Game Chat – Geelong v Hawthorn

Written by Father Dougal on April 2 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: MCG, Monday, April 2, 3.20pm AEST

SUMMARY: The role of the tagger will be under strong consideration from both coaches as stars Gary Ablett, Joel Selwood and Tom Mitchell lock horns after a combined 132 disposals in round one. While Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley refused to lock down on Mitchell, Cats coach Chris Scott says he has plans in place to stop the Hawthorn ball magnet after Mitchell’s record-breaking 54 possessions in round one. Teammate Cyril Rioli passed the opening-round test after a late start to pre-season and is set to give the Cats’ small defenders more headaches alongside Luke Breust (four goals). Harry Taylor’s injury sees him join Lachie Henderson (knee), Andrew Mackie and Tom Lonergan (retirements) as key outs from Geelong’s defensive unit since last year. The Hawks will be kept on their toes themselves, as a guy named Ablett is joined by Patrick Dangerfield and Joel Selwood for the first time. Last year Ablett had 37 and 36 disposals and kicked two goals in both games against the Hawks.

R17, 2017: Geelong 13.10 (88) d Hawthorn 12.13 (85) at the MCG
R4, 2017: Geelong 20.14 (134) d Hawthorn 6.12 (48) at the MCG
QF, 2016: Geelong 12.13 (85) d Hawthorn 12.11 (83) at the MCG
R1, 2016: Geelong 18.8 (116) d Hawthorn 12.14 (86) at the MCG
R20, 2015: Hawthorn 19.7 (121) d Geelong 12.13 (85) at the MCG

Father Dougal’s Tip: Geelong by 6 – The Cats ought to be pumped from finally having their dream midfield all playing together for the first time and at home.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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65 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong v Hawthorn”

  1. Mitch Duncan set to be a late out (hamstring tightness) replaced by cockatoo.

    Ratogolea , C.Guthrie and Stewart all in doubt as well with Thurlow, Oconnor, murdoch on standby


  2. wish i had to taken vc off martin last second and switching to cripps…i guess captaining titch is the most logical choice in this game, but i have gaj too…thumb me for captain choice please.

    t/u Titch
    t/d gaj



    James Frawley (foot) replaced by Kaiden Brand.

    Mitch Duncan (hamstring) replaced by Nakia Cockatoo.


  4. Anyone know the extent of Duncan’s hammy? Facing a tough call
    T/U hold Duncan
    T/D trade to danger

    Had a poor start to the year so need to make up ground fast


  5. Geelong v Hawthorn at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST

    Geelong: Esava Ratugolea replaced in selected side by Mark O’Connor, Mitch Duncan (hamstring tightness) replaced in selected side by Nakia Cockatoo
    Hawthorn: James Frawley (joint inflammation) replaced in selected side by Kaiden Brand

    Geelong: Lachie Fogarty, Nakia Cockatoo, Tim Kelly, Sam Menegola
    Hawthorn: Ryan Burton, Liam Shiels, Ricky Henderson, Cyril Rioli


  6. chamberlin umpiring , he hates hawthorn , should never be allowed to officiate hawthorn games , selwood will be getting free kicks for ducking all day & all the 50/50 decisions will be going geelongs way ,


  7. Argh! Site wouldn’t load and couldn’t get my Titch to Danger C switched in time! Couldn’t bear the thought of cheering on the Hawks against my boys in any capacity.

    Up the Puss!


  8. GEELONG – qtr time
    Joel Selwood 45
    Tim Kelly 36
    P. Dangerfield 35
    Zach Tuohy 30
    Tom Stewart 29
    Mark Blicavs 29
    Gary Ablett jnr 28
    Daniel Menzel 24
    Zach Guthrie 22
    Cameron Guthrie 22
    Brandan Parfitt 18
    Rhys Stanley 17
    Mark O’Connor 17
    Jake Kolodjashnij 16
    Jed Bews 16
    Lachlan Fogarty 16
    Jack Henry 11
    Tom Hawkins 10
    Nakia Cockatoo 10
    Sam Menegola 9
    Cory Gregson 6
    James Parsons 4

    HAWKS – qtr time
    Ben McEvoy 40
    Isaac Smith 38
    Luke Breust 34
    Liam Shiels 30
    Jarman Impey* 28
    Jaeger O’Meara 26
    Cyril Rioli 25
    Ricky Henderson 23
    Tom Mitchell 20
    Shaun Burgoyne 20
    Jarryd Roughead 16
    Kaiden Brand 15
    Daniel Howe 15
    Blake Hardwick 14
    Paul Puopolo 12
    Ben Stratton 12
    Tim O’Brien 12
    Taylor Duryea 10
    Jack Gunston 8
    James Sicily 8
    Ryan Burton 4
    Ryan Schoenmakers 3

    Please note, all scores provided are ONE ABOVE ACTUAL SC SCORES – I don’t have time to change them!!
    I will definitely post half-time and full-time SC scores as quickly as I can, but probably won’t have time for 3qtr time

    Cheers for now


      1. Thanks for the effort allsaints

        We must have Mr MGoo doing the recruiting at Freo to overlook Tim Kelly.

        Leading Abledangerwood at half time!


        1. Six years without being picked up. And he might end up being in our final 8 mids come the year end!! He’s on 62 as I write, only Selwood scoring better right now and we’re not even at the big break!!


        2. Ok maybe not the Selwood part.

          This week was Audition week for my R2 (Ryder).
          I had Engish as cover, that didn’t work out too well.

          Goldie was a lock after looking great this week.

          Then McEvoy comes out with 96 in a half.

          I know Geelong are missing Smith, but Big Boy looks lean and mean. I also think the Hawks might win a few more games this year.

          A lot to think about this week.

          Sicily needs to do more in the second half to keeps his owners happy.


          1. B McEvoy:
            2017 Wins Avg: 101.5 from 10 (low of 64 and a high of 138, 3/10 below 100, 1/10 120+)
            2017 Losses Avg: 90.27 from 11 (low of 61 and a high of 125, 7/11 below 100, 1/11 120+)


  9. Anyone who says ruckmen are redundant in modern football just needs to watch this game. McEvoy is killing the Cats out there.
    You can have all the gun midfielders you want, but they still need a footy.


    1. Not saying Big boy isnt a good ruckmen because he is a great player however, stanley is bloody terrible.

      As i geelong supporter i honestly cant believe ZSmith got dropped for him…..


  10. Anyone know how to get the chat/psych going in sc leagues this year…already want to start in a ten team league !!


    1. Wighty

      Check on the right side of the screen under the lockout time clock.

      On the left of the facebook link there’s the chat link.

      I hope that makes some sense.


  11. Tim Kelly is the best rookie ive seen since Michael Barlows first year in supercoach! Biggest steal of the draft !


  12. Half-time scores … again take one off the totals for genuine scores

    Joel Selwood 83
    Zach Tuohy 67
    P. Dangerfield 66
    Tim Kelly 62
    Tom Stewart 59
    Gary Ablett jnr 49
    Cameron Guthrie 45
    Mark Blicavs 44
    Rhys Stanley 40
    Mark O’Connor 40
    Brandan Parfitt 38
    Daniel Menzel 35
    Jake Kolodjashnij 32
    Jack Henry 30
    Zach Guthrie 25
    Jed Bews 24
    Tom Hawkins 21
    Nakia Cockatoo 18
    Lachlan Fogarty 16
    James Parsons 9
    Cory Gregson 8
    Sam Menegola 7

    Ben McEvoy 97
    Tom Mitchell 67
    Liam Shiels 63
    Jarman Impey* 63
    Isaac Smith 58
    Luke Breust 55
    Jarryd Roughead 48
    Ricky Henderson 45
    Jaeger O’Meara 42
    Blake Hardwick 36
    Cyril Rioli 36
    Jack Gunston 34
    Ben Stratton 34
    Paul Puopolo 31
    James Sicily 28
    Kaiden Brand 26
    Daniel Howe 25
    Tim O’Brien 24
    Shaun Burgoyne 21
    Ryan Schoenmakers 20
    Taylor Duryea 17
    Ryan Burton 6


    1. Regarding the +1 thing that Fanfooty does with the scores to avoid copyright issues, does anyone know if Footywire does the same thing with its live scores?


  13. Why are they using a yellow ball? This is a day game. Last I checked, we used red balls for these.

    The yellow ball is really hard to see in the sunlight.


  14. Anyone know what is happening with Menegola? 50% TOG 7 points. I would say a perfect upgrade target but there is clearly some issue.


    1. Whispers Cats couldn’t have any more late outs (held back 4 from the VFL) and Menagloa was touch/go also but had to stick it out.


  15. Kelly Is Amazing!

    He’s looking like the last guy upgraded, if he even needs to be upgraded. Only two matches, but he’s playing about the same level as their big three.


    1. Indeed. Still, he’s going to make a lot of cash very quickly, so if he ends up scoring at just-below keeper level, it presents a bit of a dilemma: do we use his cash generation to upgrade fast, or do we wait a bit longer for our lesser cows to fatten up, and make him our last upgrade? Or something in between?

      Holman is probably in the same boat, albeit to a slightly lesser extent.

      Any chance we could have a Cow Talk post on this issue at some point?


      1. Yes, it seems likely. Will probably happen closer to when a decision might be needed. The answer is likely dependent on the rest of your team, and if he has a huge game that will cause a price spike. At his current rate, he will be a season keeper and the issue won’t even arise.


    1. I saw 7 straight frees to geelong from the moment I got in the door.

      Amazing how a 25 point lead evaporates.

      Umpires also seem completely unable to give a free kick against Selwood or Danger.


  16. ffs…….duckwood will soon be the most hated player. I follow bombers, but hated Monfries staging……duckwood is worse.


  17. FINAL SC scores
    Gary Ablett jnr 144
    Joel Selwood 137
    P. Dangerfield 129
    Tim Kelly 121
    Daniel Menzel 114
    Tom Stewart 110
    Zach Tuohy 99
    Brandan Parfitt 91
    Cameron Guthrie 84
    Tom Hawkins 73
    Rhys Stanley 67
    Mark Blicavs 66
    Mark O’Connor 62
    Sam Menegola 54
    Jake Kolodjashnij 50
    Lachlan Fogarty 46
    Zach Guthrie 44
    James Parsons 44
    Cory Gregson 36
    Nakia Cockatoo 34
    Jed Bews 30
    Jack Henry 26

    Tom Mitchell 148
    Ben McEvoy 138
    Isaac Smith 115
    Jarryd Roughead 97
    Ricky Henderson 96
    Liam Shiels 91
    Jack Gunston 85
    Taylor Duryea 81
    Blake Hardwick 79
    Jarman Impey 78
    Daniel Howe 75
    Luke Breust 71
    Jaeger O’Meara 63
    James Sicily 61
    Ryan Burton 56
    Tim O’Brien 48
    Cyril Rioli 47
    Kaiden Brand 42
    Paul Puopolo 41
    Ben Stratton 40
    Ryan Schoenmakers 25
    Shaun Burgoyne 18

    These scores should be accurate now.

    Personally pleased to have kept GAJ and saved the Danger trade. Might stay with this for a while now as Danger is clearly going to drop in price, playing comparatively more FWD time than GAJ on today’s evidence. Selwood superb. Mitchell an absolute magnet, and Kelly might just make top 8 MIDs the way he’s carrying on. Great news for SCTers all round I reckon.

    Aside from that and more importantly, WHAT a game of football?!? It’s afternoons like this that remind us why we love the game so much. Thanks for the spectacle and congrats to Hawks, who probably deserved to edge it in the end 😉


    1. I’m curious to know if that fwd time is because he has come back from injury so they don’t want to over use him. That last quarter they threw him in the contest to change the game and spent little time fwd from what I saw


      1. Could be. But I think it is more they have too many of one type and Danger has shown he can be very tough to match up on.

        That was exactly why I went off Danger once Ablett was coming.

        He will still be a top 3 player, maybe still the #1.

        But the gulf between him and the other uber premiums does not deserve a $100k price difference, and we shall see that change over the next few weeks, as they go up and he drops a little.

        The question is, does a $100k price drop deserve a trade into your side?

        The people I feel sorry for are those who took Menegola expecting him to be the #1 forward. He’s always been underrated and underutilized at the cats.

        Could be a good trade target at the end of 2018.


    2. and I have to agree with all the comments about free’s given/not given when Danger and Selwood are involved. Look on the bright side, if it doesn’t get as much media attention as it definitely should (and subsequently things change), it’s worth a few extra points every week 😉


      1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving Duckwood from a supercoach perspective. He’s a genuine 120+ super promo and I got him at a huge discount this year.

        But if he isn’t pulled for a staging fine soon, the whole staging rule should be quietly dropped.

        After Rance didn’t get pulled for staging the other day it’s already become a farce.


    1. Gaz, Titch and Duckwood.

      You know it’s a big game when you can score 130 and not even earn 1 point in the brownlow.


  18. Also on T Kelly, in 2016 every man and their dog said West Coast needed Powell Pepper, they passed on him. In 2017 every man and their dog said West Coast need T Kelly, we passed on him for a forward. Powell Pepper on cam live with as we picked a midfielder in Venables. How we passed on Kelly is unbelievable. We lose 2 of our best mids and we get forwards….i said for a while now, Kelly’s a gun


  19. I hate singling out people and before i say this , full credit to Hawthorn because they deserved the win 100% they were the better team.

    BUT! Chriss Scott has to take a fair chunk of the blame for Geelongs loss.
    1. Team selection was wrong (Smith dropped for Stanley is disguisting, big boy dominated as a result and along with titch were BOG)
    2. Playing Danger foward for at least half the game when it was clear geelong struggled getting the ball inside 50 (what danger does best). Now there is no way that is because or the hammy because a) geelong wouldnt of risked him if he wasnt right and b) he played bloody amazing when he was in the middle! When Danger went into the middle for the last part of the game Geelong imiediately kicked 3 quick goals (not a coincidence thats for sure)
    3. Zac Guthrie the poor buggar was caught playing on Roughy three times. Why was Blics not thrown back?
    4. Geelongs run and carry was non existent, too stop start and failed to take the game on (obviously credit to hawthorn for not allowing this)

    Overall just my perspective as a Geelong supporter. But im not gonna say we deserved it when we didnt. GREAT GAME OF FOOTY!


    1. Agree 100%, at the risk of sounding like a whinging Geelong supporter but I thought we were desperately out coached today.


    2. I agree with everything but the Dangerfield comment. The medical staff may have set a midfield time goal for Danger as he missed so much preseason, a bit like Naitanui is currently doing at West Coast.

      TBH I’ve never rated Chris Scott.


      1. Yea i can see where your coming from (he spent 58% foward)

        Dont get me started on Scotty. His a fraud of a coach and just says what the fans want to hear. Ive not rated him from day dot but he came into a ready made premiership team in 2011


  20. Courtesy of today’s Herald Sun

    P Dangerfield: 58% FWD / 42% MID
    G Ablett: 9% FWD / 91% MID
    J Selwood: 2% FWD / 98% MID



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