Progress Scores – Rd20

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 4 2018

Dusty and the Geelong midfielders started well on Friday. How is your team looking?

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17 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Rd20”

    1. 546/4/Titch into Gawn.

      Selwood came good after some quiet weeks. Menegola, Danger and Dusty all had big games. I couldn’t ask for a better start to SC finals, especially with two leagues being an elimination final.


  1. 111/1/Titch>Gawn
    I get the feeling there will be some huge scores this week. With such ladder congestion, most teams will be fighting for their FINALS’ lives … so Premos are likely gonna go LARGE.

    Here’s hoping anyway!


  2. Hey lads.

    2/243 Titch into Gawn.

    Not the right forum but worst case scenario is happening!

    My opponent is currently 658/5.
    He had Menegola 144, Selwood 159 and Kelly 112 all going big! Wowzers.
    We have Danger and Martin in common.

    I’m only in one league so I don’t want to bow out early. I am also not feeling overly confident with Mihocek on the field and Savage on my bench. I was going to save trades for next week by seeing how I go this round but I may have to trade to stay alive.

    My biggest issue is I only have 2 trades, $23k in the war chest with Savage currently valued at $420k.
    In total, I cannot afford any of the players I want (Hurn, Brayshaw, Crisp, McDonald etc.) without burning both final trades.

    To stay alive, I feel I need to make the trades to give myself a fighting chance, but would love the community’s support or suggestions on possible moves?

    T/U: Make the trades, go hard or go home
    T/D: Save the trades, see how we go.

    Thanks fam.


    1. I’d burn them mate. Get decent cover with the second trade, eg Lienert, so you can stay alive as long as poss and buy the best you can for Savage, ieLloyd if you don’t have him.
      Good luck with it


  3. Should i take T Kelly’s 112? Would have to bench either Parker, Coniglio, or Bontempelli. Leaning towards Bont or just hold. Any advice appreciated.


    1. Yeah 112 is pretty safe, I’d take it. I’ve got Bont too and he hasn’t been great the last few weeks 🙁

      I reckon if you take the 112 your worst case is that Bont gets 120ish and you’re down 10-15 points, but Bont is more likely to get 90-110 so you’re more likely to be a winner… and winners are grinners 🙂


  4. Should I take Dangers score as VC or join the majority with either Mitchell or Gawn as Captain(rookie mistake made not double checking my team before kickoff) as never wanted Danger as VC.
    TU – better the devil you know and take Dangers 132
    TD – T Mitchell or Gawn will go bigger


    1. I have titch and gawn but would take dangers score. If titch or gawn get 150, you only gain 18, but risk disaster.


    1. Well done Catta
      Similar score and on track for best score of season however anything can happen as we have seen throughout season. Still could lose my final against the Salamander in SCT 3 league with the great man having Franklin as loop hole.
      Good luck to all today
      1666/14/ Mitchell if my loophole calculations are right
      Simpson Coniglio Yeo Cripps
      Gawn Brayshaw Kelly Shuey to play.


      1. Cheers PBuzz,

        Well done to you too so far, Sunday’s can be interesting! Fingers crossed all SCT coaches have a successful Sunday this round 🙂


  5. 1528/14/Titch (VC)

    The sad thing is although I took Titch’s VC my captain had been on Grundy who went even bigger.

    But I’m certainly not dumb enough to turn down a 153 point captain chance.

    Titch, Grundy and Selwood have been absolute stars this week. But putting Ahern on the field instead of Walter’s looks a big mistake, and Savage being out for the season might force me to use my last trade because the gulf between him and Mihocek is too big.

    If Austin returns next week though I may reconsider.


  6. 1404/14/Mitchell
    nearly put Doedee on the field ahead of Webster (first game back) and that cost me 42pts, but can’t complain. On track to win all finals, though a few will be VERY close.

    Gawn, Fritsch, Mundy, Cripps, Simpson, Coniglio, Kelly, McDonald, Oliver and Yeo still to play.



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