Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane

Written by Thommo on April 22 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 1:45pm AEST


R5, 2016, Western Bulldogs 17.18 (120) d Brisbane Lions 10.7 (67) at Etihad Stadium
R23, 2015, Brisbane Lions 19.16 (130) d Western Bulldogs 19.8 (122) at the Gabba
R12, 2015, Western Bulldogs 22.14 (146) d Brisbane Lions 11.8 (74) at Etihad Stadium
R12, 2014, Brisbane Lions 14.11 (95) d Western Bulldogs 13.9 (87) at Etihad Stadium
R22, 2013, Brisbane Lions 15.10 (100) d Western Bulldogs 13.15 (93) at the Gabba

Game notes: With coach Luke Beveridge recently lamenting the Bulldogs’ “spits and spurts” form line this season, a big win over a young and developing Brisbane Lions side could kick-start their premiership defence. Efficiency up forward has continued to plague the Dogs like last season, and the result is the second lowest percentage of the top-eight sides. They will employ a smaller attack in the injury absences of Travis Cloke, Jack Redpath and Jordan Roughead. While the Lions knocked off the premiers at Etihad Stadium in the JLT Community Series, their recent record at the venue is poor. Coach Chris Fagan will be hoping gun midfielders Dayne Beams, Tom Rockliff and Dayne Zorko can continue their impressive form, and young key forward Josh Schache can be a target up forward.

Thommo’s Tip: Western Bulldogs by 25 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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60 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane”

      1. Traded him out yesterday. Looks like the decision is more justifiable now! That would have been awkward if he came in :/ Macrae, don’t make me regret it.


  1. Just upgraded Taranto to Macrae. Feel good about that.

    Also realised my captaincy loophole plans of Fyfe into Danger weren’t going to work so it’s now Rocky into Danger.

    Also got Beamsy and Dahl rolling around this arvo so it’s an important match for my score this week.


      1. One can understand a player getting the yips…….
        But when a side can kick to each other fine but when its time to score?….?
        Umpires under much scrutiny!….. easy fixed it seems!… is it in the drink bottles?.?
        Pre game hypnotism?… Bookies direction!


  2. If I didn’t k ow any better I would say both teams should play deep into finals judging by this first quater. Great coach Brisbane finally have.


  3. 1/4 TIME

    Bulldogs 3.7.25
    Brisbane 5.0.30

    J. Macrae 37
    M. Adams 36
    L. Jong 34
    J. Johannisen 33
    L. Dahlhaus 30
    T. McLean 29
    M. Bontempelli 28
    Z. Cordy 25
    J. Dunkley 24
    C. Smith 24
    T. Campbell 24
    R. Murphy 20
    M. Suckling 19
    J. Stringer 19
    M. Boyd 16
    L. Picken 15
    E. Wood 13
    T. Boyd 10
    F. Roberts 6
    S. Biggs 4
    T. Liberatore 3
    L. Hunter -8

    E. Hipwood 43
    S. Mayes 33
    D. Beams 31
    M. Robinson 28
    T. Rockliff 26
    C. Beams 24
    R. Harwood 23
    H. McCluggage 22
    R. Lester 19
    D. Rich 19
    S. Martin 15
    D. McStay 14
    C. Cox 14
    L. Taylor 14
    H. Andrews 13
    D. Zorko 12
    R. Bastinac 11
    J. Berry 9
    N. Robertson 9
    B. Keays 7
    J. Schache 7
    L. Dawson -5


  4. Tom Boyd has tripled last weeks score already, I think he has been my worst pick for the year, still a lot of game time to go!!


  5. 1/2 TIME

    Bulldogs 5.13.43
    Brisbane 12.3.75

    L. Dahlhaus 58
    J. Johannisen 56
    J. Macrae 55
    L. Jong 53
    M. Suckling 49
    M. Bontempelli 49
    T. Campbell 49
    T. McLean 42
    M. Adams 40
    J. Dunkley 39
    R. Murphy 34
    L. Picken 33
    Z. Cordy 33
    C. Smith 31
    T. Liberatore 30
    T. Boyd 30
    E. Wood 22
    S. Biggs 21
    F. Roberts 19
    J. Stringer 19
    M. Boyd 18
    L. Hunter 10

    M. Robinson 70
    D. Zorko 68
    D. Beams 64
    E. Hipwood 58
    T. Rockliff 57
    B. Keays 53
    L. Taylor 53
    S. Mayes 53
    D. McStay 51
    R. Lester 45
    C. Beams 45
    S. Martin 42
    H. Andrews 36
    R. Harwood 31
    H. McCluggage 31
    D. Rich 29
    N. Robertson 19
    R. Bastinac 19
    C. Cox 14
    J. Berry 13
    J. Schache 8
    L. Dawson 3


    1. If you ever want to watch a most amazing quarter, the lions second quarter was genius. I’m still scratching my head, I reckon dog’s coaches will be checking if hell has frozen over.


  6. This site is such a positive community offering fantastic advice, articles, insight & much more. You on the other hand offer absolutely nothing to this site. Nobody cares about your ‘conspiracy’ about umpires or betting markets or whatever you dribble on about that doesn’t even make sense. You aren’t winning anyone over with it & just makes you look petty. I also have no idea why you try to use the ANZACS as a point of argument. Idiot


  7. Bontempelli only scored 5 in that quarter, will need one of his famous finishes otherwise he’s headed for the fallen premiums


  8. 3 QTR Time

    Bulldogs: 9.18.72
    Lions: 12.5.77

    L. Dahlhaus 92
    J. Johannisen 91
    J. Macrae 90
    L. Picken 86
    M. Adams 68
    T. McLean 63
    T. Campbell 63
    M. Boyd 61
    R. Murphy 60
    L. Jong 60
    S. Biggs 57
    M. Bontempelli 57
    J. Stringer 56
    J. Dunkley 55
    T. Liberatore 54
    Z. Cordy 54
    M. Suckling 54
    E. Wood 53
    T. Boyd 47
    C. Smith 46
    F. Roberts 42
    L. Hunter 29

    D. Zorko 94
    D. Beams 83
    T. Rockliff 82
    S. Martin 78
    M. Robinson 77
    S. Mayes 76
    E. Hipwood 72
    L. Taylor 65
    R. Lester 60
    B. Keays 60
    D. McStay 59
    H. Andrews 51
    C. Beams 49
    R. Harwood 47
    H. McCluggage 41
    D. Rich 41
    R. Bastinac 28
    N. Robertson 27
    C. Cox 26
    J. Schache 19
    J. Berry 11
    L. Dawson 1


  9. Was hoping for more from Dahlhaus, but I’ll take 122, or whatever he scales to. Just not thrilled with the odds of anyone else doing better.


  10. On one hand that was a good effort by Bont to get to 84. His efficiency was really bad.
    On the other hand I’m apoplectic I chose to bring him in this week for OMeara…

    Brisbane are on the right track. They’ll win a few games this season off of their midfield alone.


  11. Eagle/ Assasins/ Adam.

    Have you ever got a T/U to any of your comments?

    Your SC team is going quite well, Why don’t you just keep your comments on SC related matters.

    For anything else maybe try AA or GA or NA or any old A.

    They may be able to help you.

    We here at SCT aren’t qualified I’m afraid.


    1. Ah yes i have
      Why are you so uncomfortable with my point of view that know one cares about but seemingly cant ignore.
      Just ignore it……….. why not? What makes you feel the need to shut my view down
      What are you afraid of????
      The truth???


  12. FULL-TIME:
    Western Bulldogs: 17.20.122
    Brisbane Lions: 14.6.90
    J. Macrae 121
    M. Adams 121
    L. Dahlhaus 120
    J. Johannisen 98
    L. Picken 97
    J. Dunkley 94
    T. McLean 91
    J. Stringer 90
    M. Bontempelli 88
    R. Murphy 86
    L. Jong 82
    Z. Cordy 80
    T. Liberatore 79
    C. Smith 73
    E. Wood 69
    M. Boyd 69
    F. Roberts 68
    S. Biggs 66
    M. Suckling 63
    T. Campbell 61
    T. Boyd 60
    L. Hunter 45
    D. Zorko 121
    M. Robinson 116
    S. Martin 107
    T. Rockliff 104
    D. Beams 100
    S. Mayes 92
    E. Hipwood 85
    L. Taylor 78
    R. Lester 78
    D. McStay 73
    B. Keays 69
    D. Rich 65
    C. Beams 58
    R. Harwood 56
    H. Andrews 56
    H. McCluggage 51
    R. Bastinac 50
    N. Robertson 33
    J. Schache 29
    C. Cox 23
    L. Dawson 22
    J. Berry 14


  13. 1765 cap s martian not sure what I will score know have zero Merritt a treloar butler and c pettraca so anyone want guess I do h Ave 2 or 3 guys there that can score 125 plus what are your thoughts



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