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Written by JimmyDee on May 23 2023

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now with justifiable venom, “curse those SC Gods”. They’ve struck our gun mid down at the peak of his powers. I say “our” because more than 100,000 coaches owned Clayton Oliver going into round ten and I’m assuming that an astute community such as ours will be majority shareholders.

What could be a few weeks, maybe four if you count the bye, will present different challenges to different coaches. 56% of all coaches own him, but that number increases to over 62% of coaches ranked in the top 5% of SC. That increase in ownership will pose harder questions to that group as they consider whether to hold their rank or stick fat with the plan. What do you do with Clarry in the light of his medical sabbatical?

What do we do with Clayton Oliver ?

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Depending on the results of the poll, there may be enough of a push to run a further poll on his replacement if the decision is to trade. This will not necessarily be an easy poll given the diversity of ownership of midfielders, ie who has whom, and the fact that we currently have fourteen players sitting on averages of 110+ and a further twelve outside that group with a three round average of 110+, but if need be, we shall pose the question.

Second simple poll today is in response to Natopatato’s request for a season ranking after round ten. Rankings can be found on the SC group tab, eg top of the group is Rehab’s CollinGood with an overall ranking of 35. Randomly the number ten in the group is Lachlan’s Half Back Seagulls with an overall of 557. A top 4,000 ranking can be seen at number 50 in the group with Tom’s TJ’S Thunder  and so on down the list. However this can be a tedious way of grouping the rankings so the following poll does it for us and lets us know off the bat how many coaches are in each particular mix.

After ten rounds, what is your overall rank ?

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If you are up amongst it, all the best for staying there, and if you are not quite there yet, good luck with climbing the rankings. Thanks for reading and participating in the polls..


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20 thoughts on “POLL: Clarry and Rank”

  1. Where has the news Oliver is out for 4 weeks come from? The story I read had quotes from the club that he’s out indefinitely and certainly not back in the short term. That suggests more than 4 weeks to me, which is a trade for me given the uncertainty and funds locked up.

    The bigger question for my team is do I go like for like with another $600k+ replacement, or try and find value in a $500k plus cash option. Looking forward to Rare Gems and Fallen Premos this week.


    1. Injury report from MelbourneFC last night:

      Clayton had some soreness at the end of the game and following a clinical assessment from the physios and the medical team, scans have shown that he’s got a hamstring strain,” Griffith told Narrm Media.

      “At this early stage, we anticipate Clayton won’t be available in the short term.

      “His return to play will ultimately be guided by his ability to deal with increase loads and reconditioning. As such, we will have greater clarity as Clayton progresses through his program.”


    2. Hey Cripps Walk.

      I usually only do Rare Gems every fortnight so I hadn’t planned for one this week.
      As Clarry is so highly owned, I will try and do an extra edition this week focusing on Mid only players that could be possible Oliver replacements. I will try to get it ready for Friday morning.

      I’m personally holding at this stage.

      Here’s some reasons why..

      If he is still managing to do some running, I’m pretty confident he can return after his Bye.
      I want him in my final team, and if I trade him now there’s zero chance I can afford a $660K upgrade later.
      I’m not really ranked highly enough, and don’t really have the trades to take the punt on trading him. I would rather risk losing a bit of rank now and challenging for leagues with him in my side come finals.

      To Trade or Hold is very team dependant, working out where you’re at and what works best for you team is really up to the individual. There’s certainly a world that I would trade him if I was highly ranked, and I could turn him and a fat rookie into two Premo’s that help my Byes.

      So far this year Doc / Stewart and Saad have returned early from potentially longer term injuries. lets hope Clarry can too !


  2. Oliver – tentatively a hold until a ‘real’ announcement is made.
    My main thought is that they would never want to risk him.
    A ‘minor’ strain that may be 3 weeks + bye ‘could’ become another after the bye and then managed to a half game return??
    Hearing that he was doing light running at training Monday was a bonus, so maybe it is only light and 2 games??


  3. I’d say the decision on whether to hold or trade Oliver comes down to the amount of trades you have left and whether you are going for league or overall.

    I don’t own him, but with a lot cash gen drying up, how would you trade him back in if you traded him out?

    If he is out for 3-4 weeks, it really only ends up being 2 since the Rd 13 bye only has 2 teams out. So there should only be a very small loss in points from only 18 scores. Then Rd 14 he wouldn’t play anyway.

    If you were looking to trade him, it would probably be best to trade in a player that will be good cover over the byes, but then trading a Rd 15 bye player to get him back.


  4. For league rankings, CattaSCTchallenge2 league is ranked 9th overall out of 2945 leagues with 18 teams.


  5. I’d love to see a poll on if you are trading or holding Oliver, is it due to your current trades left? Such as – someone with 20 trades left might very well trade him out but someone with under 20 may be deciding to hold. And if you are trading him out, is the plan to trade him back in?


    1. nice rank..

      I’m about 79000 places south of your rank, whoever I trade in will get injured so anyone considering Zerrett you have been warned!


  6. Hey guys I’m a teenager and always kinda played supercoach just for fun but rly focused this year and currently sitting ranked 92. Don’t have a heap of bench cover cincotta, constable up back, Simpson, sharp, Johnson middle and Davey, roberts up forward. 16 trades and 1 boost left. Feel like the decision to trade Clarry or not will make or break my season so looking for some advice from those seasoned veterans. Thankyou


    1. Hey Finn,

      Well done on the super high ranking.

      Your 3 mid bench warmers are all doubtful to get a game this week and there is no cover elsewhere you can move to the mids.

      Would be handy to know cash ITB.

      If you hold Oliver, you might need to look at dropping Simpson down to a Wardlaw type to get cover until R15, or if you have enough cash to go Simpson up to Humphrey if you don’t already have him.

      If you trade Oliver, you would be able to get a decent replacement and a decent rookie with 2 trades but I doubt you will be able to get Oliver back.

      I am sure there will be others along to offer advice.

      Good Luck whatever you do.


    2. Hi Finn, great work! I’ll disagree slightly with Owen about trading Simpson, given Geelong/Suns players are great over the byes, but I agree about needing to know your cash ITB.

      On the assumption you have very little cash I would trade Oliver to a value premo around the Steele, Warner, Bailey Smith range (my order of preference), then use the spare cash to spread across your bench options over the next week and into the byes, because you will need at least one playing rookie on each line later in the season and cash generation is your teams big weakness (I had a look on the app, great team name too!).

      I don’t think you can hold Oliver given your rank and not knowing how long he is out for, it’s too much money to sit on the bench when you’re in the mix for winning the whole thing! Someone will get injured later in the season so you’ll probably be able to bring him back in if needed.

      Good luck!


      1. I am a Cat’s fan and I doubt Simpson will be in the team this week.

        With Stengle coming back last week and Rohan available this week as well as possibly Ollie Henry, I just don’t see Simpson holding his spot.

        I hope he holds, he is in my team.

        I also went and had a look at Finn’s side, very impressive.


        1. Thankyou to both solid advice, yes have 71k in the bank so options would be either downgrade him to steele/Warner or upgrade Simpson to Humphrey to put on field. Helped me heaps cheers legends


          1. Or you could do both:

            Oliver (658k) to Steele (532k)

            Simpson (250k) to Humphrey (286k)

            Nets you another 90k, which gives you 161k ITB.

            You then have Humphrey on the bench covering the M/F lines through the byes.

            Leaves you with 14 trades and 1 boost to navigate through the byes – very strong position.


            1. Quite like this Owen, leaves cash ITB for the byes and improves the bench. Would be great if a lower priced rookie option came in but not really available.

              Finn – you’ve got plenty of flexibility on the bench so dual position rookies will be a bonus, which Humphries ticks (plus plays all the main bye rounds being a Sun). If Simpson is named trade one of the other bench options, I’d even look at dumping Constable, shifting Day back so Weddle comes off field. Don’t be afraid to ‘upgrade’ non-playing rookies.


              1. Yeh tru could do that Owen. Agree on needing to get rid of non playing rookies have too many of them atm I’ll have to have a further look thanks to both of u rly appreciate it


            2. Wouldn’t advise trading in Steele with all the doubt with his knee regardless of this weeks score


  7. 16 trades left (and 5 upgrades), got decent bench cover, torn on whether to trade Clarry. 9th in my league and need to make finals, $80k ITB currently. Help decide:

    TU: Trade to Zerrett/Steele
    TD: Hold and use Wilmot/Simpson as cover this week, Wardlaw next week


    1. Way I looked at it was I had too much dead wood already sitting doing nothing on the bench- thanks Constable, Cincotta, Roberts & Bytel.
      So if I add Clarry lots of cash sitting on bench- and another DONUT!
      So I’m trading, finishing off my defence- due to dpp, and picked up Stewart, who is good for byes.
      Only problem is now Stewart will definitely get injured this week!



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