Game Chat – Geelong v Essendon

Written by Father Dougal on May 5 2019

Where and when: MCG, Sunday May 5, 3.20pm AEST

Last time they met: MCG, round nine, 2018: Essendon 12.12 (84) defeated Geelong 7.8 (50)

The Bombers entered the contest in terrible form and surprised the Cats, with coach Chris Scott admitting afterwards the club had a “very bad day”. Shaun McKernan starred in a blistering opening term while Zach Merrett and Cale Hooker impressed.

What it means for Geelong: Maintaining breathing room on top of the ladder. The Cats enter round seven a game ahead of second-placed Fremantle and keeping that buffer will help in their aim for a top-four finish.

What it means for Essendon: Another chance to establish legitimacy. While John Worsfold’s men won admirers for fighting back against heavyweights Collingwood on Anzac Day, it’s hard to shake the memory of their deplorable opening fortnight. Beating Geelong would help rectify that.

How Geelong wins: Keep up the manic forward pressure, led by recruits Gary Rohan and Luke Dahlhaus, and stop Essendon’s fleet of rebounding backmen from starting those electric chains of ball movement.

How Essendon wins: Going up against a powerful midfield unit that is No.1 in the competition for contested possession differential, Dylan Shiel, Dyson Heppell and Zach Merrett will have to be at their best.

The stat: This clash features first and second on the list of most inside 50s this season. Patrick Dangerfield has 43 through his six games, while Shiel is on 40.

The match-up: Gary Ablett v Adam Saad

Possessing pace to burn, Saad, ranked No.102 in the AFL Player Ratings, can defend well and potentially hurt Ablett going the other way, although that tactic didn’t work for Hawthorn when it sent Jack Gunston to the dual Brownlow medallist on Easter Monday. Ablett is No.49 in the Player Ratings.

It’s a big week for: Mark Blicavs

Coming up against such a dangerous opposition, with Joe Daniher and Jake Stringer surrounded by Orazio Fantasia and Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, the in-form defender will need to be on guard to keep a tight rein on the Bombers.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Geelong by 5. Home field advantage will be too much. I say that a lot…

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43 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong v Essendon”

    Geelong: Zach Tuohy (soreness) replaced in selected side by Zach Guthrie
    Essendon: Orazio Fantasia (illness) replaced in selected side by Kyle Langford

    Geelong: Brandan Parfitt, Sam Menegola, Gryan Miers, Zach Guthrie
    Essendon: Kyle Langford, Zach Merrett, David Zaharakis, Jordan Ridley



    Q time 4.0.24 = 3.3.21

    M. Duncan 41
    T. Bellchambers 43
    C. Guthrie 40
    D. Parish 34
    T. Kelly 39
    M. Baguley 30
    H. Taylor 35
    Z. Merrett 29
    M. Blicavs 32
    D. Shiel 24
    T. Stewart 28
    D. Smith 23
    G. Ablett 27
    A. Saad 21
    S. Menegola 27
    C. Hooker 18
    T. Atkins 25
    D. Zaharakis 18
    J. Henry 24
    A. Francis 18
    L. Dahlhaus 23
    J. Stringer 17
    J. Kolodjashnij 20
    M. Guelfi 16
    R. Stanley 20
    A. McGrath 14
    P. Dangerfield 11
    M. Redman 13
    T. Hawkins 11
    J. Daniher 13
    M. O’Connor 8
    D. Heppell 11
    G. Miers 7
    K. Langford 11
    Z. Guthrie 6
    C. McKenna 10
    E. Ratugolea 5
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 8
    J. Clark 5
    J. Ridley 5
    B. Parfitt 5
    P. Ambrose 4
    G. Rohan 4
    M. Hurle 4


      1. Passing on a 108 is not that bad. I don’t really know anyone that would end up taking a 108. All depends on how conservative you really are. Most find 120-125 their pass mark


  3. danger is hobbled , spending 1/2 his time on the bench , gna cost me easily 10,000 in overall rank today


    1. Projected at 2240 with Danger Merret Crouch and Laird score to add onto 1780
      so 2150-2200 is looking like my score


      1. That will be a fair score this week, I was looking at 2100 but unless Danger goes nuts then 2050ish.


  4. Changed from cripps to danger today, thats the breaks.
    The cost of an injured c buggers up your whole weekend and your overall rank!


      1. It’s a funny game pa , lots of people at qtr time were bemoaning having cripps as c costing them, 3 hours later and a different story altogether. It is only one week as you say.



    1/2 time 7.3.45 – 4.5.29

    T. Kelly 58
    D. Parish 61
    L. Dahlhaus 57
    Z. Merrett 49
    T. Stewart 56
    T. Bellchambers 49
    M. Duncan 56
    C. Hooker 46
    C. Guthrie 55
    A. Saad 41
    M. Blicavs 51
    D. Shiel 41
    S. Menegola 49
    J. Stringer 40
    G. Miers 46
    D. Zaharakis 38
    G. Ablett 45
    A. McGrath 37
    T. Atkins 45
    M. Baguley 37
    H. Taylor 43
    M. Hurley 35
    J. Henry 38
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 35
    J. Kolodjashnij 37
    A. Francis 35
    G. Rohan 37
    K. Langford 31
    R. Stanley 35
    D. Heppell 30
    T. Hawkins 34
    J. Ridley 30
    B. Parfitt 29
    D. Smith 30
    M. O’Connor 26
    C. McKenna 28
    J. Clark 24
    M. Redman 27
    Z. Guthrie 18
    J. Daniher 26
    P. Dangerfield 13
    M. Guelfi 22
    E. Ratugolea 12
    P. Ambrose 14


  6. I’m all for the brand diversification and feminism inclusion in the afl, but geez I wonder if she has any clue as an umpire.

    I’m a Carlton fan and she was dubious to say the best against hawthorn and Gold Coast and was even coached on what to do but the other umpires.

    Having a poor first half as well she is


  7. A 60 odd from Dangerfield is looking likely.
    Cats have not won this yet at all.
    Trading out Atkins this week hurts
    2150 + this week a very good score



    3/4 time 10.7.67 – 5.6.36

    T. Kelly 84
    D. Parish 79
    L. Dahlhaus 82
    Z. Merrett 73
    C. Guthrie 79
    T. Bellchambers 71
    T. Stewart 78
    D. Shiel 68
    T. Hawkins 75
    A. Saad 62
    M. Blicavs 74
    J. Stringer 60
    M. Duncan 74
    C. Hooker 59
    G. Ablett 71
    A. Francis 58
    S. Menegola 70
    D. Heppell 56
    J. Henry 64
    M. Hurley 51
    T. Atkins 63
    D. Zaharakis 51
    G. Miers 63
    A. McGrath 45
    J. Kolodjashnij 58
    M. Baguley 45
    H. Taylor 57
    M. Redman 44
    B. Parfitt 49
    D. Smith 43
    R. Stanley 47
    J. Ridley 39
    G. Rohan 46
    K. Langford 39
    M. O’Connor 44
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 38
    Z. Guthrie 43
    C. McKenna 33
    J. Clark 31
    M. Guelfi 31
    P. Dangerfield 18
    J. Daniher 30
    E. Ratugolea 17
    P. Ambrose 18


  9. Missing…..
    Anyone seen Ridley?
    If found please return to the footy and someone give him the ball….please


  10. I am going to do Roo Bloke and chuck the towel in. After the 80 from Oliver R1 followed by the 51 from Cogs, this time its Danger giving me a paltry under 30. How can I have no luck with my captains choices. That alone is about 400 points behind And it is only R7.


    1. I’m with you jeannot, one injured c choice has buggered up leagues and overall to a degree.
      Anyway will keep whacking away so i don’t let down leagues.
      Starting to struggle for interest when one injury can stuff up a lot of the plans and thought that goes into sc.


  11. 185 points still to be handed out at full time. Can Merrett please have some of them?

    Pretty please?



    full time 13.8.86 – 7.12.54

    M. Duncan 118
    D. Parish 96
    T. Kelly 110
    Z. Merrett 88
    G. Ablett 108
    T. Bellchambers 88
    L. Dahlhaus 102
    A. Saad 84
    C. Guthrie 102
    D. Shiel 81
    T. Hawkins 101
    J. Stringer 75
    T. Stewart 97
    C. Hooker 74
    S. Menegola 96
    A. McGrath 73
    G. Miers 85
    D. Heppell 72
    M. Blicavs 83
    A. Francis 70
    T. Atkins 78
    M. Hurley 69
    J. Kolodjashnij 77
    D. Zaharakis 65
    J. Henry 77
    M. Redman 60
    R. Stanley 69
    D. Smith 58
    H. Taylor 66
    J. Ridley 54
    B. Parfitt 66
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 52
    M. O’Connor 57
    M. Baguley 51
    G. Rohan 55
    M. Guelfi 49
    Z. Guthrie 50
    K. Langford 49
    J. Clark 40
    J. Daniher 45
    P. Dangerfield 25
    C. McKenna 43
    E. Ratugolea 19
    P. Ambrose 22


  13. Seeing some things this weekend that make me question the CD scoring. This time Parish on 95 points takes a mark & kicks a goal. Ends up on 96. ??


    1. Probably scaling – assuming this was late in the match, the game was basically over by then.



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