SCTTL – Round 7 Review

Written by JimmyDee on April 28 2024

Some of these Tech teams are getting a move on now, with the top few all ranked inside the top 10%.

Krispy smashed out 2495 with her team Krispyk thanks to both monster scores from Green and Gawn which moved her up four spots to eleventh.

All the T.T.s came in second with 3488 with Tom Ts alter ego, Emma coaching Tortured Tech thanks to still holding the Chadster, buying Touk and VCing Gawn. Decent play TT.

Third spot goes to Pepper Brookes by Jaime, who also has still got Chad, bought in Touk and VCd Gawn for a 2434. Fourth with 2432 is Go Hawks SCTTL with Matt at the Helm. This was good enough to jump up five spots to the top of the ladder. Good job Matt, now all we need is for your namesakes in the comp to “actually go”.

Rounding out the top five with a solid 2428 is Thanx Gus Brayshaw coached by Barrie. This mob has had two ripper scores in a row to jump out of the bottom 10% in round five into the top half of the draw currently, proving you can jump twenty spots in two weeks. Gives us all hope.

Top five on the ladder after round seven are Go Hawks SCTTL, David Johnson Rules, Tortured Tech, Cripps Walk Tech and he Jumper Punchers.

Let us know how you plan to catch them and get some conversation happening.


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3 thoughts on “SCTTL – Round 7 Review”

  1. Man I’m pretty excited holding top spot, although we are a long way from the finish line. Great starting team JimmyDee, lots of players I didn’t even consider and am loving. Thanks for putting it all together. The team is currently rolling about a 100 points more then my classic, and is much better balanced.

    I know last year I blasted through trades in tech which bite me in the final rounds. As it’s stands I’m 25 left 1 boost.

    I was originally looking at bringing Sweet in at R3 for Powell (just for cash gen). and a couple of plump/dead rookies for Dawson and a cheapie.

    Now I’m thinking just go Sweet at R2 (Along with 30,000 coaches I’m sure). Out Xerri (Sorry buddy you have been epic), which allows me to loop Gawn (I can’t handle the thought of not being able to loop him) and a couple of upgrades in the middle over the next 2 weeks.

    Anyway, still lots of time to trade, undo, trade, undo, trade……



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