Rare Gems – Round 8

Written by The Salamander on May 9 2019

Player Name (Club, Price, Ownership, Average)


Luke Ryan (FRE, $542,700, 2.9 %, 108.3)
Our first repeat rare-gemmer of the year, Ryan sits in just 2.9 percent of teams, despite being the third-highest averaging defender this year. His only bad score for the year was a 78 in round 2; apart from that, he’s had three over 100 (including captaincy-worthy scores of 145 and 156), as well as three scores in the 90s.

Zak Jones (SYD, $461,900, 1.0 %, 89.7)
The younger brother of Demons co-captain Nathan has moved from defence into the midfield this season, and it shows, with his scoring up 10 points on last year, even with a 62 on the weekend dragging his average down.


Andrew Gaff (WCE, $549,000, 1.2 %, 106.8)
Missing the first two weeks of the season due to his late-season gaffe (sorry) last year, the unexpected spiritual successor to Barry Hall has since been putting together a solid year, including a whopping 154 on the weekend.

Mitch Duncan (GEEL, $534,200, 0.7 %, 104.6)
Scoring in a narrow range from 82 to 126, with 5 out of 7 scores being over 100, there are few more reliable players than Mitch Duncan. In just 0.7 percent of teams, there are few rarer ones, too.


Ben McEvoy (HAW, $543,400, 3.0 %, 103.6)
Our second repeat rare-gemmer of the year! Currently the third highest-averaging ruck behind Grundy and Gawn, ‘Big Boy’ has been flying completely under the radar this year. Not as cheap as Mumford, and not as high-scoring as Gawndy, there probably isn’t much reason to bring him in at the moment, but the handful of coaches who started him should be feeling quite satisfied.


David Mundy (Mid) (FRE, $548,500, 1.5 %, 100.7)
After an abysmal start to the season that saw him traded out of a good few SuperCoach teams, Mundy has wound back the clock over the last 5 weeks, posting scores of 104, 151, 83, 122, and 137. Despite his age, he’s only missed 6 games in the last five and a bit years (4 of those having been in a single year), so durability is not usually an issue for him, unlike a certain other long-haired Fremantle midfielder. Featuring dual-position status and a handy round 12 bye, he’ll make a stylish addition to any forward line.

Tom Hawkins (GEEL, $504,500, 2.3 %, 96.7)
With the Cats sitting comfortably atop the AFL ladder, Hawkins has been mounting a good case that his career-high average of 102 last year was not a fluke after all. Sharing a bye with Heeney, Kelly, and Dangerfield is not ideal, but if he can keep his current form up, he might be one to consider from round 14 onwards.

Do you have any of these rare gems in your team? Brag about it in the comments below!


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10 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 8”

  1. Great stuff Sal. A couple of sub-games from Ryan into his bye would be handy. Same goes with Mundy.


    1. Thanks Sal.

      Sainter I would be waiting to see if Blakley’s return has a negative impact on Ryans scoring. He may also take some midfield minutes off Mundy. I feel both are priced overs for their likely out put for the rest of the year. I guess its a watch this space.

      Thanks again Sal.


  2. First Def upgrade last week , tossed up between Ryan and Sicily as they both suited my byes. Went with Sicily but Ryan is still on the radar.


  3. L Ryan:
    Before 2019:
    Averages 17.32 disposals across his current 31 game career:
    SC avg when disposals equal/exceed 18: 110.38 from 13
    Sc avg when disposals below 18: 67.5 from 18

    SC Avg when disposals equal/exceed 15: 100.35 from 20
    Sc Avg when disposals below 15: 58.45 from 11

    Inc 2019: Avg 18.34 disposals across his career
    SC avg when disposals equal/exceed 19: 114.06 from 17 (1/17 below 90, 5/17 below 100, 7/17 120+)
    Sc avg when disposals below 19: 69.95 from 21 (20/21 below 100)


      1. Was a strongly consider in my elite numbers series due to being one of the key beneficiaries of the new kick in rule as well as improving his disposal averages and already possessing a sc friendly game style due to his intercept marking and elite skills by foot.

        Wasn’t game to start him at D3 with Z Williams at D4 and T Greene at F3 which is why I reverted to J Darling at F3 in the last fortnight.

        I assume most have or are certain to have Lloyd, Whitfield and Laird at some stage and the next tier below them to target would be S Hurn, L Ryan and J Sicily.


  4. I traded in Hawkins this week. I can make the byes work as long as there’s not a huge amount of injuries in those rounds.


    1. Great call if it works for your byes. He seems to go up the ground a lot more than he used to and gathers crucial possession numbers as a result. Best KPP as a result!


  5. Josh Kennedy (swans)
    In only 2792 teams 1%
    Ave: 111.6 11th highest in comp.
    Scores per round:
    Nice rare gem, great output from the swans Captain



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