Punters Club – Davo

Written by Motts on May 14 2020


Hamilton R5, #1 Chouxter – $10 @ 3.50

Pakenham R4, #6 Sebsilk – $5 @ 3.60


Sunshine Coast R6, Brook Magic – $5 @ 14


Flemington R6, #11 Super Girl – $5 @ 26

Morphettville R8, #3 Gytrash – $20 @ 3.50

Flemington R4, #10 Diplomatic Measure to PLACE – $15 @ 3.10

Rosehill R5, #3 Lashes to WIN – $5 @ 4.20

Morphettville Quaddie

3,7,8,13 / 2,9,14 / 2, 3, 11 / 5, 10 – $34.56 buys 48%

Good luck to us all!


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19 thoughts on “Punters Club – Davo”

  1. Hey Mottsy

    Not sure that a horse can run in 2 states on the one day and I think the races in Queensland are at the Gold Coast not the Sunshine Coast.

    That Said, Good Luck today Davo and well done on the winner Thursday night but as you know we probably wanted a Red Back Spider on it. Picking a winner is a win though.

    By the way of interest for Deano and everyone in the Punters Club Mottsy informed me that Davo is the clubs most successful for the club after snagging Quaddie when he was first up for the club.


    1. That was more ass the class that Quaddie Death Adder
      Hopefully jag a couple today plus the morphetville Quaddie


      1. Personally, I define “most successful” as highest return relative to amount staked. By that measure, Thommo wins hands down with a +63% return. But Thommo’s only been in the Club for 5 rounds.

        In terms of long term success, Davo DID indeed have it after being with us since PC6 and returning +16%. After the weekend, however, he’s dropped back to +6%.

        That means that Deano is NOW our most successful long term punter having been with the PC since it’s inception. In 19 rounds he’s staked $1,805 and won $2,029 for a 12% return.

        If you defined “most successful” as having won the greatest amount for the Club, that title goes to Yiorgakis with $2,613 but he’s had to stake $2,481 to do it (a 5% return).

        Those 4 punters – Thommo, Deano, Davo and Yiorgakis – are the only members of the Club with a positive return.

        Going forward, there’s going to be much greater scrutiny on those members of the PC with high negative returns.


  2. Hey Mottsy

    Any update on the how the process is going on getting the site taken off Nortons dangerous web page black list

    This has been going on since just before the season started and needs an admin to submit the info to get it changed to a safe site.


      1. Thanks for the response Motts just annoying that every time you open the page you have this blocker stopping you from viewing the content.


          1. Motts, looks like it has been approved thanks now don’t have to view site in iso mode.

            Thank you legend



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