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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 25 2019

Have seen some recent chatter on social media about the future of Clayton Oliver in SuperCoach this year.  71, 141, 95, 87, 108 & 105.  While Oliver isn’t quite at his 115 avg from 2018, he isn’t far off…….especially considering that he is averaging more disposals THIS year than last.  So what advice would you give to the owners of Clarry?


What to do with Clayton Oliver (MEL)?

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19 thoughts on “Poll – Clarry”

  1. He’s averaging 101 in a team that can’t be playing much worse yet still touching the pill 30 times a game.

    In the words of the great George Jackson ‘The only way is up’…

    Note: Would also help if Goody wasn’t trying to win the Coleman with him…


  2. if he is getting more disposals than last year , then its got to be his DE or a roll change that’s hurting his scores ,
    maybe the players around him aren’t keeping possession when he feeds it out to them , which would translate into his disposals being ineffective ,
    or perhaps he isn’t winning as many hard ball gets in the stoppages due to his off season surgeries , but is getting more link up possessions around the ground ,
    last year , gawn pretty much only tapped it down to him , perhaps that’s changed or opposition teams are now more aware of it & putting more pressure on him in the stoppages ,
    either way its a worry for his owners ,
    if i had him this year , i wouldn’t be trading him until i found out the reason for his drop in pts


    1. The team just isn’t gelling and are playing poorly, but it won’t last, they are / can be a good side.

      They will improve, and for that to happen will mean players like Oliver and the ones around him will increase their possession count, DE, contested possessions, clearances and goals.

      Melbourne will get better. This results in player performances increasing and in turn results in greater SuperCoach points.

      My humble only.


  3. His tackle numbers are slightly down this year, but I think his biggest issue has been that his DE % is way down:

    2016: 76.8
    2017: 77.1
    2018: 71.4
    2019: 63.5

    If he can fix that up, he’ll be fine.

    Anyway, apart from round 1, he hasn’t really been *that* bad this year, so although in hindsight we perhaps shouldn’t have started him, I wouldn’t advise anyone to get rid of him just yet. That said, if you missed out on someone really important (say, Cripps) then trading him out could provide an easy route to getting them in. But don’t trade him out for just anyone!


    1. It is unlikely that Oliver is any teams biggest issues right now. Wrong place to try to fix, especially since he could easily bounce back.


    2. The DE also depends heaps on the team playing style. If you are playing under less pressure, you have time and can easily find your teammates. The Dees are not playing great and it doesn’t help Olivier ‘s SC.


  4. Hold your premiums!

    Forward line this year is a much bigger worry than a premo who is slightly down on expectations.


  5. Firstly, I started with him and I am not getting rid of him unless he is injured.

    Secondly, If I didn’t start with him, he would be one of my first fallen premium upgrades.

    That’s the only thing I am cranky about is that other people will get him cheaper than what I paid.

    Proven premium, team playing rubbish at the moment. If the team turn it around his scores go up 15-20 points. Jump on, the minute the demons get it together guys.


  6. Has to be a hold. Doesn’t help that he has absolutely no one to kick the ball too down forward!

    However im so annoyed at myself for swapping Merret to Oliver after getting sucked into JLT form with them both (I had Merret all pre season and talked him up for a 110+ average and still didn’t start him!)


  7. Yes I will be looking to trade him in without a doubt. No way you would trade. This guy doesn’t tend to miss games either


  8. He started at full foward last night and Melksham played in middle. Everytime he gets the ball he wants to handpass it cos he doesn’t trust his kicking.
    I’m gonna stick with him for now untill I see a significant role change or improvement in his kick to handball ratio.


  9. I wished Oliver scores sub 80 to make my decision easier. I don’t think he is the problem. The Dees just don’t play right. As it stands as FD said, he is not my biggest problem, but I am pissed off that he is being outscored by Walsh and Libba. If he played crap in JLT he would have been my transfer target not my starter . Not worth a trade but barely a premium


  10. Holding him and yes he is traveling that bad considering i paid 620k for him instead of 600k for Neale.. picked him for 140s not 100s. needs to work on his DE it’s giving me the shits.


  11. Hi Guys,
    Just catching up a bit so I haven’t read everyone’s thoughts yet, however, I think, and I just gave PJ the thumbs up (sorry PJ) that he just about covers it. IMO here’s why,

    The 666 rule has reduced the number of players contesting around the ball.
    Wingers, HBs, and HFs are creating less competition (thus pressure) around the centre bounces.
    It’s only if Rucks don’t get a clear hit out then the pressure has time to be formed.
    It may also be affected by the “roles” now given to these/those “receivers” at bounces. (W, Hb, hf…)
    Thus if you have a great ruck, (hta) eg Collingwood, Melbourne etc if anymore??? , you will probably see more general high scores from players who have had to work more to get the ball and are not being tagged, (Essendon, Brisbane etc).
    Remember please this is only my analysis, but I agree with PJ. (Again sorry PJ)


  12. Ps I don’t have him, but I currently have similars (cogsy, fyfey…..)

    Maybe that’s why I like Hendo atm, coz I think it’s going to be a pretty even mids by bye time.
    Cheers guys.



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