R4 All Over, How’d You Fare?

Written by Duck on April 22 2012

Let us have it, all the info you care to share. Who’s done enough and who’s done and dusted?


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101 thoughts on “R4 All Over, How’d You Fare?”

  1. dusty martin now at 458k ouch, roughly 80k drop!! That being said he played okay against the Cats.
    Was impressed with Elis


  2. 2012. Got beaten by Hairy & DamenS amongst a couple of others…


    won my cash league, my 4 SCTTL games and my work league game (which I play my SCTTL team in).

    Traded Fyfe for Treloar and $400k this week with the intention of snaffling a cheap Pendles in a couple of weeks so wasn’t playing at full strength – Birchall & Lake being out didn’t help either – so all in all I’m pretty happy with my results.

    Big game against a traditional nemesis team next week…


  3. all done with a 2152. really dissapointed with mark neeld`s decision to make james magner the new tagger. i have 400k in the bank and will most likely make the magner – pendles trade this week even if he does have a high b/e.


  4. 2130 and 3/3 wins. Happy with that since no one playing on my bench and had Goodes, Fyfe, Shaw and Lake on the bench. Should get three back next week which will strenghten my team and then I dont have to play all 8 of my GWS players.

    Giles and Bugg are absolute guns hopefully Coniglio comes back from a rest and reaches his potential. Sheeds dont rest 3-4 players at a time just 1-2 each week will be fine.

    Magner not being as impressive as first couple weeks with only 12 possies today, stop tagging and get some loose ball. 62 is a pass but he is a ball magnet its just not getting into his hands, hopefully its a phase and next week he belts out a 100+ game.


  5. wobblesbegone, 2059 and 3 wins from 5 and had Carrots (traded in for Shaw)
    howmuchcanjudcary in SCTTL1 got 2135 (also with Carrots for Shaw) and lost by 36 to a Freakishly Large Blood Filled Fifth Appendage. Well played Johnno.
    Also lost to PA in DT, but its only DT, still, congrats PA.


  6. dempsey and lake out of my backline, fyfe didnt play, kreuzer had a shit game. still got 2111 played 1 short. gotta get mcdonald in my side at some point this week. hes got a breakeven of -113 next round, gonna get massive cash from him!! so the question is who gets the can? fyfe? i kept him because he was named but didnt play. thoughts?


  7. 2221 GAJ – Happy with Ellis going in for Birch and 2 tons in a week for Parker. Very happy I traded Dusty for Lenny.


  8. Should just break the 2100 with Magners score to come. Not happy with Carrazo going down after I just traded him and sidebum for fyfe and dustbin for my SCTTL. Was looking good after sidebums score now might just get over 2000 but should still win my league match. 5/5 with my normal team.


  9. 2046/GAJ

    Pretty average score considering I had no donuts, but can’t complain to much considering the scores others had. Boyd and Magner killed me at the end, was on track for 2100+. It was also my lowest score this year 🙁

    Very happy with……..
    Ablett (134), Murphy (120), Giles (106), Deledio (102), Sidebottom (113), Bugg (83), Morris (80),

    Would have liked a little bit more from……..
    Bartel (97), Goddard (93), Adcock (81), Rance (86), Franklin (89), Magner (66)

    Pretty disappointed and expected a lot more from……
    Boyd (85), Kreuzer (66), Kennedy (40)

    The rest of the boys had pretty standard scores

    Won 4/5 league games


    -Goodes to come back next week, should have my best 22 all ready to go
    -Decided to trade Fyfe for Sidebottom (113) not Harvey (44) which so far has paid off.
    -Traded Mummy to Kreuzer instead of sandi who is reported to be injured.
    -From my trades I have $300K in the bank, looking to upgrade a rookie very soon.
    -Decided against trading in carazzo or birchall for fyfe last week (via Smedts)
    -Avoided donuts this week
    -Avoided any injury/suspended players (except goodes)
    -Sounds like GAJ should be ok…

    -Used up 6 trades so far 🙁 (2 to get rid of spuds, 2 for injuries, 2 to fine tune my rookies) Hopefully no need to use anymore trades now until I start milking my cows
    -Below par performances by a fair few of my players cost me some points

    Aiming for 2200+ next week

    ok, enough of my rambling…. bring on round 5, good luck to everyone and hopefully we all have a less hectic week in supercoach 🙂


  10. Happy with my 2249, very happy that i traded Dusty for Stanton and even more happy that Ive put money on Stanton to win the Brownlow at about a zillion to one !!


  11. a hopeless 1851 with priddis and mcdonald left on the bench by accident.

    lucky to win 2 of my 5 leagues


  12. 2035 with 4 out of my best 22 missing, lost by 14 and forgot to change Ablett back to Captain after I reverse traded. Ah well! Very happy I went with Fyfe>Treloar


  13. Somehow scraped up 2006 to win 4/5 leagues (only lost by 10 pts in the last; bloody hargrave…). Had a fyfe-rockliff, ledger-trealoar trade lined up all week, but panicked when mummy was a late withdrawal trading in carrazzo and kreuzer and lost 200 sc points points 🙁


  14. 2047 with fyfe giving me a 0, goodes on bench.
    Biggest problem was having to start pretty much start all the GWS boys, and like most had to witness one of my players tag another. Lucky rockcliff pulled his finger out and Ablett doing Wat he does best.

    We’ll see during the week what will happen with fyfe, Martin and dangers really pissing me off with coxy not at his best either


  15. Hird of Me – 2205 – Won all 4 league games.

    Happy with that considering it was a low scoring round I think. Should push my ranking up a bit. Very happy I didn’t cop a donut. My aim for the season is to not cop a donut (but I always do at least once).
    Jeez Giles could potently become a keeper if he keeps up his form.
    Probably my biggest regret so far- Keeping Gray in my team despite not being named round 1. Suffered a sickening injury on weekend so he has to go.
    And what about the Dons, one of the better games I have ever been to. Had a good feeling about beating the blues. Essendon seem to play well against teams that they are not expected to beat, but when they come up against Gold Coast, we play terribly. Which is very frustrating.

    Special Mentions: Rockliff, Golby, Selwood, Porplyzia, Giles and Pendles.

    Not impressed with: Hale, Stanley, Kennedy

    In SCTTL I scored just over 2000 with a donut for Congilio. New recruits Roughy and Rance didn’t go very well. Lost my h2h which was disappointing.

    Hope everyone else did alright here on SCT!


  16. 2020/GAJ

    Wowie! The agony and exstacy this week! Carnage on the field, carnage in SC.

    Won 3/5 leagues, but won the two I care about; the LOEC (1-1) and my cash league (2-0) by 5 points thanks to the unfortunate destruction of Rohan’s ankle. Another in game injury, this time for new recruit Carrots.

    So, the The Phat Side player analysis is in:
    A+ = Joelwood, GAJ
    A = Sidebum, IMaric, Eski, Lids, Giles (pine), Porpoise, Giles (pine)
    A- = Morris, Dangermouse, Bugg,
    B+ = Bradbert, Goddard, Mohr,
    B = JMc, Buddy,
    B- = Dusty, Milera, Magnet, Boyd, Devon,
    C = McEvoy
    D = AKennedy,
    D- = Crapps
    N/A = Carrots, Dumpsey, Heater, Ledger, Redden, Smedts

    Seating on Gablett, Heater, Dumpsey. Carrots will have to go. Not sure for who yet. Crapps will like become Treloar.


  17. 2128 GAJ. Won four out of five leagues. I traded Mummy to Sandi and had Birch, Shaw, Fyfe, Goodes, Green, C.Smith, J.Redden and Big O out. I had massive reliance on my rookies and they did well. I was especially happy with Ellis and Morris. Hargrave put in a ripper too. Overall I feel I dodged a bullet this week and hope selection is kinder next week.


  18. 2113/GAJ/OneDoughnut

    Sundays players saved me, with Christensen (123), Selwood (144) and Parker (128) all coming up big.
    Excellent: Christensen, Selwood, Parker and Pendlebury
    Very good: Giles, Lewis, Ablett, Deledio
    Good: Swallow, Clarke, Hombsch, Ellis, Morris, Bugg
    Average: Goddard, Franklin, Hall, Magner, D Smith
    Poor: A Kennedy
    Terrible: A zero from Mummy

    Overall relatively pleased with the round… Hoping my overall might go up a few spots 🙂


  19. 1850/GAJ

    Shaw ,Lake, Mummy, Goodes, Fyfe, Coniglio, CSmith,The Big O,Redden were all missing from the previous week alone…..(2320 last week lol)…and my net was down all Friday…..

    As comp win is my priority I decided to tank and not trade….therefore played with three zeros… I am still spewing on what this will do to my overall though….

    To add to the above travesty Carlton lost and Barca lost twice in a week….

    Fair to say I’m glad its Sunday night and a new week is upon us….


  20. do you guys think stanton is going to be in the top 10 midfielders by years end?

    thumbs up- Yes
    thumbs down- No


  21. 1882!!!! GAJ (c) -1 donut. Lost 2 SC Talk related matches, but won other 3!

    Apologies to fellow LOEC1’s for screwing our league placing – Decided to preserve trades even though H.Shaw, Lake, Goodes, Greene out so got what i deserved! Had a full team initially, however Coniglio’s late withdrawal meant a 0.

    Only 4 scoring ton’s + Jonny Giles (Leeds & Eire) was on bench.
    Jackson Paine pack your bags, welcome Treloare. Smedts, your in defense,
    Fingers crossed GAJ & Hale are ok for next week – any injury updates welcome


  22. 2167
    Second highest score in LoEC1 but got knocked off by Don Cottages.
    2139 in SCTTL.

    Can anyone confirm whether there is a partial lockout this week?


  23. I have 3 rookies (magner, clay smith and cognilio) in my midfield and 5 guns (pendles,gary,murph,selwood and Priddis) really want to pick up j.mcdonald this week to make money off but don’t know who to trade or what is the best option.. even trading down cognilio only makes me about 110k at this stage.. Thoughts ? Advice?


  24. 2063/GAJ
    Carrazzo on ground (traded for fyfe) Shaw, Lake, Goodes on the bench.

    Martin played well against the Cats. Disposals are not so good. It’s almost too late to trade him. Wish I had waited on him until his inevitable price decline occurs, which I had intended to do.


  25. 2181 – GAJ

    * If GAJ is injured it’ll definitely spice things up with no real perma captain

    * Traded Fyfe and Clay Smith for Treloar and Ward. Absolutely stoked with Ward’s 133. Feeling very positive about that trade.

    * McEvoy is in my crosshairs. Misread that one and it’s hurting me having him as R1. Fair chance i’ll be getting the BIG big fella in this week. 211.

    * Will analyse the draw more in 2013. Richmond’s tough start to the year is killing Martin’s scores.


  26. Won both leagues in R4…but R5 worries me…Captain dilemma
    Ablett – worth the risk?
    Pendlbury – short time to Anzac day
    Goddard…not at his best
    Franklin – 7 Frees…not the sort of record a captain needs
    Tippey v Port…risky
    Priddis v Richmond…Not my normal captain…but maybe
    OR…Maybe – just draft a new captin in…have the $$$ up my sleave after ditching Fyfe
    Any thoughts?


  27. A dismal 2033 this week, but a big score from Selwood (again) saved me from slipping out of the 2000 region.

    Looking on the bright side though, I should be able to field my full strength side next week even before any trading, going on the premise that Fyfe and Mumford will be ok.

    On another bright note, Steve Johnson will be almost a straight swap for a fattened up rookie in a few weeks’ time. $455,500 now and a BE of 151! Prime candidate for my first upgrade.

    Might make my first trade of the season this week (Ledger > Treloar), as Tommy doesn’t look like cracking into the Saints’ first 22. Would also open up MPP link from FWD > MID as my forward line is looking dicey in the early stages (donut there this week).


  28. 2033/GAJ

    Won 2/4 leagues. Happy with the score considering I had Shaw, Birchall, Lake, Coniglio, Ledger, Redden, Big O, Goodes, Smedts all out (also had Fyfe and Mumford out but traded to Sidebottom and Naitanui). Still copped the 1 doughnut, but what can you do!

    Looking forward to a good week next week with the likes of Goodes, Lake, Shaw and Birchall coming back (hopefully)


  29. finished 0n 1995 (:
    Backs-Only one that let me down bigtime was Paine (I shouldve had Ellis on the field instead but thought he was more likely to get the vest)
    Mids-Wouldve liked more input from Magnet and was hopin he would push me pass 2000 but didnt happen.
    Rucks-Cant complain Sandi (121) and Giles(106) in place of Mummy was a good effort.
    FWDS-Pathetic,Pathetic,Pathetic Fwds combined for a total of (422) OUCH Only one that got over a ton was Chappy, None of omy Rookies scored over 60 and i had 1 donut (Dickson)
    Who were Missing from best 22- H,Shaw,Mummy,Goodes
    Chopping Block-Paine,Ledger,Dickson,Smedts,Dusty
    Trades-Not sure ive already used 3 i might try to get trealoar in but that will probably be my only trade if i make it.
    Leagues-Won 2 by less than 50 loss the other 3 by more than 50
    not happy (:


  30. Ablett’s manager Liam Pickering says his knee pulled up worse than expected the morning after and confirmed nothing could be ruled out.


  31. scrounged up 2033

    injuries during the game and late changes killed me….no fyfe no mummy no cog left me with SFA time to change my team (only cos i was at the pub and had no way to access a comp)
    shuey was flying until he got his shoulder injury
    boyd (c) v magner was not gd
    ablett -knee
    giles on the pine

    and to top it all off had a multi
    More Joyous into Temple of Boom into Geelong into Carlton
    to recieve a hansome return only for my F***KING Bombers to stuff it up.


  32. Rd 4 score: 2154

    Overall Score: 8978

    Overall Rank: 85

    Dropped 5 positions in the overall ranking thanks to Hurley who was on fire before the injury and another dud week from J Rieweoldt.


  33. SCTTL1
    lost to THE Y=MX+C/2040
    Disappointed I’ve lost both matches so far this season, even more disappointed I traded shaw to carrazzo last Friday!

    SCT1/Main Team
    Lost in my main league. I had Magner plus 120 and he had Magner plus Dalhauas…he score 145….145!!! WTF!!! Plus he had none of Goodes, Carrazzo or Lake…I have all.

    Lost my SCT1 to The Flux Capaciter/2088. Well played mate.

    With Gaz out for 2-3 I’ll be carrying him on the bench, I mean really how can I not carry a man who has carried my team for three years now. Carrazzo will have to go, 6-8 is far too long for me, I’m looking at bringing Geary in for him and holding the rest of the cash for a pendleburry upgrade later.

    Off the super coach topic and am very happy with the ladder so far. Especially with the eagles on top an collingwood out of the eight…well until this Wednesday


  34. Rd 4 Score: 2159 and beat Crawf’s champs. Very happy with that.

    Thank you Stanton and Rockliff. Hurley has been disappointing. 1st gamer S Shaw Adel (71pts) seems like a genius move!

    2 from 2 but a long way to go.



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