Last Minute Queries Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 19 2019

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

Marshall as a Captaincy option?  Can Port Adelaide keep their W/L/W/L streak going?   Can GWS overcome their injury worries? Will StKilda fire up after Richo stepped down?

Whatever you need to know before the LockOut, leave it here in the comments.  Our Coaches will help out as best they can.  Good luck this weekend, Coaches!


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44 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries Rd18”

  1. Who will finish the season better: Daniel or Ziebell. Leaning towards Daniel at this stage as Higgins coming back may affect Ziebells midfield time.


  2. After using 1 trade to go Moore to Whitfield this week, I have 10 trades, $111k and 1 mid left to upgrade (Setterfield/D.Clarke).
    Is it worth a sideways trade this week on Fyfe and then bring him back when he returns? (sideways target would be either Bont or Merrett)

    TU: Yes
    TD: Hold


  3. Cogs replacement

    TU: Sloane( Could cop Clarke tag)

    TD: Merrett

    Comments on whether Yeo, Treloar or any others are better options than the above appreciated !


      1. Thanks AS

        Gut says neither of Zerret or Sloane..

        Could even switch Danger into mids and bring Marshall in for Cogs…

        Or Trade Cogs to Whitfield via Answerth


  4. 5 remaining trades
    ROB to grundy & setters/d.clarke to Hill (to fund the grundy trade)

    Is this really a must or will ROB monster a ruckless bombers tonight




    1. Essendon going with no Ruk means ROB could have a big score.
      GWS going with two Ruks to try and negate Grundy.
      I would not be surprised if ROB scored more than Grundy this week, but he will probably still drop in value vs Grundy.

      Given your available trades, I would probably wait a week and then make the trade if there are no other pressing issues that emerge.


    2. I’d hold. Big call I know but could easily go 150-170. Especially if the Crows turn up. Massive game in the contact of finals chances.


  5. My predicament is:

    TU: Do I trade Hind for Quaynor, giving me def coverage, allowing me next week to then go Setterfield and Clarke out for a 550k mid and Hill?

    TD: Or do I trade Hind for Birchall, as D7, allowing me next week to go setterfield to Zerrett and Clarke to Hill?

    Cheers guys


  6. 8 trades left, 300k in the bank
    – D6 = Smith
    – M8 = Clarke
    – F6 = Moore

    TU = Moore —> Dunkley/Marshall + get Whitfield NEXT week (takes me an extra trade)
    TD = Moore —> fwd <580k (Walters, Billings) + get Hurn/Crisp THIS week (only use 2 trades)


  7. I’m coming 8th in my league and share the same points as 4 other teams in the league.

    4 trades left

    My team:
    DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Hurn, Z. Williams, Siciliy, Logue. BENCH: Naish, Burgess

    MID: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Sloan, M. Crouch, Sheed, Fyfe, Bewley. BENCH: Cogs, B. Scott. T. Sparrow

    RUCK: Grundy, GAWN. BENCH: Bines

    FWD: Dunkley, Danger, T. Kelly, Ziebell, Heeney, Gray. BENCH: Corbett. Young

    I need to win my remaining games to secure top 8.

    T/U: Do I trade Cogs to Z. Merrett. Sub Merrett on for Fyfe who should hopefully be out for a week? This brings my bank to approx. $119K. Hopefully Logue’s value increase and I can find a decent defender to trade in.
    This will leave me with 2 trades for injuries.

    T/D: Go a week early and trade Cogs to Ian “Bobby” Hill for DPP, bank increases to $482K which allows me more flexibility to bring in better premos in MID and DEF, but leaves me with 1 trade for the rest of the season.

    Thanks SC Fam!


  8. I have a situation.
    3 trades and $291K in the bank
    No Kelly and now no Fyfe. Can have Clarke & Bewley to cover …maybe even Hately as a late in.
    I am intending to bring in either Hurn or Whitfield next week.
    I am raising the possibility of trading out Kelly and maybe bringing in Murphy from Carlton.
    This will potentially leave me one trade for finals.
    t/up – do it
    t/dwn – don’t do it


  9. 8 Trades left. 303k left in the bank.
    Trading out Chol, Answerth to most likely Stein and…

    T/U: Marshall for last forward spot

    T/D: Bont for last mid spot

    Comment: Another premo mid (Parker, Treloar, Sloane, Yeo)


  10. Alright guys , what are my options. Should I do the Coniglio trade to:
    TU .Find the best scoring player
    Probably Duncan or Gaff
    TD. Get ruck coverage with Lobb
    Worried with Sandy playing but then again might save a trade going the Lobb option.
    Will leave me 2 trades after next week.


      1. I need to be convinced not too – otherwise I think I might. Currently sitting top 1k with 4 trades left


  11. Pop quiz community

    Who to field in the all important SCT DRAFT qual final

    TU: Haynes (Might cop the Mayne tag)
    TD: Simpson (Surely Blues get the majority share of SC points)

    Clock is ticking…lockout at 7:50 tonight!


  12. Have one last position to upgrade in D6:
    TU: Trade Burgess to Crisp this round (3 trades left with Quaynor cover)
    TD: Hold of trade and wait for Whitfield next round (5 trades left with Quaynor on field)


  13. With K. Dunkley dropped, I need another MID downgrade. Who has the better JS?

    T.U: I. Hill (did okay last week considering GWS got pounded)

    T.D: W. Snelling (lauded as a tackling beast in the VFL where he’s been smashing it)

    Comment: someone else


  14. Who’s a better trade out?

    TU – O. Baker (BE 33)
    TD – Hately (BE 48)

    1 mid spot away from being full premo but still have Fyfe :/


    1. Should be right.conca should go alright this week. Personally Aish, but it’s a three-headed coin toss.

      Go with your gut … and good luck


  15. Hey coaches,
    Curently have logue at D6 but no cover with naish or gardner…
    6 trades remaining, 270k in bank. Planning on getting whitfield next week.

    logue -> whitfield (no bench cover but uses only one trade)

    T/D (provides bench cover but uses two trades)
    setterfield/clarke -> rookie
    R young -> whitfield (swing gardner foward)


  16. 5 trades left before this week, with 40 odd k in the bank

    Team before trades:
    Williams, Hurn, Lloyd, Ryan, Smith, Milera (Logue, Duursma)
    Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Neale, Bontempelli, B Crouch, M Crouch, Merrett (Clarke, Bewley, Ross)
    Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
    Marshall, Dangerfield, Boak, Kelly, Gray, Moore (Corbett, Young)

    With Moore going down and no cover, thinking:
    Duursma to Quaynor (to get money)
    Moore to Dunkley



  17. Is it worth trading Corbett down to Ian Hill at F7 to have some forward cover in case of late outs? I have 5 trades left
    TU: Yes, he may save me in case of a late out
    TD: No, save the trade for injuries


  18. What do we think the job security is like for Stein with the Giants ?
    Being picked in front of a lot of there young guys playing in the twos gives me hope with trading him in this week but hoping this will not give me a problem with cover in defence for the remainder of the year.

    T/U – Good option
    T/D – Look elsewhere ( possibly Quaynor )


  19. Treloar – majority of his remaining games are at MCG, where his scoring has not been outstanding this year. also Adams return may impact his scoring. playing for a team that will be fighting for top 4.
    JPK – unlikely to score 140+, but has been very consistent 100-120 aside from his injured games this year. playing for a team that will miss finals.

    Who to pick?

    TU: Treloar
    TD: JPK



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