Game Chat – Fremantle vs North Melbourne

Written by Father Dougal on April 22 2017

Venue: Domain Stadium, Saturday, April 22, 5.40pm AWST

Last Time They Met: R4, 2016, North Melbourne 20.12 (132) d Fremantle 14.17 (101) at Etihad Stadium
R21, 2015, North Melbourne 14.10 (94) d Fremantle 12.11 (83) at Etihad Stadium
R8, 2015, Fremantle 17.13 (115) d North Melbourne 5.12 (42) at Domain Stadium

Game notes: Fremantle’s stunning resurgence gathered momentum with a thrilling two-point win over Melbourne at the MCG and, as unthinkable as it was after two rounds, the Dockers are now out of the top eight only on percentage – although they have a large gap to make up. Ross Lyon’s men have been rejuvenated by an injection of youth, a sharp lift in pressure and some outstanding form from their senior campaigners, including former skipper David Mundy and Lachie Neale in new roles spending more time in attack. The Kangaroos will be steaming after letting another golden opportunity slip against the Bulldogs on Good Friday, and will have to defy a poor record of five losses from their last six games at Domain Stadium against Fremantle to notch their first win this season.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Fremantle by 6

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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55 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle vs North Melbourne”

    1. I’m taking Dahlhaus’s score. Opponent has v/c on Danger and C on Adams. He can’t get Danger’s score unless he captains Strnadica in the next hour.
      Have McCrae as POD and also Sloane going well at the half so should have him covered.


      1. I’m taking Dahlhaus’s 120 because i couldn’t choose between Fyfe or Jelwood for Capt so i would rather be safe than sorry


    Shaun Higgins (hamstring) is OUT, replaced by Nathan Hrovat.
    No changes for Fremantle.

    Burn man is here.


      1. North twitter:
        Higgins is out tonight with hamstring tightness; he’s expected to be ok to play next week #aflfreonorth

        Also Monday and Tuesdays teams have been posted;
        Hannan is out


          1. I’ve got about 50 points from Bowes on the bench, so I guess I’ll just take that.

            Sorry everyone, momentary crazy thoughts! 😀


          2. I just pulled the trigger and brought in Yeo for o’meara when T.Smith was named for the Demons, playing his 2nd game and couldnt afford any other rookies hopefully he can stay for a few weeks or this may backfire massively on me


  2. Looking good in all leagues then BANG! . Just when you don’t expect it the Burnman strikes.
    But on a more positive note thank you Pickett for your MASSIVE 28 points


  3. 1/4 Time
    Fremantle 2.3 (15)
    Nth.Melb 2.3 (15)

    N. Fyfe 35
    L. Spurr 33
    M. Johnson 30
    A. Sandilands 28
    C. McCarthy 25
    E. Langdon 22
    L. Neale 21
    S. Kersten 20
    D. Mundy 18
    D. Tucker 18
    S. Hill 17
    C. Blakely 15
    J. Hamling 15
    E. Hughes 14
    G. Ibbotson 14
    G. Logue 13
    B. Hill 13
    B. Grey 12
    T. Sheridan 9
    M. Walters 8
    H. Crozier 4
    L. Weller 0

    North Melb
    J. Macmillan 47
    M. Wood 39
    A. Mullett 37
    M. Williams 29
    R. Tarrant 28
    L. McDonald 27
    S. Thompson 27
    B. Cunnington 27
    E. Vickers-Willis 24
    N. Hrovat 23
    T. Dumont 21
    K. Turner 20
    J. Ziebell 17
    T. Garner 17
    L. Hansen 11
    S. Gibson 11
    S. Atley 10
    B. Brown 7
    J. Simpkin 7
    T. Goldstein 5
    A. Swallow 4
    L. Thomas -9


    1. Eagle.

      Schwartz and Motts both asked politely last fortnight that yourself and Assassin tone down the comments about the umpiring. They said if you feel like you need to, make it a single post and make it constructive and not flood the game chats with them. At one point in the WB vs Brisbane, 25% of all posts were from you related to the umpiring.

      Myself and the other writers put a lot of time in during the week to keep the content up and punters interested and we would very much like to be able to watch the games on the weekend and not have moderate. Especially when I’m trying to watch my own team. I actually agree with the umpires then, Sandilands did put his arms back.

      Please keep comments Supercoach related and you might actually get some positive interaction with the other site members.


  4. Half Time

    Fremantle 2.6 (18)
    Nth.Melb 6.5 (41)

    N. Fyfe 62
    S. Hill 57
    L. Spurr 52
    M. Johnson 48
    L. Weller 42
    L. Neale 41
    C. McCarthy 39
    S. Kersten 38
    C. Blakely 35
    D. Mundy 33
    T. Sheridan 33
    B. Grey 32
    G. Ibbotson 30
    B. Hill 30
    D. Tucker 29
    J. Hamling 28
    E. Langdon 27
    A. Sandilands 25
    M. Walters 24
    E. Hughes 23
    G. Logue 23
    H. Crozier 4

    North Melb
    J. Macmillan 79
    B. Cunnington 69
    T. Garner 56
    M. Williams 53
    L. McDonald 53
    M. Wood 52
    T. Dumont 49
    T. Goldstein 49
    A. Mullett 47
    R. Tarrant 45
    N. Hrovat 44
    E. Vickers-Willis 39
    J. Ziebell 38
    S. Thompson 37
    S. Atley 36
    J. Simpkin 36
    S. Gibson 33
    K. Turner 25
    L. Hansen 25
    A. Swallow 18
    B. Brown 15
    L. Thomas 1


  5. Three-Qtr Time

    Fremantle 4.10 (34)
    Nth.Melb 7.7 (49)

    S. Hill 91
    N. Fyfe 83
    L. Spurr 79
    M. Johnson 72
    L. Neale 72
    D. Mundy 67
    S. Kersten 63
    L. Weller 59
    J. Hamling 55
    C. McCarthy 53
    T. Sheridan 51
    B. Hill 47
    A. Sandilands 43
    C. Blakely 43
    E. Langdon 40
    H. Crozier 40
    G. Logue 40
    G. Ibbotson 37
    D. Tucker 35
    E. Hughes 34
    B. Grey 33
    M. Walters 27

    North Melb
    J. Macmillan 105
    T. Dumont 89
    M. Williams 85
    B. Cunnington 84
    A. Mullett 73
    M. Wood 73
    L. McDonald 66
    R. Tarrant 65
    T. Goldstein 61
    T. Garner 60
    N. Hrovat 60
    S. Atley 57
    S. Thompson 51
    E. Vickers-Willis 49
    L. Hansen 46
    S. Gibson 45
    J. Ziebell 43
    J. Simpkin 40
    A. Swallow 37
    K. Turner 34
    B. Brown 29
    L. Thomas -1


  6. There were people last week who were unhappy with Tom Boyd’s score of 3

    I feel sorry for the 971 people that have Lindsay Thomas in their side. -1 is just not good enough


  7. #$/@!!!!

    Another 5 goal lead down the drain. We’ve got some talent on the park but we just can’t play out a game. Not sure if it’s physical or mental. Gutted!!


  8. Final score (Pre-scaling)

    Fremantle 9.13 (67)
    Nth.Melb 9.8 (62)

    N. Fyfe 130
    L. Neale 120
    M. Johnson 102
    A. Sandilands 101
    S. Hill 100
    D. Mundy 98
    L. Spurr 97
    B. Hill 87
    J. Hamling 79
    S. Kersten 79
    C. McCarthy 72
    C. Blakely 72
    E. Langdon 71
    T. Sheridan 66
    B. Grey 64
    L. Weller 63
    H. Crozier 62
    G. Ibbotson 57
    D. Tucker 54
    E. Hughes 53
    G. Logue 43
    M. Walters 43

    North Melb
    J. Macmillan 117
    B. Cunnington 108
    T. Dumont 107
    M. Williams 106
    N. Hrovat 96
    T. Goldstein 88
    L. McDonald 82
    A. Mullett 82
    S. Atley 76
    R. Tarrant 74
    M. Wood 73
    J. Simpkin 73
    T. Garner 66
    A. Swallow 59
    B. Brown 59
    J. Ziebell 58
    L. Hansen 57
    S. Gibson 55
    S. Thompson 55
    E. Vickers-Willis 51
    K. Turner 36
    L. Thomas 12


    1. you’re a dead set legend Hutta posting the scores, congratulations to your Dockers..

      I threw the VC on Fyfe, I thought he might go ok..


  9. Gawnstein looks like an absolute disaster this year. First Gawn gets injured, then Goldstein stops scoring, and now it looks like Goldstein might also be injured.

    So glad I went with SandiWitts!


  10. I can bag Fyfe’s 126 but I would then have to take Powell-Pepper’s 55.

    Then Parfitt would be benched and his score not taken. Still have Danger with the C if I want it.

    Will Danger get 120+? Will Parfitt go much greater or much worse that 55?


    1. I would normally say when in doubt, play the averages. But Danger is averaging 126.5 and Parfitt 57.8, so that’s not much help 😛

      Might just be safer to lock it in. St Kilda is Dangers bogey team but you never know what tricks he could pull. Does he have two down games in a row?


  11. I think a lot of people in the media need to take a good, hard look at themselves. Three weeks ago, Ross Lyon was supposedly past it, and his game-plan was well past its use-by date. Now his team is 3-2.

    I’m not a Fremantle supporter, but somehow I think Ross knows exactly what he is doing.



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