Rare Gems – Round 10

Written by The Salamander on May 23 2019

Player Name (Club, Price, Ownership, Average, Bye round)


Brandon Ellis (RIC, $444,400, 0.9 %, 92.1, 14)
After an abysmal 2018, Ellis looks to have reverted back to his historical level of scoring this year. He shares the same bye as the injured Zac Williams, so if you need a replacement, and can’t afford someone like Lloyd or Whitfield, he could be one to look at.

Jason Johannisen (WBD, $461,900, 0.4 %, 89.0, 12)
This spot would have gone to the rarer and hitherto gemmier Matthew Suckling, but his 35 on the weekend has put a bit of a dampener on things, so I’ll highlight his teammate instead. Assuming he stays in the backline, JJ should score well enough to be a decent D5/6, although as with all Magnets-coached players, that’s liable to change at any moment.


Josh P. Kennedy (SYD, $567,800, 1.9 %, 112.1, 13)
A mainstay in our SuperCoach sides until a couple of years ago, this is JPK’s second Rare Gems appearance this year, having first featured a couple of months ago. He gets another go because he’s still just as rare, and just as gemmy.


Ivan Soldo (RIC, $304,000, 0.3 %, 98.0, 14)
He’s managed to get himself suspended for this week, so we’ll have to wait until next week to see if you can maintain this level of output. Job-security isn’t a major issue – the gig is his until Nankervis gets back – so he could potentially make some cash and provide handy cover over the byes.


Mitch Robinson (MID) (BRL, $508,900, 1.3 %, 93.9, 13)
Sharing a bye round with Dangerfield, Tim Kelly, and Heeney is not ideal, although the dual-position status could potentially offset this somewhat. A bit too injury/suspension-prone for my liking, but those who took a punt on him at the start of the year would be happy with what he’s produced so far.

Tom Lynch (ADE, $473,000, 1.2 %, 91.0, 14)
The other Tom Lynch. He tends to average mid-to-high 80s every year, so it remains to be seen whether he can keep his current 90+ average up. Personally, for around the same price I much prefer Rowan Marshall, but if he suits your bye structure, you could do a lot worse as a cheap F6/7.

Do you have any of these players in your team? Or are you perhaps eyeing one of them off? Let us know in the comments below!


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13 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 10”

  1. I’m considering trading Williams ( I don’t trust “minor” when it comes to hamstrings.) to a bit of a Rare Gem this week.

    Nick Newman is now only in 6% of teams, Averaging 91 with an injury affected score. He is still cheap at $42oK.

    He won’t be top 6/8 defender due to missing games ,but is capable of a 95+ ave from here.

    I also make $80K

    With a double down planned for next week, I would have a defence of..

    Lloyd, Whitfield, Sicily , B Smith, Newman , Moore*.
    (Duuursma, Answerth, Burgess*)

    * One of them is forward.

    If Burgess plays for Collins, I will probably hold Williams another week. I’m really not looking forward to selection, even busting out 2 trades I may still be looking at donuts.

    Nervous times indeed !


      1. I know Willy, Getting in Lloyd allows me to move him forward,

        With Bines back at R3, I may just be able to cover it .

        Fingers crossed.


        1. Blakely, scored 88 1st up from a long spell also he has the bye friendly round (R12) and a pod.


          1. On my radar. 😉 …Price won’t change this week.

            I may just hold Williams a week and wait and see.

            I’m also considering getting in Balta, and saving cash for the Byes. Selection will tell.

            Bat shit crazy ?


    1. | ( I don’t trust “minor” when it comes to hamstrings.)
      I don’t trust GWS when it comes to injury reports, full stop!


    1. So I don’t hate the idea, I don’t think he’ll play much mid time really going forward but i like the fact out of necessity they were happy to run him through there last week is a great sign of his fitness.


  2. Jack Ziebell another option, with a conversion to the mid role.

    If he stays there, he is value around $460k and with a 3 rd average of 107.


  3. It’s a big roll of the dice but Robbie Gray at under 420K is pretty amazing & he’ll probably be a little lower in coming weeks BE 150 keep in mind he’s already cheap so it won’t drop as much as you think maybe 40K over 2 weeks, obviously his roll is a worry but he’s a proven, his worst seasonal over the last 5 year average is 91, if he gets his currant ave up to 91 this season it’ll be a great pick at the price.



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