Game Chat – Sydney vs Geelong

Written by Thommo on May 1 2021

Where and when:  SCG, Saturday 1st May at 7:25pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 18, 2020: Geelong 10.9 (69) def Sydney 9.9 (63) at Metricon Stadium

In their final match of the season, the Swans started fast and controlled the match until the third quarter. They led by as much as 17 points midway through the third quarter but Geelong steadied partly due to three goals to Patrick Dangerfield in the second half. It was definitely a case of us seeing what was in-store for the Swans in the near future!

Match Preview: This is an interesting match. The Cats have had the wood over the Swans in recent seasons but they struggled to defeat the improving Swans late last season and have struggled early in 2021. Conversely, Sydney started the season well but struggled against the Suns on the Gold Coast last week. This match will tell us plenty as to which of these teams are pretenders…

Thommo Watch: 

Sydney – The Swans’ kids have dropped off in recent weeks but with so many injury woes in Supercoach, we’ve been forced to hold them. Can they give us a couple more good performances for our struggling teams?

Geelong – Does anyone have any Geelong players in their Supercoach teams? 
Thommo’s Tip: Geelong by 6 points (tipping record 8/18).

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20 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney vs Geelong”

  1. Evening Thommo and all.

    I’ve still got J Clark.

    Named at HB finally and he owes me. I’m hoping for 75+

    I’m fielding him over Gulden. He ( Gulden) looks like he’s playing a more defensive forward role. Rather than the high HF he was playing earlier in the year.
    Now watch him ton up on my bench!

    Stewart and J Clark in this one for me.

    Do me proud boys!


    1. Evening, FT.

      Tight call on Clark over Gulden, nice work.

      Clark popping off, Gulden yet to touch it lol.


    2. With injuries etc I was stuck with gulden this one last week. He will single handedly lose me my league games this week. Good riddance next week.


  2. Looks like a Hobo Cam Guthrie but gee he turned into a super player. Wish he was in my SuperCoach team.


  3. 3QTR Time scores

    Geelong Cats: 10.10.70
    Tom Stewart 99
    Mitch Duncan 94
    Joel Selwood 89
    Tom Atkins 86
    Lachie Henderson 82
    Cameron Guthrie 80
    Zach Tuohy 76
    Bradley Close 72
    Isaac Smith 71
    Luke Dahlhaus 71
    Jack Henry 67
    Sam Menegola 66
    Jordan Clark 60
    Rhys Stanley 55
    Brandan Parfitt 50
    Gary Rohan 43
    Tom Hawkins 40
    Gryan Miers 37
    Jeremy Cameron 33
    Quinton Narkle 32
    Jed Bews 31
    Mark Blicavs 24
    Zach Guthrie 10

    Sydney Swans: 10.6.66
    Tom Hickey 99
    Callum Mills 84
    Luke Parker 78
    Jake Lloyd 77
    Hayden McLean 66
    Josh P. Kennedy 62
    Oliver Florent 59
    James Rowbottom 54
    Chad Warner 54
    Jordan Dawson 51
    Justin McInerney 51
    Lewis Melican 45
    Colin O’Riordan 44
    Harry Cunningham 43
    Tom McCartin 43
    Errol Gulden 42
    Dylan Stephens 40
    Callum Sinclair 38
    Will Hayward 35
    Tom Papley* 31
    Sam Wicks 30
    Isaac Heeney 19
    Ryan Clarke 1


      1. It was called touched. The commentators weren’t listening, as usual, but the umpire called it three or four times


        1. nah mate, it was called not 15 … I’m watching it live and they’ve just replayed it a few times … it travels 15M …


      2. they just showed the replay … i’d say it went 15 … and i’ve seen a lot shorter paid … bad call … and same with sitting on top of the ball … no attempt … umpires once again decide a game …


        1. Either way, the Cats have no one but themselves to blame for 16 behinds plus Hawkins’s out on the full.


          1. oh yeah, they had a big lead … should have put them away for sure … atmosphere on TV watching it seemed amazing for the swannies!


  4. Thriller at the SCG!! Swannies come back from waaaayyyy back to win by 2 in the last minute.

    Going to be some outcry / queries over two calls by the refs at the end with Cameron taking a mark on the line with 10 seconds left and being called “not 15” … then from the ball in, Selwood makes a tackle and holds on to Swannie who dove on top of the ball and not paid … with siren sounding … will be interesting to see what is made of it …

    Sydney Swans: 14.6.90
    Tom Hickey 113
    Callum Mills 108
    Oliver Florent 98
    Jake Lloyd 95
    Jordan Dawson 91
    Hayden McLean 86
    Luke Parker 84
    Josh P. Kennedy 71
    Dylan Stephens 70
    James Rowbottom 64
    Chad Warner 59
    Justin McInerney 57
    Callum Sinclair 57
    Tom McCartin 57
    Errol Gulden 56
    Colin O’Riordan 54
    Lewis Melican 51
    Harry Cunningham 44
    Will Hayward 42
    Tom Papley* 34
    Isaac Heeney 25
    Sam Wicks 24
    Ryan Clarke

    Geelong Cats: 12.16.88
    Joel Selwood 133
    Cameron Guthrie 122
    Tom Stewart 121
    Mitch Duncan 107
    Jack Henry 106
    Luke Dahlhaus 106
    Tom Atkins 94
    Bradley Close 92
    Sam Menegola 85
    Lachie Henderson 84
    Jordan Clark 82
    Isaac Smith 79
    Zach Tuohy 72
    Brandan Parfitt 69
    Gary Rohan 64
    Quinton Narkle 64
    Tom Hawkins 62
    Mark Blicavs 55
    Jeremy Cameron 52
    Rhys Stanley 50
    Zach Guthrie 40
    Gryan Miers 35
    Jed Bews 34

    52 points still to be allocated … expect Papley to get a big upgrade for kicking the last goal …


  5. Swings and roundabouts , blicavs was caught stone cold against Brisbane. Will Geelong own up to that one before they question this one?


  6. Karma gets the cats
    They got away with the win over Brisbane when a clear holding the ball wasn’t paid to Zac Bailey……. only fare it’s come back and got them with a bad call costing them the win tonight


  7. I suppose we all have to accept poor decisions as long as they balance out. Karma? I hope it’s not my teams turn to cop a shocker in the Grand Final and have to continually accept poor umpiring. Umpires won’t pay a decision late because they don’t want the responsibility of deciding the game yet they decide it through non decisions. Do they ever miss matches because of these shocking errors?



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