Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Sydney

Written by Thommo on March 31 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 7:50pm AEST

Last Time They Met: GF, 2016, Western Bulldogs 13.11 (89) d Sydney 10.7 (67) at the MCG

Game notes: While the game is being built up as a Grand Final rematch, both sides firmly have their attention on 2017. The Dogs will unfurl the premiership flag before the siren, but will aim to produce a more even performance than they did in the opening round win over Collingwood. Passages of brilliance were soured by heavy losses in contested footy and clearances – two areas the Dogs pride themselves in. The Swans, on the other hand, will be desperate to get their season on track after a shock home loss to Port Adelaide. While stars such as Josh Kennedy, Lance Franklin, Luke Parker and Kieren Jack were dominant as usual, coach John Longmire would have been disappointed with the output of the team’s lesser lights. Can they bounce back against the Dogs on the fast deck at Etihad Stadium?

Thommo’s Tip: Western Bulldogs by 18 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.

Final Scores:


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91 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Sydney”

  1. Final teams: @westernbulldogs go in unchanged.

    @sydneyswans Jordan Foote replaced by Aliir Aliir. #AFLDogsSwans


    1. Knowing the MRP these days, he certainly could be, but I don’t think he ought to be. It was clearly unintentional, and Cloke was fine afterwards.


      1. If anything it was clearly intentional, the thing that will probably save him is Close tool a chest mark so he had his arms up to protect the hit to the head or chin. AFL players know when a player is vulnerable and they can blindside an opponent. He jumped off the ground knowing he was going to drive his entire momentum into him in a big hit. But according to the letter of the law he probably doesn’t even get a fine. 50m penalty appropriate


        1. In real time it looked like he was going to try and spoil. Once he was mid-air, he couldn’t stop – to me it looked more like bracing for contact, rather than trying to hurt Cloke.


  2. I can’t believe that some people were worrying before the game that Z. Jones had been named in the back pocket. People really need to stop reading so much into where a player is named on a team-sheet!


  3. K.Tippett done for the night – rolled ankle.

    Update – Potential fracture fibula. Can’t put any weight on his leg.



    Western Bulldogs: 2.6 (18)
    Sydney: 4.1 (25)

    T. Cloke 33
    M. Adams 32
    Z. Cordy 30
    T. Campbell 29
    J. Johannisen 28
    M. Suckling 27
    M. Bontempelli 23
    T. Liberatore 23
    J. Stringer 23
    L. Dahlhaus 22
    L. Jong 21
    C. Daniel 20
    E. Wood 18
    R. Murphy 18
    S. Crameri 16
    S. Biggs 16
    J. Macrae 14
    L. Picken 14
    L. Hunter 14
    M. Boyd 11
    T. Boyd 9
    F. Roberts 7

    S. Reid 51
    J. Lloyd 28
    J. Kennedy 25
    G. Hewett 23
    J. Laidler 23
    W. Hayward 23
    S. Naismith 22
    O. Florent 20
    L. Franklin 20
    Z. Jones 19
    L. Parker 18
    H. Marsh 17
    D. Hannebery 17
    C. Mills 16
    A. Aliir 15
    N. Smith 13
    R. Fox 12
    K. Tippett 11
    H. Grundy 11
    H. Cunningham 9
    N. Newman 9
    K. Jack 4


  5. Disgusting display
    Dogs can chop arms, throw the ball, advance over the mark with impunity. Commentators barracking for the dogs.
    Replay not shown indicates it is a conspiracy………….
    Can’t wait for Dennis Comettis
    Tell all book


      1. No eagles were crap
        Bulldogs are average without the umpires
        It seems im not the only one to see what is happening


          1. Agree. I may not be impressed with the very unbalanced umpiring, but the doggies are still a bloody talented team.


  6. Must be hard being a Pies supporter right now, watch your team lose on Thursday, then watch Cloke have his best game in years on Friday.


    1. Yep, Clearly Pies clubrooms not a happy place for the players. Cant see them being finals relevant until Bucks is gone. Cloke playing without the pressure from coach and team seems like a new player.


  7. Half Time

    Western Bulldogs 7.7.49
    Sydney Swans 6.5.41

    T. Cloke 72
    S. Biggs 65
    M. Suckling 65
    L. Jong 57
    M. Adams 51
    J. Johannisen 46
    J. Stringer 45
    Z. Cordy 43
    T. Campbell 43
    L. Dahlhaus 43
    J. Macrae 42
    R. Murphy 41
    T. Liberatore 39
    C. Daniel 37
    M. Bontempelli 36
    L. Hunter 36
    F. Roberts 34
    L. Picken 32
    S. Crameri 27
    M. Boyd 26
    E. Wood 25
    T. Boyd 13

    S. Reid 58
    S. Naismith 50
    G. Hewett 49
    J. Kennedy 46
    N. Newman 43
    O. Florent 43
    W. Hayward 42
    J. Lloyd 39
    D. Hannebery 36
    Z. Jones 36
    C. Mills 34
    J. Laidler 33
    R. Fox 31
    L. Franklin 31
    L. Parker 29
    A. Aliir 22
    H. Grundy 19
    H. Cunningham 18
    N. Smith 17
    H. Marsh 16
    K. Jack 14
    K. Tippett 11


  8. 21 -11 free kick count.

    Not quite as bad as the 17-3 free kick count in the grand final at half time, but still completely abysmal umpiring.


    1. They cant help themselves
      Having umpires helping one side is just so wrong
      Having worms commentating and being complicit..,,..,.,,,
      Although one did say the umps have been very poor tonight they ignore the wrong calls


  9. I think umpiring is generally a tough, thankless job. I also think the standard of umpiring tonight has been deplorable.


    1. It’s representative of the massive favouritism given to the doggies throughout 2016.

      Doggies: Frees for 2016 20.4 Frees against 16.1
      Swans: Frees for 18.0 Frees Against 20.0.



  10. Cloke… $354k… in a winning side… with a stable admin structure… year of the midpricer… guess he could be given the fallen gun tag, albeit being fallen for quite some time?

    T/U: consider
    T/D: definitely not


    1. Like any key FWD, he’ll have his big days but you’d be lockng him in as a top6 pick for the year. Not for mine…..


  11. Three Quarter Time

    Western Bulldogs 12.11.83
    Sydney Swans 9.7.61

    L. Jong 93
    M. Bontempelli 86
    L. Dahlhaus 83
    S. Biggs 83
    T. Liberatore 80
    T. Cloke 78
    M. Suckling 76
    M. Adams 73
    J. Stringer 72
    J. Macrae 67
    L. Hunter 65
    R. Murphy 64
    T. Boyd 62
    J. Johannisen 56
    F. Roberts 53
    Z. Cordy 52
    E. Wood 51
    T. Campbell 51
    L. Picken 44
    M. Boyd 44
    C. Daniel 42
    S. Crameri 33

    S. Reid 87
    S. Naismith 70
    J. Lloyd 70
    W. Hayward 65
    J. Kennedy 64
    D. Hannebery 59
    L. Parker 58
    L. Franklin 55
    G. Hewett 55
    N. Newman 54
    J. Laidler 49
    O. Florent 47
    C. Mills 43
    Z. Jones 41
    N. Smith 38
    R. Fox 38
    H. Grundy 36
    K. Jack 34
    A. Aliir 32
    H. Cunningham 26
    H. Marsh 21
    K. Tippett 11


  12. Wrong call. Inside goal square. Under pressure. Free kick goal. Never mind the free kick to get them into the 50 in the first place.

    Two free kicks in a row to take the ball from a midfield to give the doggies a match defining goal, completely shifting momentum. Game pretty much over.

    There comes a point when i would rather see a team walk off due to the standard of umpiring. Last years grand final should have been it, but for the prize.

    Tonight with just 4 points on offer you feel perhaps they should have.

    I hope Horse wears a $10k fine and says what we all need to be said. I’ll put in a pineapple for free speech and fairer umpiring.

    But lets face it, a $10k fine for a coach speaking out won’t change anything. At all.

    You need to make a big statement to change anything.

    Don’t get me wrong, the dogs have been good and sydney made too many turnovers. He dogs probably could win anyway.

    But it really frustrates every football fan watching the outcome being decided by the men in white.

    31-18 free kick count is a total joke.


    1. And the worms stay silent………..
      Its not just the count, its also the throws the arm chops …. the 8 free kicks not paid to Sydney in front of goal


    2. Couldn’t agree more. Twice in between these two teams there’s been absolutely deplorable umpiring in the favour of the bulldogs. Horse needs to say something or it’s sure to keep happening.

      I really hope to see the afl actually make a statement on this because it’s a terrible look for such marquee games to be marred by the officiating.


  13. Piss weak
    Game was fixed
    Umpires won the game for Victoria
    How embarrasing is that ffs
    A real blight on the afl and the game


    1. If it was a Victorian thing all Vic teams would dominate the frees but it seems more a Bulldogs, and for a couple of years a Hawks, thing. Everyone loves the Doggies including the umps it seems.


      1. First it was the hawks now it is the dogs.

        They aren’t winning because of the umpires. Everyone just notices, whinge and complains because they are winning


    1. Doggies had a 12 free kick lead before 3/4 time. It wasn’t just the last 10 minutes that had bad umpiring….


  14. If scoring stopped at half time bont would hardly score.
    gets involved after teammates have done hard yards
    gets the job done but picken dahl etc work a lot harder.
    anyway good on him for top scoring.


    1. did you see him in first half?
      commentators said he seems to work into game.
      like i said good on him for top score !


      1. Am a big fan of bont but he gets 100 points in second half
        and sam reid gets 114 points for 6 goal full game?
        just an observation !


        1. He had a profound impact on the game in the second half Bruce, thats how you get the big points in champion data scoring mate..


          1. Exactly right and I am aiming to get him in asap
            as his game is perfect for sc scoring and I also
            think he is a gun .Think my reaction was a knee jerk as I
            expected a very even spread of scores rather than any single player
            dominating .


  15. As a neutral supporter, I don’t like this new deliberate rushed-behind rule. Defenders have to be allowed to do their job.


    1. I agree with you on principle, but it beats them knocking it back willy-nilly when up by 2-3 goals with less than 5mins to go. Just a very sensitive and individual umpire-dependant call to make. I can’t trust it yet.


    1. its not just the count.
      Its the “that was a free kick’ that is not paid
      The commentators said tonight the umpires were very poor so its not just a few. There needs to be and investigation to fix this blight on the game


      1. I’m not denying that the umpiring tonight left a lot to be desired, but I think it had more to do with incompetence than malice.

        I should also point out that when playing at home, the Eagles get more preferential treatment from the umpires than any other team.


        1. Jack I am against any incorrect umpiring decision
          Ive actually not taken money on a bet as the umpires wrongly gave the game to WC over Adelaide.
          There are 3 on field and another watching miked up .
          There is NO EXCUSE . f
          If it takes another 2 to get it right lets do it.
          The clowns on field today were obviously scared to call a free kick at the boundary line. They kept looking at each other like roos in the headlights. Piss them off and find men from overseas with no compulsion to support one side over another.


          1. I must say that refusing a payout was very principled of you. If it had been me, I would have just taken the money.


  16. Dear Santa,

    Can I please have Nic Newman at D6? Also, can you drop Hibberd off at the tip (or op shop)? I don’t need him anymore.

    Love Jack


  17. Once you see the after the game bulldogs special it is easy to see there was huge pressure for the dogs to be given the game again over the Swans
    All that prepared footage and celebration of the rigged premiership from 2016


  18. The after game interview with horse was subtle and quite funny as hell. He has s brilliant dry humour. If anyone at the AFL or any newspaper couldn’t interpret it they would have to be completely stupid.

    “I’ve just got to look at the way we coach them to be honest. The holding the ball decision was us and them,” Longmire said.

    “We must have missed something. We need to have a look at that, about what the prior opportunity (rule) is and how we’re doing it versus our opposition.

    “So we need to look into that, clearly, because it just felt at the time what we were doing around the contest compared with the opposition – they must be doing something a bit different we need to look at.

    “We’re clearly doing it the wrong way, so we need to sharpen up on that.”

    There was no visible difference between the way the two teams behaved other than the massive free kick differential.


    1. Yes it was interesting how he didn’t come guns blazing, instead praising the team for their effort. I had to do a double take the first time when he suggested they weren’t coaching correctly….


  19. Before this thread closes down, I just want to add a couple of positive points to even out the negatives:

    * Live scoring worked! For the entire game!
    * The Bont is a must-have, whether you agree with the scoring system or not.
    * The Swans have unearthed a couple of potential rookie goldmines in Newman and Hayward. Fox was pretty good too, and Florent was great in the first half before fading badly. And Darcy Cameron should get a game next week with Tippett hurting himself (again).
    * JPK had his worst game in years and still scored 84.
    * Hanners and Parker will be extraordinarily cheap by the end of next month.


    1. Just a question on scoring. The herald sun SC scores listed on their page are slightly different to those in the actual SC app when I log on to my team. Will their be another updaye or is the herald sun using unscaled scores?


      1. I don’t have access to the HS scores page, but I’m guessing the SC app is final and official. Scoring is still a bit of a mess, but at least it’s an improvement.


        1. I think what shows up on the website on the “gameday” page is official, so you can check other sources vs that.



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