be his first game since round two.

Thommo’s Tip: Fremantle by 6 points.

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106 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v Port Adelaide”

    1. without wines & rocky he’ll have trouble finding possessions on the outside with limited feed ,
      he’ll have to play as a leading fwd & kick goals to score


  1. Ryan and Bewley both coming in for me. Goes against everything I stand in to pick Freo players while Voldemort is in charge.


    1. yeh agreed
      but bewley has got elite foot skills & finds space
      if he can just get a bit more of the ball he would a ripper



    Fremantle: Reece Conca, Ethan Hughes, Stephen Hill, Brett Bewley
    Port Adelaide: Zak Butters, Kane Farrell, Riley Bonner, Justin Westhoff


  3. Fyfe, Ryan, Bewley, Boak and Duursma for me today. All looking good so far except Boak, low TOG. Should be right though.


    1. Just ticked over to 10. Should be able to make up that deficit over the next three quarters.

      Sorry Macpherson was a bust btw, Nato. Condolences.


      1. Macpherson just had a poor/unlucky game I feel as it was his lowest game on stats but still pulled out 75sc points due to very influential plays going to goals. Was on 44 at about halfway through the 2nd then disappeared. Only 4 disposals for the 2nd half. Can’t judge him on 1 bad game. See how he comes off the bye



    Q time
    freo 3.2.20 – 5.1.31

    L. Ryan 43
    P. Ryder 37
    C. Blakely 42
    S. Lycett 37
    G. Logue 35
    D. Byrne-Jones 36
    E. Langdon 30
    K. Farrell 33
    N. Fyfe 28
    H. Hartlett 31
    A. Brayshaw 23
    R. Gray 28
    M. Walters 20
    R. Burton 27
    E. Hughes 18
    T. Jonas 25
    B. Bewley 18
    D. Houston 23
    T. Duman 17
    K. Amon 22
    B. Matera 15
    T. Clurey 22
    J. Hamling 14
    J. Westhoff 20
    B. Cox 14
    X. Duursma 18
    D. Mundy 14
    S. Powell-Pepper 18
    D. Tucker 12
    J. Lienert 16
    J. Hogan 8
    Z. Butters 13
    R. Conca 7
    T. Boak 12
    B. Hill 6
    S. Motlop 11
    S. Switkowski 6
    C. Rozee 8
    S. Darcy 3
    R. Bonner 6
    S. Hill 2
    S. Gray 5
    N. Wilson -2
    D. Howar 2


  5. 1.1 mill for boak & mundy ,
    shoot me now n put me out of my misery
    making me appreciate parker & his $ per point value


      1. ah well , I’ve learned my lesson after trading in boak & mundy
        & kelly is on track to become the next stain in my pants
        not trading in any more high priced premos
        they just aren’t worth it


    1. Word to the wise, Wighty: Walters’ scores and form are subject to severe fluctuation.

      Looks really good rn, and I might bring him in myself, just have to be ready to accept the good with the bad. Has a low floor.


      1. It’s like having a kpp , take the good with the bad.
        This week I bought in bewley,walters and gray.
        Welcome to my rollercoaster.



    1/2 time
    freo 8.4.52 – 7.5.47

    M. Walters 77
    S. Lycett 75
    N. Fyfe 68
    R. Burton 63
    G. Logue 62
    R. Gray 58
    E. Langdon 60
    P. Ryder 52
    C. Blakely 58
    D. Byrne-Jones 49
    L. Ryan 49
    K. Farrell 46
    J. Hogan 49
    K. Amon 44
    B. Bewley 45
    T. Boak 44
    A. Brayshaw 37
    H. Hartlett 43
    B. Cox 35
    X. Duursma 39
    E. Hughes 34
    D. Houston 39
    J. Hamling 32
    J. Westhoff 37
    N. Wilson 29
    J. Lienert 37
    D. Mundy 26
    T. Clurey 34
    T. Duman 24
    S. Powell-Pepper 32
    B. Hill 24
    T. Jonas 31
    B. Matera 22
    S. Motlop 26
    S. Switkowski 19
    R. Bonner 26
    D. Tucker 18
    D. Howard 24
    R. Conca 17
    Z. Butters 24
    S. Hill 12
    C. Rozee 11
    S. Darcy 10
    S. Gray 10


    1. Good. Should have been clocked on the spot, but I’ll settle for a hefty fine. Such toxic behavior, Fantasia handled it like a pro though.


      1. Really cowardly…he’s done it to Charlie Cameron too. Hardly picking on his own size and he knows they can’t fight back. He’d never had done it to plugger !!


        1. They should have a rule to give a one match suspension for unsportmen like behavior such as :
          repeated pinching
          repeated light punching (some other clown does that)


          1. or punishment should be , has to go into the opposition rooms n cop a pinch from every essendon player 😉 ouch


          1. Paul Roos tells a story how Plugger pulled out of cleaning him up when he filled the space in front of one of his leads and marked it. And Plugger simple said “Lucky I like you” and walked back to the goal square.


  7. Only way to stamp out the pinching (and other stupid things like that) is to make it a free-kickable offense and blow it (downfield if its off the ball)…. itll be out of the game quicksmart then



    3/4 time
    freo 12.6.78 – 12.7.79

    M. Walters 102
    S. Lycett 96
    N. Fyfe 88
    T. Boak 91
    E. Langdon 86
    R. Gray 81
    L. Ryan 82
    P. Ryder 80
    G. Logue 76
    R. Burton 78
    J. Hogan 74
    K. Farrell 72
    C. Blakely 63
    D. Houston 65
    D. Mundy 61
    Z. Butters 58
    J. Hamling 58
    X. Duursma 57
    B. Cox 57
    D. Byrne-Jones 56
    E. Hughes 52
    J. Westhoff 50
    R. Conca 51
    T. Jonas 50
    B. Bewley 51
    H. Hartlett 49
    A. Brayshaw 47
    S. Motlop 48
    N. Wilson 46
    K. Amon 47
    S. Switkowski 45
    S. Powell-Pepper 46
    B. Hill 41
    D. Howard 43
    B. Matera 41
    R. Bonner 41
    T. Duman 32
    J. Lienert 41
    S. Hill 30
    T. Clurey 40
    S. Darcy 23
    C. Rozee 39
    D. Tucker 23
    S. Gray 18


  9. … and on a similar note I’m loopholing Brewley vs Gibbons. Very decadent i know when people are copping multiple doughnuts. Thoughts? I’m thinking 75 is my target score. But Gibbons did ton up last week. Hmmmmm…..



    full time
    freo 15.10.100 – 12.7.79

    before scaling

    M. Walters 158
    T. Boak 121
    N. Fyfe 129
    S. Lycett 111
    G. Logue 93
    R. Burton 104
    A. Brayshaw 90
    T. Jonas 103
    L. Ryan 89
    R. Gray 99
    J. Hogan 89
    J. Westhoff 90
    E. Langdon 86
    P. Ryder 84
    S. Darcy 81
    D. Byrne-Jones 84
    C. Blakely 79
    D. Houston 75
    D. Mundy 78
    H. Hartlett 71
    B. Hill 77
    K. Farrell 71
    B. Cox 77
    S. Powell-Pepper 70
    J. Hamling 67
    X. Duursma 65
    R. Conca 67
    Z. Butters 64
    N. Wilson 65
    K. Amon 62
    E. Hughes 65
    J. Lienert 59
    B. Matera 63
    T. Clurey 57
    B. Bewley 57
    C. Rozee 48
    D. Tucker 56
    S. Motlop 48
    S. Switkowski 51
    R. Bonner 46
    T. Duman 43
    D. Howard 36
    S. Hill 43
    S. Gray 34


    1. Was on mid 30’s midway through the 3rd but a contested mark and a goal assist to put them up late in the 3rd in conjunction with amassing roughly 8-10 touches in the last quarter helped him reach 90.



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