Game Chat – Sydney vs Geelong

Written by Thommo on July 5 2018


Both sides are coming off losses and another one could prove costly, with the Swans a chance to lose their top four spot, and the Cats likely to drop out of the top eight. Geelong’s clearance numbers continue to be a worry and while Sydney has some elite players in its midfield, as a team it hasn’t been dominant in that area this year, especially at home. The visitors let slip a massive opportunity to stay in touch with the top four last week, and they’ll need more support for Patrick Dangerfield, Gary Ablett, Joel Selwood and Tim Kelly, who combined for 129 touches against the Western Bulldogs. The Cats haven’t played at the SCG since they got belted by 110 points back in 2014, when Lance Franklin kicked four goals, and Josh Kennedy and Luke Parker gathered 32 touches apiece, and that trio will have a major say on Thursday night again.

R6, 2018, Sydney 12.14 (86) d Geelong 10.9 (69) at GMHBA Stadium
2SF, 2017, Geelong 15.8 (98) d Sydney 5.9 (39) at the MCG
R20, 2017, Sydney 16.11 (107) d Geelong 8.13 (61) at GMHBA Stadium
2PF, 2016, Sydney 15.7 (97) d Geelong 8.12 (60) at the MCG
R16, 2016, Sydney 15.8 (98) d Geelong 9.6 (60) at GMHBA Stadium

Thommo’s Tip:  Sydney by 18 points.

Who wins tonight?

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57 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney vs Geelong”

    1. I reckon Parsons will be the late-in. The out is harder to guess. Jarmaine Jones? Scott Selwood? He’s played every game this year, but the name Jed Bews keeps popping into my head for some reason.



    Sydney: Jarrad McVeigh, Harry Cunningham, Dan Robinson, Robbie Fox
    Geelong: Gary Ablett, Jordan Murdoch, Cameron Guthrie, Jamaine Jones


  2. Who gets the VC?

    TU: JPK
    TD: Danger

    It’s either one of these guys or Stef Martin vs. a Kruezer-less Carlton


    1. Kreuz is in, so VC on Danger perhaps, even though I can’t get myself to put the VC on him for the first time….

      On another note, Go the Cats!!


      1. I would not go JPK as he might get the Scott Selwood tag. Danger also a slim chance of copping the Hewett tag.


    1. Can you possibly loophole Kelly, gets over 80 save the trade!

      If he spuds it up, maybe think about trading Fyfe if you have them Carl!


      1. Yea thought about that but I only have Crossley playing on my bench, just going to ride the tide on this one.


  3. With Swans playing tonight I have had to lock my Trades in tonight to get Heeney on Mid Bench.

    Fyfe to Westhoff swinging him forward to cover Heeney who I just brought in last week. Was not the week for that Trade.
    Then I have to swing Ahern to Fwd bench via Heeney and Trade Guelfi to Shuey as M9 possible loophole with Dusty , but M8 this week.


  4. Do I risk it with crouch?? Or do I go JPK.. crouch is soooooo cheap!! But has that broken hand.
    Might VC danger also


  5. This week I was playing around a bit.
    I wanted to get my “D7/F7” in.

    Trade 1: Fyfe to Menegola
    Trade 2: Guelfi to Lloyd

    I moved Heeney to the MIDS and Menegola up FWD. Moved TMacD from DEF to FWD to grab Lloyd.

    Hope it works out. I have loophole options on the DEF line, FWD line, and of course the VC loop option. I’ve popped it on Dangerfield (I don’t know why I keep doing that!).

    Hopefully it all works out! I’m now ‘full premo’. The lines are a bit puzzled up, but ‘all’ the players are in place!


  6. QT Syd 14 v Cats 10

    Jake Lloyd 53
    Heath Grundy 31
    Jarrad McVeigh 29
    Nick Smith 29
    Zak Jones 28
    Harry Cunningham 28
    Callum Sinclair 27
    Josh P. Kennedy 25
    Aliir Aliir 25
    Luke Parker 24
    Dan Hannebery 22
    Oliver Florent 21
    Robbie Fox 20
    Kieren Jack 18
    Lance Franklin* 17
    Dane Rampe 17
    Daniel Robinson 16
    Ben Ronke 16
    Will Hayward 15
    George Hewett 12
    Tom McCartin 7
    Dean Towers 3

    P. Dangerfield 36
    Scott Selwood 33
    Tom Stewart 32
    Jake Kolodjashnij 26
    Cameron Guthrie 25
    Rhys Stanley 21
    Tim Kelly 20
    Joel Selwood 19
    Mark Blicavs 18
    Zach Tuohy 18
    Jamaine Jones 17
    Mitch Duncan 16
    Quinton Narkle 15
    Lachlan Fogarty 14
    Gary Ablett jnr 14
    Brandan Parfitt 14
    Jordan Murdoch 12
    Sam Menegola 12
    Jack Henry 8
    Jed Bews 7
    Harry Taylor 5
    Tom Hawkins 1


  7. HT Syd 20 v Cats 35

    Jake Lloyd 87
    Callum Sinclair 58
    Harry Cunningham 52
    Josh P. Kennedy 51
    Heath Grundy 50
    Dane Rampe 47
    Aliir Aliir 45
    Daniel Robinson 41
    Zak Jones 41
    Jarrad McVeigh 39
    Nick Smith 39
    Robbie Fox 38
    Oliver Florent 33
    Ben Ronke 32
    George Hewett 31
    Lance Franklin* 30
    Dan Hannebery 29
    Will Hayward 28
    Luke Parker 23
    Tom McCartin 21
    Kieren Jack 18
    Dean Towers 8

    P. Dangerfield 73
    Jake Kolodjashnij 55
    Scott Selwood 54
    Cameron Guthrie 51
    Mitch Duncan 49
    Tim Kelly 48
    Tom Stewart 48
    Joel Selwood 46
    Rhys Stanley 45
    Zach Tuohy 39
    Jamaine Jones 37
    Mark Blicavs 37
    Quinton Narkle 35
    Lachlan Fogarty 35
    Tom Hawkins 32
    Sam Menegola 30
    Brandan Parfitt 30
    Jack Henry 29
    Harry Taylor 23
    Gary Ablett jnr 20
    Jordan Murdoch 18
    Jed Bews 16


    1. Don’t understand those that have Parker bagging him so much. He is currently #10-ranked MID in points total for the season so far, and with two of those above him (Fyfe and Macrae) out, is a near-certainty to finish the season as a top8 total point-scoring midfielder.
      Does that not suggest for those that have had him since the start, that he is one of your better picks?!?
      The fact that some are disappointed only serves to affirm the truth. He is an absolute gun. Underperforming maybe, but a gun all the same.


  8. Was out for dinner tonight and didn’t realise I had left VC on Danger until half time when I got home.

    Going ok, but any chance Chris Scott will actually play him on ball in the last quarter – unlike last week when he played full forward for the entire last quarter?????


  9. 3QT Syd 46 v Cats 46

    Jake Lloyd 110
    Callum Sinclair 91
    Zak Jones 78
    Aliir Aliir 77
    Josh P. Kennedy 77
    Dane Rampe 72
    Jarrad McVeigh 67
    Lance Franklin* 61
    Harry Cunningham 57
    Daniel Robinson 56
    Heath Grundy 54
    Tom McCartin 54
    Luke Parker 51
    Robbie Fox 49
    Will Hayward 49
    Nick Smith 47
    Oliver Florent 44
    Dan Hannebery 39
    George Hewett 34
    Ben Ronke 33
    Dean Towers 19
    Kieren Jack 17

    P. Dangerfield 97
    Joel Selwood 96
    Scott Selwood 84
    Zach Tuohy 81
    Tom Stewart 73
    Mitch Duncan 73
    Tom Hawkins 71
    Jake Kolodjashnij 70
    Rhys Stanley 68
    Brandan Parfitt 65
    Cameron Guthrie 60
    Tim Kelly 53
    Sam Menegola 52
    Mark Blicavs 44
    Jamaine Jones 42
    Lachlan Fogarty 42
    Jed Bews 41
    Quinton Narkle 39
    Jack Henry 34
    Harry Taylor 34
    Gary Ablett jnr 29
    Jordan Murdoch 28


  10. Picking Tom Mcdonald over Lloyd could be one of the worst decisions ive ever made at this rate.

    Geelong butchering a lot of chances that should be converted. Gonna be a close finish!


    1. Depends when you did it mate. I spent hours mulling it over at the time … and went TMac too!
      Hindsight n all that


  11. How was that running too far? I saw Jones bounce it twice.

    Besides, the SCG itself is barely more than 15 metres long.


  12. Forgot about lockout 2nd week in a row. At least this week i hadnt made any trades but forgot to take vc of danger. Was looking good 3 qtr time but now scott has put him deep fwd in the last qtr 2nd week in a row 🙁


    1. Those that put the VC on Danger would be filthy right about now. On 100 at 3QT and looking like putting on only 10 in the last quarter.


  13. FT Cats 71 d Syd 59

    Jake Lloyd 138
    Callum Sinclair 118
    Josh P. Kennedy 104
    Aliir Aliir 103
    Robbie Fox 92
    Zak Jones 83
    Dane Rampe 83
    Jarrad McVeigh 76
    Tom McCartin 75
    Oliver Florent 70
    Luke Parker 69
    Heath Grundy 65
    Daniel Robinson 65
    Harry Cunningham 59
    Lance Franklin* 59
    Nick Smith 57
    George Hewett 51
    Will Hayward 46
    Ben Ronke 39
    Dean Towers 32
    Dan Hannebery 31
    Kieren Jack 16

    Mitch Duncan 125
    Joel Selwood 122
    Tom Hawkins 122
    P. Dangerfield 108
    Brandan Parfitt 102
    Scott Selwood 98
    Zach Tuohy 96
    Tom Stewart 95
    Rhys Stanley 90
    Jake Kolodjashnij 83
    Tim Kelly 76
    Sam Menegola 71
    Gary Ablett jnr 68
    Lachlan Fogarty 66
    Harry Taylor 66
    Cameron Guthrie 63
    Jamaine Jones 62
    Jack Henry 61
    Mark Blicavs 60
    Jordan Murdoch 56
    Jed Bews 38
    Quinton Narkle 37


  14. Outstanding 2nd half by Joel Selwood, seriously broke the shackles of the close tag from Hewett!

    Deserved the win easily tonight against quality competition!


      1. Equal best. He was great against WCE (I think it was them) too.
        @DZ, that’s how my red-blooded father-in-law refers to him too 🙂


  15. so, is the reason Lloyd scores so well because he kicks it in?? Certainly racked up a lot tonight via that with all the Cats misses!!


    1. No points for kick in’s unless he plays on, Macca

      33 touches @ 78% including 23 kicks, 9 contested possessions, 9 x rebound 50’s, 3 tackles, 1 x inside 50, 2 frees for, 2 clangers & 1 free against!

      Doesn’t seem like a 141 game, IMO…but I like it as I’ve had him from R1 😉


  16. Buddy a bit stiff? Kicked 4 goals last couple of weeks and only managing 60s. I know he’s not roving and picking up 20 touches, but 60 points for 4 goals seems off.

    He’s been one of my worst trades this season regardless, so meh.



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