Rookie Review – Round 10

Written by Alza on May 23 2023

Next week is the 1st week of the byes as well as the 2nd batch of DPP’s for the year. Our bench rookies seem to have thinned out over the last few weeks but this week saw a number of potentially decent options play. At this stage we need as many as we can get still so let’s hope their actual coaches back them in so that we can too.

Just a side not that the Mid-Season Rookie Draft is next Wednesday the 31st of May which in the past has given us some handy downgrade options.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Josh WEDDLEHAW$230,200 (+$62k)114 (68)-47
Cameron FLEETON*GWS$123,90044 (46)-20
Aaron FRANCIS (FWD)SYD$240,800 (+$25.1k)54 (51)-11
Ollie LORD (DEF)PTA$184,500 (+$25.9k)54 (50)-7
Seamus MITCHELL (FWD)HAW$267,500 (+$34.8k)82 (66)-3
Rory ATKINS (MID)GCS$290,700 (+$40.1k)102 (80)3
Will GOULDSYD$152,200 (+$10.4k)33 (36)8
Rhyan MANSELL (FWD)RIC$228,400 (+$2k)59 (46)13
Darcy WILMOT (MID)BRL$302,800 (+$21.1k)83 (62)15
Campbell CHESSER (MID)WCE$139,500 (+$7.4k)23 (28)15
James O'DONNELL*WBD$102,40015 (19)21
Alex CINCOTTA (MID)CAR$218,900DNP (65)22
Marc SHEATHER (FWD)SYD$115,000DNP (17)24
Miller BERGMANNTH$236,800 (+$16.8k)54 (54)25
Reuben GINBEY (MID)WCE$318,200 (+$13.2k)35 (66)39
Judd MCVEE (MID)MEL$290,800 (+$7.6k)50 (57)50
Conor MCKENNABRL$279,900 (-$16.1k)53 (63)72
Max MICHALANNEYADE$291,200 (-$6k)45 (61)74
Harry SHEEZEL (FWD)NTH$475,400 (+$10.8k)112 (101)92
Jack BUCKLEYGWS$402,200 (-$15.4k)62 (82)124

The Good: Weddle took full advantage of playing the weak Eagles side with an excellent game. He had 28 touches at 75% with 7 marks and 2 goals in the 1st quarter. He also had 7 intercepts and 8 score involvements. Sheezel had a different role this week as he played a bit forward as well as through the middle. He attended 11 centre bounces which was about a third for his 25 touches, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 2.2 with 1.2 kicked in the last quarter to almost get his side home. Atkins has rewarded the coaches that brought him in nicely. He had a great game again with 20 touches at 90% with 7 marks, playing on from all 6 kick ins is a nice bonus.

The Bad: O’Donnell had another quiet game with 4 touches at 25% with 4 one percenters. Chesser returned after a fair few weeks out with injury. He only managed 10 touches at 40% and 3 tackles, will be better for the run but is not a safe on field option.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Harry SHARPBRL$161,900 (+$38k)47 (52)-22
George WARDLAWNTH$193,80085 (85)-9
Will ASHCROFTBRL$401,500 (+$17.2k)124 (82)9
Mitchell KNEVITTGEE$245,400 (+$37.6k)59 (52)11
Matthew JOHNSONFRE$194,000 (+$8.5k)37 (38)21
Jack BYTELSTK$116,300DNP (24)43
Xavier O'HALLORANGWS$272,400 (-$2.5k)62 (60)46
Oskar BAKERWBD$292,200 (+$1.1k)61 (59)48
Luke EDWARDSWCE$252,600DNP (54)51
Jhye CLARKGEE$175,800DNP (13)56
Oliver HOLLANDSCAR$282,200 (-$9.5k)37 (58)67

The Good: Ashcroft had another great game just as coaches were thinking of trading him. He had 30 touches, 7 marks, 4 tackles, 6 clearances and a goal. He now gives coaches a small headache as he has his bye in 2 weeks making it a ‘good’ time to trade but also nice to have him in our sides for the remaining byes. Wardlaw made his debut and didn’t he start with a bang. In just 63% TOG he had 16 touches, 2 marks, 9 tackles and 6 score involvements. Looks to be a great option but best to wait a week because you just never know.

Time To Trade: Hollands


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Lachlan MCANDREW (FWD)SYD$123,90053 (53)-5
Brynn TEAKLEPTA$249,100DNP (64)34
Esava RATUGOLEA (FWD)GEE$360,600 (+$20.5k)75 (67)55
Samson RYAN (FWD)RIC$359,400 (+$20.3k)58 (66)71

Ratugolea is having a great year and proving to be a very good starting pick. He had 13 touches, 5 marks and 3 tackles to go with 7 one percenters and 9 intercepts. Ryan still had a decent game with Nankervis returning. He had 10 touches at 80% with 3 marks and a goal but just 5 hitouts this week as he only attended 19 ruck contests. He has been an excellent rookie for us but it is now time to trade either this week or next as a straight swap to McAndrew. McAndrew had a great debut after impressing at VFL level so far this year. He had 9 touches but went at 33% with 5 tackles and 20 hitouts. As Father Dougal states in his rules of Cowquisition, a ruck cow is always worth picking with reasonable job security.

Time To Trade: Ryan


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Eddie FORDNTH$123,900102 (102)-54
Bailey HUMPHREY (MID)GCS$285,700 (+$72.3k)101 (57)-54
Kaine BALDWIN*ESS$172,90060 (68)-37
Sam BUTLERHAW$219,700 (+$22.1k)87 (54)-29
Phoenix SPICER*NTH$123,90050 (37)-2
Josh TREACYFRE$249,200 (+$28.9k)49 (52)-2
Francis EVANSPTA$161,900 (+$16.6k)29 (32)0
Cam MACKENZIE (MID)HAW$264,700 (+$27.1k)87 (62)4
Hawego Paul OEAGCS$188,200DNP (51)6
Tyler BROCKMANHAW$252,200 (+$25.4k)102 (60)9
Jye MENZIEESS$205,900 (+$6.2k)66 (48)10
Arthur JONESWBD$243,100 (+$27.4k)27 (42)20
Ben KINGGCS$377,800 (+$15.7k)67 (65)23
Dylan WILLIAMSPTA$329,900 (+$37.4k)84 (70)24
Jacob VAN ROOYENMEL$267,000 (+$14.7k)59 (61)24
Oliver DEMPSEYGEE$146,600 (-$1.8k)8 (27)27
Thomas BERRYGCS$141,600 (+$17.7k)5 (37)28
Ryan ANGWIN (MID)GWS$173,100 (+$2.4k)21 (41)29
James TSITAS* (MID)GCS$123,900DNP (19)34
Mattaes PHILLIPOU (MID)STK$244,600 (+$13.4k)63 (54)34
Aaron CADMANGWS$142,400 (-$11.9k)18 (24)35
Blake DRURY (MID)NTH$112,100 (+$9.7k)12 (27)35
Anthony CAMINITISTK$240,000 (+$2.8k)59 (54)39
Luke PEDLARADE$297,200 (+$4.7k)55 (61)42
Brent DANIELSGWS$346,600 (+$9.5k)105 (73)48
Noah LONG (MID)WCE$244,100 (+$0.8k)37 (57)48
Will PHILLIPS (FWD)NTH$281,000 (+$11.6k)70 (65)55
Alwyn DAVEY (MID)ESS$179,700 (-$14.7k)41 (42)55
Sam SIMPSON (MID)GEE$250,600 (+$4.6k)20 (58)59
Reef MCINNESCOL$133,900DNP (21)65
Kade CHANDLERMEL$348,600 (-$9k)86 (74)72
Angus SHELDRICK* (MID)SYD$165,7009 (10)75
Judson CLARKERIC$206,400 (-$15.4k)19 (45)83

The Good: Daniels bounced back with a good game here with 24 touches, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 2.1. He had 9 score involvements and 2 goal assists to give his score a nice boost. Ford played his 1st game of the season and played well. He had 21 touches at 86% with 4 marks, 3 tackles and a goal. He is 20 years old and has been in the system for a few years now so may be a solid option for us. Brockman returned from his 1 week suspension very well. He ended with 15 touches at 93% with 5 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals. Humphrey was a popular trade target this week after his 100 last week and his extremely low breakeven. He rewarded those that brought him in with a big 1st half and game overall along with rising by over 70 thousand dollars. He finished with 26 touches at 65% with 4 marks and 1.1. He had 6 intercepts and 5 clearances all from 70% TOG.

The Bad: Drury struggled to have an impact again and was subbed out in the 3rd quarter after 41% TOG. He had just 6 touches in that time and may find himself in the VFL. Cadman played better than his score suggests with 5 touches but at 40% with 3 marks, 2 tackles and a goal. He hasn’t shown his best yet and if he keeps dropping in price may be a cheap option. Angwin had a quiet game with 8 touches but only 1 kick to go with 3 tackles and a mark, he does have some decent competition for spots unfortunately.

Time To Trade: Simpson

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Will Ashcroft
2 – Josh Weddle
1 – Harry Sheezel

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award After Round 10:
22 – Harry Sheezel
6 – Ben King
6 – Will Ashcroft


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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 10”

  1. Frustrating there isn’t really any on the bubble rookies this week.

    I’ve been considering going Baker to Ford but seeing what Drury did, I feel I want to wait a week. Just have to hope nothing bad happens this week so my trade plans don’t backfire


    1. Very annoying, it does almost feel like we need to go early on someone but we do have 3 or even 4 trades with a boost next week


  2. I wish horse would give Sheldrick a proper run, I think he will be good with a fair crack at it.


    1. Absolutely he would. Would have the potential to score around the 60 mark or higher as his VFL form has been excellent


  3. Thanks Alza as always for the info and summary.

    I think the amount of fwds especially that are on this list exposes the struggle this year for cash gen: 3 not playing at all and 10 of the playing rooks couldn’t crack 30 points!

    Very tough year.



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