Game Chat – Richmond vs Sydney

Written by Thommo on June 17 2017

Venue: MCG at 1:45pm AEST

R23, 2016, Sydney 25.14 (164) d Richmond 7.9 (51) at the SCG
R8, 2016, Richmond 14.17 (101) d Sydney 15.10 (100) at the MCG
R13, 2015, Richmond 14.11 (95) d Sydney 11.11 (77) at the SCG
R23, 2014, Richmond 10.8 (68) d Sydney 9.11 (65) at ANZ Stadium
R14, 2014, Sydney 9.8 (62) d Richmond 7.9 (51) at the MCG 

Game notes: From a hopeless position of 0-6, Sydney has dragged itself back into finals contention with a strong month of football that has it sitting 4-7. In its most convincing win yet, the Swans dismantled the Western Bulldogs in round 12, reminding the competition of their defensive prowess and hunger for the contested ball. They come up against a Richmond team that will be fresh off a bye, with the Tigers keen to establish themselves in the top four after Port Adelaide and the Bulldogs missed opportunities to push them out in round 12. Damien Hardwick’s team took momentum into the bye with wins against Essendon and North Melbourne, with Dustin Martin and Trent Cotchin forming one of the League’s most potent double acts. The Tigers might also draw an advantage from ruck recruit Toby Nankervis, who will face his former team for the first time.

Thommo’s Tip: I’ve struggled to tip these sides accurately this season so I’m tipping a draw!

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


Pre-Scale scores



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45 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond vs Sydney”

  1. Richmond v Sydney at the MCG, 1.45pm AEST


    Richmond: Jayden Short, Shai Bolton, Connor Menadue, Jason Castagna
    Sydney: Gary Rohan, Callum Sinclair, Dean Towers, Nic Newman


  2. I see Dusty is playing, bringing up the question of who to bring in this week.

    T/U = Dusty
    T/D = Kruezer

    Whoever I don’t get this week I probably will later, but who better for this and next weeks say? (If next week is Lloyd and Ryan) Not worried about Kreuzer’s staying fit, just his points. Am worried if Martin is carrying a niggle.


      1. And Kreuzer is playing the Suns. Hate the choice. probably sticking with Kreuzer. Could regret either way.


  3. I’m cheering for Hewett on Dusty (if he is tagging? Not on TV here in Brisvegas, we get the stimulating Suns and Lions matches only … ), whoever from the Tigs can stop JPK … and Rance on Buddy!! GO THOSE PLAYERS!!

    Obviously deathriding Buddy, JPK (JJ Circus brought him in via SLOANE!! WHY?? … in our H2H in the Sc Cup!!) and Dusty as Hutta brought him in for Fyfe!!!

    Hahaha, well played gentlemen with those trades … . hmmm I may not trade now!!


      1. thanks Father … did you go Kreuzer in the end? … Tough choice of the two … and both with low BE … I must admit, Kreuz hasn’t been on my radar at all and his price and scoring is great!


        1. I didn’t bring in Dusty, so I’ll bring Kreuzer in once I see the late outs for his match. Assuming I can stay online. But yeah, I decided that I felt better about Kreuzer vs the Suns than Dusty vs the Swans, especially with him having some issue. If I could I would just bring in both.


    1. Yeh, really wanted Goldy/Dusty to finish up my team but was $600 short, then toyed with the idea of Goldy/Gaz but just can’t trust the shoulder. Ended up traded in Stef despite Archie – been playing predominantly ruck still with Archie up front and when Schache comes back (next week?) Archie will be gone.

      Wasn’t to concerned with a tag but he’s parked up in the fwd line. Was sure they’d either a) rest him if not 100% or b) have him in the engine room against the Sydney Mids… Happy if he can get to 100, better than a 0.

      Time will tell, needed to be proactive to stay up the top…


  4. Shai Bolton 80
    Dion Prestia 67
    Jayden Short 59
    Bachar Houli 57
    Kamdyn McIntosh 54
    Kane Lambert 52
    Jack Riewoldt* 51
    David Astbury 50
    Dustin Martin 49
    Trent Cotchin 49
    Brandon Ellis 49
    Shaun Grigg 45
    Dylan Grimes 44
    Sam Lloyd 42
    Shane Edwards 42
    Josh Caddy 31
    Toby Nankervis 30
    Jason Castagna 26
    Connor Menadue 20
    Daniel Butler 14
    Daniel Rioli 11
    Alex Rance 11

    George Hewett 58
    Luke Parker 53
    Jake Lloyd 53
    Tom Papley 51
    Callum Mills 49
    Samuel Reid 47
    Zak Jones 47
    Nic Newman 46
    Callum Sinclair 45
    Isaac Heeney 40
    Dane Rampe 36
    Lance Franklin 30
    Sam Naismith 28
    Kieren Jack 28
    Josh P. Kennedy 25
    Harry Marsh 25
    Dan Hannebery 24
    Will Hayward 20
    Dean Towers 20
    Heath Grundy 18
    Gary Rohan 14
    Nick Smith 4


  5. Some scores of interest:
    Parker – 53
    Lloyd – 53
    Z. Jones – 47
    Newman – 46
    Heeney – 40
    Buddy – 30
    JPK – 25
    Hanners – 24

    Bolton – 80
    Dusty – 49
    Cotchin – 49
    Nank – 30
    Rance – 11
    And for all of the Menadue owners, he is currently on 20 😉


  6. New D6 needed and rance going to D7 ASAP. *sigh* Nank also seems to have lost it recently. and lets not even mention JPK 🙁


  7. What do you have to do to access live supercoach scores? I looked but is a bit unclear does getting just supercoach gold allow for this or do I have to get a digital pass also? And what’s the pricing like on these?


      1. Hmm, finally did something really stupid this season. Forgot that I had to move Nank forward to bring in Kreuzer. Now I can’t! Going to have to decide if there is someone I want in the mids left to play from the last two matches. Not the sort of thing that should happen, careless. Not a happy camper at the moment.


        1. Ah, there is. Gary of course. No more durability issues than Kreuzer. No less though. Also a low BE, plays the Blues and Saints the next two matches and is in form. Certainly welcome in my team long term. Might have ended up forced into a better trade. I am still very unhappy I missed the Nank thing, but will hope it works out. Made the move already just in case, would go mad if I hosed up bring him in…..

          Am at least happy I waited on Martin. May come in next week.


      2. Ends up on 63?? Must have clangered and/or freed against and did bugger all else to go from 80 to 63.
        Just as well I saw his final score first rather than his progressive scores.


    1. I wish i had held onto him instead of heath shaw. Then buddys score would drop out of my score this round too!


    2. I have been not liking the idea of trading him out, and just can’t see spending a trade to move him. I’ll bring Lloyd in as a mid I think, much rather keep Newman than SPP!


      1. Given S. Selwood has a hammy issue and J Selwood is probably gonna get suspended, this could be a good move for a lot of people.


  8. Totally agree that Newman is a keeper . My son is a tigers fan and he is devastated ! I told him to cheer up cause at least you have Rance . What a player !! Best on by a mile !



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