Punters Club – Yiorgakis

Written by Motts on November 14 2014

Yiorgakis is up and its roundball time. Here’s his 3 multi’s:

Multi 1
Greece     win (vs Faroe islands) Euro Quals
France     win (vs Albania) Friendly
Spain     win (vs Belarus) Euro Quals
Holland     win (vs Latvia) Euro Quals
Bulgaria     win (vs Malta) Euro Quals

$30 @ 2.06

Multi 2
Romania         win (vs Nth Ireland)
Portugal         win (vs Armenia)
England         win (vs Slovenia)
Belgium         win (vs Wales)
Czech Rep.     win (Iceland)

$15 @ 6.07

Multi 3 – ALeague
Newcastle         draw (vs Brisbane)
Adelaide United     win (vs Wellington)
Perth Glory         win (vs West Sydney)
Melbourne City     win (vs Central Coast)

$5 @ 23.49

There’s a lot of favourites in there. I’m feeling good about this week! Good luck buddy.


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14 thoughts on “Punters Club – Yiorgakis”

  1. Nice betts, good luck, on a side note i was doing a little multi and noticed Germany paying a whipping $1.00! I’ve never seen that happen before! Not even tempt me with $1.01!


  2. When your lucks not in Yiorgi, there’s not a lot you can do, the Faroe islands get the win in Greece, and it cost Claudio Ranieri his job, but more importantly it cost us Multi 1. Their whole population wouldn’t be able to fill some football stadiums!!

    Multi 3 down, but the odds stated it was a bit of a long shot.

    Multi 2 however is looking good so far, although when England went 1 down, i thought we were done for.

    Here’s hoping Belgium and the Czech’s can bring us some profit.



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