Game Chat – Richmond vs Sydney

Written by Thommo on April 3 2021

Where and when: MCG, Saturday 3rd April, 2021 at 1:45pm (AEDT)

Last time they met: Rd 6, 2020: Richmond 4.10 (34) def Sydney 3.8 (26) at the GABBA

This was a good old fashioned wet weather slog-fest. After the Tigers kicked three goals in 10 minutes, a blow-out was on the cards as we all predicted. To their credit, the Swans steadied and held the Tigers to just one more goal for the game, moving to within 8 points with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter. They could get no closer but the effort was admirable after losing Kennedy with an ACL injury and Heeney with an ankle injury.

The Tigers looked to their sharp ball users in Jayden Short (26 disposals), Kamdyn McIntosh (23 disposals) and Kane Lambert (23 disposals) to inflict damage, while Callum Mills (29 disposals) and Jake Lloyd (24 disposals) should hold their heads up high as the Swans’ backline battled hard all afternoon without a single tall defender playing.

Match Preview: Three weeks ago this game wouldn’t have received a single glance from fans but after the Swans’ undefeated start to the season, our interest is peaked. The Sydney kids are seriously impressive and it will be intriguing to see if they can find a new level that will enable them to compete with the Tigers at the MCG.

The Tigers are perhaps not quite humming along yet but they are chalking up with necessary wins and will look to make it three-straight victories to start 2021.

Thommo Watch:

Tigers – If you don’t own Dusty because he normally drops off after Round 1, you will be a little annoyed right now. He looks fit, hungry and on the hunt for 3-straight premierships and perhaps even another Charlie.

Sydney – I haven’t been this excited by an Errol since watching Robin Hood as a child. He is so good Warner, McDonald and Campbell are barely getting a look-in despite their own amazing seasons. I am enjoying these rookies so much I have almost forgiven Horse for his anti-SC tendencies of the past.

Just quietly, Heeney is also getting it done and looks a top 6 forward again.

Thommo’s Tip: Richmond by 20 points (current tipping record: 3 from 6)

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33 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond vs Sydney”

  1. No late changes. Daniel Rioli (Richmond) and James Bell (Sydney) are the medical subs.

    Got 7 players here lol, hoping the Swans take it up to the Tigers.


    1. Good afternoon GD.
      It will be interesting to see how Sydney’s young guns go against Richmond. Looking forward to this game.


    2. Afternoon everyone.

      GD and PBuzz

      I have 6 players in this one myself.

      Also I have PBuzz in GunBoats league.

      Looking like a close contest.
      He has Tex but Fyfe benched,with Steele V/C
      with Meek, Merrett and Oliver as unique’s

      I have..
      Grundy C, and Henney, Mills and Brayshaw as unique’s

      Should be a cracker.

      Loving how the Swans are playing.

      When did Short ever kick at 40% ?

      I’m a non owner but,I see a big 2nd half from Dusty

      60+ to get him over the 100.


    1. Cheers, Paul.

      Yeah, expecting him to be a little quiet today but to then have a big three weeks against the Dons, Giants and Suns. We’ll see.

      Also, nice work on the Tex trade. Glad he panned out for you.


  2. Thanks GB
    Looking forward to game
    A bit nervous not holding Martin and Lloyd for this game .
    Good on you for taking a punt on McDonald


  3. Sydney look exciting, so it will be interesting to see how the new game plan stacks up against recent competition dominator Richmond.


    1. Wow another player out for Tech teams. First Witts then Prestia. Real thankful it isn’t my main team


    1. That will improve.

      Remember Sydney pressure and expect low efficiency rates.

      The pace might be there now but that possible only increases perceived pressure.


  4. This has been a fascinating watch. Swans all over the tigers! First time in 10 years the swans are actually enjoyable to watch. Now all they need is to kick straight


  5. Big warning to watch in this game too – that I highlighted last week. It appears that Dawson has reallhy taken over Lloyd’s role in defence, particularly with the kick ins … Lloyd may not be the player to have in defence this year if this continues … hmmm


    1. Still with 49 SC points in the 1st half with only 12 disposals though. 5 uncontested marks as per usual brings up the score


      1. yes, but it appeared mostly picked up around the ground, instead of his usually gold kick ins …


    2. We saw that particularly in round 1. It doesn’t look like Lloyd is an essential, but I’ve got him and he’s still going to be a top 8 defender.

      He’ll lose $100k over the season, I guess. Better than losing $100k a week.


      1. yep, I started him … but it appears it was money that could have been better invested in say Ridley. Would have been good to know that this was going to happen … then again, we never knew how good these young Swans were going to be in the mid … which has released Dawson back into the defence.

        No question he will be in the top 6-8 Defs … just saying, if you don’t have him yet, it may not hurt as much this year as it has in other years … at least in the games we have seen so far … it’s a long year of course.


        1. The risk was there. He was at a peak price from last year, too.

          I swapped him, Mills and Ryan over and over in the preseason. Mills clearly looking like he would have been the better option now.

          Since I started Ridley I’m reasonably happy about that, but Short isn’t looking like he’s gonna get a great game here either.


    3. Horse appears to be adapting, with modifications, the old style Sheeds manoeuvre, dare I say it….Horses for multiple courses……


      1. You have to build your game style to your cattle. While Sydney had the slower midfield to play choke footy they used it to their advantage.

        I’m glad to see this paying off, because the transition in 2020 was painful and we’d just about run out of old warhorses.

        At least Horse has adapted, which is better than you can say for Clarkson, who still coaches like he’s got Hodgey and Sam Mitchell.


  6. Gulden and Campbell with 29 and 14 points is back to a typical rookie score.
    Warner however with 62 after kicking 2 goals from 50m


  7. Swans belting Tigs at half time … playing like Tigs!!

    Here’s the HT scores
    Sydney Swans: 10.10.70
    Sam Wicks 65
    Chad Warner 65
    Jordan Dawson 64
    Tom Papley* 63
    Tom Hickey 60
    Jake Lloyd 52
    Luke Parker 51
    Josh P. Kennedy 49
    Callum Mills 47
    Oliver Florent 44
    Nick Blakey 44
    Isaac Heeney 42
    Sam Reid 39
    Logan McDonald 37
    Hayden McLean 34
    Justin McInerney 33
    Errol Gulden 30
    Tom McCartin 27
    Dane Rampe 24
    George Hewett 19
    Braeden Campbell 15
    Harry Cunningham 15
    James Bell 1

    Richmond Tigers: 4.6.30
    Liam Baker 61
    Toby Nankervis 52
    Jason Castagna 46
    Kane Lambert 45
    Shane Edwards 45
    Jayden Short 44
    Dustin Martin 43
    David Astbury 41
    Josh Caddy 40
    Dylan Grimes 38
    Trent Cotchin 37
    Kamdyn McIntosh 37
    Noah Balta 34
    Nathan Broad 33
    Marlion Pickett 29
    Jake Aarts 25
    Daniel Rioli 23
    Tom J. Lynch 21
    Jack Graham 19
    Derek Smith 16
    Jack Riewoldt 14
    Dion Prestia 11
    Shai Bolton 9


  8. Does these first 3 matches not show how much of a shambles North Melbourne really are. A 15 year key forward slides to them at pick 3 when theyre screaming out for one after trading Ben Brown but nope take another mid. I couldn’t fathom the frustration troo roo and other roos supporters must feel dealing with the awful decision making at Arden Park.


    1. Yeah, it’s frustrating for roos supporters. Their club just makes recruitment stuff up after stuff up, and they keep believing that somehow they’ve turned the corner.

      The problem is, as usual, they turned the corner the wrong damn way.


  9. While we’re on the swaneez and tiges thriller, does anyone know where I can find how many Tasmanians are taking part???


  10. This is absolutely incredible to see Richmond get slaughtered by Sydney! I now wonder if Richmond will no longer have their dominance over the competition


  11. Richmond lost round 3 and 4 last year one game means nothing we are not going to win them all but we turn it on when really needed, won’t win this game but I’m sure they will turn it on last qtr.


  12. Big win for Swannies and could have been a lot more too – lot of shots hit the post …

    Sydney Swans: 17.15.117
    Luke Parker 119
    Sam Wicks 118
    Jake Lloyd 115
    Jordan Dawson 115
    Tom Papley* 115
    Tom Hickey 114
    Chad Warner 112
    Callum Mills 105
    Josh P. Kennedy 91
    Oliver Florent 85
    Isaac Heeney 85
    Nick Blakey 75
    Errol Gulden 74
    Sam Reid 74
    Logan McDonald 73
    Tom McCartin 64
    Dane Rampe 58
    Hayden McLean 57
    Justin McInerney 51
    Harry Cunningham 40
    George Hewett 38
    Braeden Campbell 28
    James Bell

    Richmond Tigers: 10.12.72
    Toby Nankervis 103
    Liam Baker 100
    Kane Lambert 82
    Dustin Martin 82
    Jayden Short 81
    Tom J. Lynch 81
    Jason Castagna 78
    Shane Edwards 78
    Trent Cotchin 73
    Noah Balta 72
    David Astbury 65
    Josh Caddy 63
    Dylan Grimes 63
    Jake Aarts 63
    Marlion Pickett 58
    Nathan Broad 57
    Kamdyn McIntosh 57
    Daniel Rioli 56
    Jack Graham 44
    Jack Riewoldt 33
    Derek Smith 30
    Shai Bolton 27
    Dion Prestia 13

    Campbell had a horror first quarter with some shocking kicks and never recovered … will squash his cash growth …

    Still 35 points to be allocated on these …



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