Game Chat – St Kilda v Gold Coast

Written by Father Dougal on March 24 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Sunday March 24, 1.10pm AEDT

Last time they met: Metricon Stadium, round 13, 2018: Gold Coast 11.12 (78) lost to St Kilda 11.14 (80)

Saints coach Alan Richardson’s job was on the line coming into this clash, with the club having posted its only win in the opening round. After trailing by 31 points at the last break, St Kilda stormed home and pulled off a remarkable victory, going in front with a minute left after a brilliant snap from Jade Gresham.

What it means for St Kilda: So much. It’s been a disastrous past few weeks for the Saints. The injury list is mounting, and a win would be great for morale. A loss to the lowly Suns would be tough to rebound from.

What it means for Gold Coast: Everyone knows the club has stripped back its list, so expectations are at rock bottom. An early victory would boost the player morale in a season likely to include some demoralising defeats.


How St Kilda wins: Holding sway in the midfield battle and applying intense pressure will help protect an inexperienced backline, with Josh Battle and Darragh Joyce holding the key posts.

How Gold Coast wins: The Suns just need to be in the game at the last break and hope their opposition cracks in what would be a stressful situation.

The stat: St Kilda lost the free kick count in its final JLT Community Series match against the Western Bulldogs, 40-14. It won’t want that disparity in round one.

The match-up: Peter Wright v Darragh Joyce

On paper, Wright should have the advantage and would back himself to kick a bag, but Irishman Joyce has done some nice things in the pre-season for St Kilda. Wright is ranked No.271 in the Schick AFL Player Ratings, while the Saints backman is No.698.

It’s a big week for: Alan Richardson

The coach enters 2019 under serious heat to keep his job and that scrutiny will ramp right up if his side doesn’t win its season opener.

Father Dougal’s Tip: The Saints by 6 points, only because they are at home. I can see either or both of these teams coming together to prove they are notably better that last year, and thus have little faith in my prediction

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41 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Gold Coast”

        1. Sorry, it seems Collins has scaled down for his 100% time on ground for the 1st half! Make that 94 needed to tonne up – you can do it Collo 😉


  1. Final fwd rookie

    TU – Burgees (gives dpp with Moore who is in my backline)

    TD – Parker (could potentially be a decent cow with good js)


    1. Burgess for me. No guarantee Parker will score better than Burgess (both will be fairly grim) Job Security probably even, if anything I’d prefer Burgess.

      But the DPP, takes the cake. If you’ve got Moore it’s almost a no brainer!




    St Kilda: Jack Steven, Luke Dunstan, Jack Sinclair, Daniel McKenzie

    Gold Coast: Anthony Miles, Brayden Fiorini, Jordan Murdoch, Jack Lukosius


      1. Same, he is a POD in my team. picked him over rockcliff

        I’m seriously thinking of steele down to rockcliff and bank the ~100k difference.


  3. Of course Petruccelle on the field and Parker on the pine….

    I suppose most people have him on the bench too


  4. Just when I thought rd 1 couldn’t get any worse, Steele is spudding it up. With the way everything is going so far I’m waiting for Williams to be a late out!


  5. Maybe I should have suggested Collins > anyone else available.
    Father where are you when we need you to save us all from that dreaded evil Murphy and his Satan Laws?

    We now have all been infested by that plague the Shoodas disease.


  6. Collins to Newman looking real good after this shambolic display, I also have bloody hanley to deal with RIP


  7. Happy with Parker. Not happy with him on the bench. Happy with Joyce. Not happy with him on the bench. Wait for him to get dropped when Brown returns. Lol. Unless Steele pulls his finger out in the second half will rage trade him to the Worpedo!


  8. Anyone else like me to rage trade a player? 🙂 Steele coming back. Commentators curse always works. Hmmm should I have waited until the end of the game?


  9. St Kilda Saints: 12.4.76
    Jack Newnes 82
    Jack Steele 81
    Josh Bruce 76
    Daniel McKenzie 76
    Jack Steven 72
    Jade Gresham 72
    Seb Ross 71
    Jack Lonie 70
    Luke Dunstan 66
    Josh Battle 66
    Jack Billings 64
    Jack Sinclair 62
    Jimmy Webster 60
    Darragh Joyce 60
    Matthew Parker 59
    Ben Long* 57
    Tim Membrey 57
    Jarryn Geary 56
    Callum Wilkie 51
    Shane Savage 47
    Lewis Pierce 34
    Dean Kent 31

    Gold Coast Suns: 10.4.64
    Alex Sexton 97
    Touk Miller 82
    Jack Bowes 76
    Brayden Fiorini 75
    Peter Wright 75
    Jack Martin 72
    Anthony Miles 62
    Charlie Ballard 62
    Jarrod Witts 59
    Darcy MacPherson 55
    Jarrod Harbrow 52
    Jack Hombsch 52
    Wil Powell 50
    Pearce Hanley 40
    G. Horlin-Smith 38
    David Swallow 37
    Jordan Murdoch 36
    Lachlan Weller 34
    Ben Ainsworth 25
    Samuel Collins 25
    Jack Lukosius 23
    Chris Burgess 21

    Steele scores went through the roof that quarter …


    1. Came back on the. Got smashed right before the final siren. Should be OK for next week. Go Saints!


      1. How bad was that?!

        My 4-yr-old son demanded we leave at HT.
        This is boring, he said. I agreed. And we nearly left.

        Up the back of the stands, iPad, lego, colouring pens and book out. Happy days!

        But jaysus we were bad. Great second half from Steele and Parker (tho wasteful at times) looks more than up to it.


        1. Likewise, took my 4yo for his first game of footy, wanted him to see Saints win. Almost backfired on me!
          I missed big chunks of quarters due to the kid factor, but from what I saw, not much SC relevance in either team.
          A very average display.


  10. Thoughts:
    – I know it was only against Gold Coast, but so far Steele looks like a good pick. Well done to those who started him. For those of us who didn’t, though, give him another week before jumping on – he was only playing Gold Coast.
    – I’m glad I skipped Collins!
    – Again, I know it was only against Gold Coast… but since when was Parker this good a rookie?


    1. Ditto on Collins. Parker has never moved from M8 for me. Even attended CBs, and late in the game when it was on the line (giving Steele as spell)!
      Could easily have kicked two more with a bit more composure. As Bruce would say, “Gee, he’s good!”. And super quick.



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