Rate My Team – Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 10 2018

Joey-jo-jo requested a RMT thread in the lead-up to Finals and we’re happy to oblige.  Have you got your perfect team together?  Who’s missing at this stage?  Leave your team in the comments below………


Please include the following:

* Team line-up

* # of Trades Left (be honest) 😉

* Cash In The Bank

* Overall Ranking

* Any Trade Plans you may have in the lead-up to Finals.

Don’t be afraid to leave some constructive criticism for your fellow Coaches’ line-ups as well. Good luck in the run to Finals!


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70 thoughts on “Rate My Team – Rd17”

  1. DEF – Lloyd, Simpson, Sicily, Laird, Hurley, Hibberd
    (Austin, J. Smith)

    MID – Mitchell, Cripps, Gaff, Dangerfield, Merrett, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin
    (Dahlhaus, Ahern, Giro)

    RUC – Gawn, Jacobs

    FWD – Heeney, Gray, D. Smith, Menegola, McLean, Fritsch
    (T. Smith, Battle)

    5 trades left with $5,300 left
    Rank – 43,575 and finally improving
    Only real trade plans would be upgrading Hibberd, Jacobs and Fritsch but I am going to hold off for a couple of weeks before making any trades.


  2. Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Hurley, Sicily, Webster (Austin, styles)
    Mitchell, Danger, Oliver, Merrett, Coniglio, Pendlebury, Rockliff, Shuey (Seedsman, Petracca, Giro)
    Gawn, Martin (olango)
    McLean, Heeney, Gray, Smith, Walters, Boak (Ahern, Smith)

    6 trades left. Do I focus on Stef Martin to Grundy, someone to Lloyd, or upgrading Shuey/rocky eventually?
    Will be able to loophole them with seeds/Petracca if possible.
    Not looking at Cripps, but Kelly, Crouch and Gaff look pretty solid


  3. Rank 121 / 3 trades left / 68K in the bank

    Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Hurley, Sicily, Hurn (Ryan, Heron)
    Mitchell, Danger, Oliver, Kelly, Gaff, Cripps, Bont, Crouch (Spargo, Phillips, Dawson)
    Gawn, Martin (Olango)
    Mclean, Heeney, Gray, Smith, Westhoff, Mundy (Ahern, Keefe)

    Have swung Sicily back to keep the poor form Ryan as D7, meaning Mundy is my F6 so a little weak there.
    Thinking two cash generation downgrades over the next two weeks, being Spargo and Phillips, so I can upgrade Ahern to Macrae and push Bont/Crouch to M9. The only issue is I’ll still have Mundy in Fwd and Martin as ruck over Grundy.
    Otherwise I’ll look at a Martin to Grundy upgrade or a Ryan to Webster trade next week to push Mundy back to F7.


    1. Congrats on your results so far this season.

      I think with only 3 trades left, you’ll have to ride it out with Martin in the ruck (going up to Grundy is almost 100k and you’d have to use another trade to get that $, leaving you with only 1 trade remaining).


      1. Thanks everyone!

        I’ll be taking your advice and holding trades! Cant risk it with all the injuries this year.
        I’ll likely trade next week or the week after based on the Bontempelli news to get Macrae in as I need a premo and Bont has been under-performing and out for a up to 3 wks. I’ll make sure I have injury trades spare after this however.


  4. Def: yeo, laird, howe, sicily, t mac, simpson (austin, rice)
    Mid: danger, titch, j kelly, cripps, coniglio, crouch, dusty, rocky (ahern, j smith, ed philips)
    Ruck: grundy, gawn (olango)
    Fwd: heeney, mclean, walters, gray, d smith, degoey (ryan, t smith)
    Rank 1834, 6 trades and $70k left in bank.
    Thinking or bringing in a non playing def/fwd rookie for whoever of ryan, tim smith are less likely to return. This allows me to use tmac or sicily as fwd cover. Will then hold till ahern/austin peak and look to bring in Lloyd or webster. Finally will be hoping dusty/rocky come good or that i have enough trades left to turn ahern to premo and shift one of them to bench.


    1. Jarrod Brander (WCE $148,800 DEF/FWD ) has only played 1 game and probably won’t come back given Darling and Kennedy are due to return soon.

      Other option is Keeffe ($157,400) who seems to be a permanent emergency at GWS.


  5. DEF: Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Hurn, Howe (Austin, Heron)

    MID: T.Mitchell, Cripps, J.Kelly, JPK, Gaff, Dangerfield, Oliver, D.Martin (Ahern, Giro, Mutch)

    RUC: Gawn, Nankervis (Olango)

    FWD: Westhoff, Heeney, Gunston, D.Smith, Franklin, McLean (Spargo, T.Smith)

    3 trades and $58k in the bank. Ranked 5087 and hoping I don’t get any injuries to premos for the final few rounds. I probably have to hold my trades but if Dusty and/or Buddy don’t improve I may look at moving them on to some POD’s for finals. Probably have to find a way of getting Grundy in for Nank (although he has improved the last few weeks). Overall pretty happy with my team, highest rank I’ve been this time of the season but some people I didn’t think would be in it include Hurn, Gunston, JPK and Gaff.


  6. 3 trades left 132k and ranked just outside 20k
    Simmo, Yeo, Laird, crisp, Savage, Austin
    (Keefe, redman)
    Titch, cripps, S.higgins, gaff, danger, Duncan, wines, cogs
    (Ahern, Phillips, J.smith)
    Gawn, Martin
    Sicily, Gray, Devon, McLean, Mundy, Fritsch
    (T.smith, battle)

    T/U swing Sicily back for keefe, Austin to the bench then trade Austin to lynch giving me 300k to go T.smith to westhoff/Heeney which would finish my team off with only 1 trade for injury but would have cover in every position once battle comes back.

    T/D trade Phillips to Dawson or a non playing rookie to give me 548k. Then wait a couple weeks and hope Lloyd drops 40k or just pick up Hurn as my last defender and accept I’m not going to get Lloyd


  7. D: Lloyd, Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Hurley, Howe (Austin, Rice)
    M: TMitch, Cripps, J.Kelly, Oliver, Danger, Coniglio, Neale, Heeney (Ahern m/f, J.Smith d/m, Phillips)
    R: Gawn, SMartin (Hayes r/f)
    F: McLean, Gray, Sicily, D.Smith, Menegola, Fritsch (Cox r/f, T.Smith)

    6 Trades and $39,700 cash.
    Low overall ranking, focus on league and strong finish in finals.

    Trades – planning to upgrade Fritsch to a premium midfielder such as Gaff/Crouch. Considering downgrading T.Smith to Powel to open up m/f swing with Ahern.

    Thoughts and suggestions very welcome.


    1. UP – Gaff/Crouch < Fritsch and rookie < T.Smith (4 trades remain)
      DN – Fritsch to Dusty/Rocky/another (one trade)

      Comment – hold trades for the moment


  8. Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Mcdonald, Ryan (Austin, Mihocek)

    Titch, Cripps, Kelly, Danger, Pendles, Oliver, Crouch, Coniglio (Ahern, Giro, O’Connor)

    Gawn, Grundy

    Henney, Smith, Mclean, Fritsch, Curnow, Billings (T.Smith, Narrier)

    4 trades and 171k left.
    Want to get LLoyd in but im 3k off going Smith and Austin > Lloyd and a 102k loophole so I think I will wait a little for price changes and then be able to set up a loophole in my forward line.


  9. TEAM:

    DEF: Simpson, Yeo, Sicily(FWD), Laird, Crisp, Savage.
    Doedee, Mihocek

    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Kelly, Oliver, Crouch, Heeney(FWD), Coniglio, Martin.
    Ahern(FWD), Trengove, JSmith(DEF)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy.

    FWD: Westhoff(MID), McDonald(DEF), Gray, McLean(MID), Mundy(MID), Fritsch.
    CMoore, Guelfi

    Trades: 2
    ITB: $23 700
    Rank: 694

    Have to play the waiting game now for injuries (resting) etc. FWD line is relatively weak and is my main concern as I have no real cover or DPP on the bench (ran out of trades). Happy with DEF and MID afield and bench. RUC? as long as they can both stay fit …
    Quite happy with Heeney and Ahern in the MID-line as it should give me added flexibility when the inevitable strikes.

    If anyone has any ideas other than just waiting for injuries, I’d be very happy to hear/read them.

    Thanks and good luck everybody. I know I for one, am gonna need it 🙂


  10. DEF: Simpson, Yeo, Lloyd, Laird, Howe, Savage.
    Ridley, Keefe (FWD)

    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Ward, Oliver, Dangerfield, Gaff, Martin, Walters (FWD).
    Ahern(FWD), Giro, Barry

    RUC: Gawn, Nank the Tank.

    FWD: Gray, Sicily(DEF), Franklin, D.Smith, Heeney (MID), McLean (MID).
    J. Battle, J. Garlett.

    Trades: 8

    Cash: $167000

    Rank: 20,197

    Trade plans: Ridley for Lynch this week (need to generate some mullah!), ditching Dusty for Pendles this week. With my final 6 trades: 2 to generate cash, 1 Nank>Grundy; and another to upgrade a cow to the midfielder of my choice. This will effectively allow me to loop a premium every week (Looking at Savage/Franklin/Howe with the Sicily swing-around). 2 trades left for finals.


  11. Hi friends!

    DEF: Sicily, Simpson, Yeo, Hurley, Laird, Savage.
    Mihocek, Cumming (FWD)

    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, Dangerfield, Martin, Coniglio, Zerrett, J. P. Kennedy.
    Ahern, Phillips, Dawson.

    RUC: Gawn, Sauce Jacobs.

    FWD: Heeney, McLean, Gray, Westhoff, D. Smith, Walters.
    L. Ryan, Keefe.

    Trades: 4

    Cash: $253,500

    Rank: 8,576

    Trade plans: I will most likely leave it given I only have 4 trades left.
    If I had the trades, I would be upgrading:
    Jacobs -> Grundy (I am still considering this!)
    Savage -> Lloyd



    1. so would I.
      Probably both!
      Definitely one of them this week as the price-gap is only going to increase on both trades over the next two weeks. Then just pray the other gap narrows.
      You’d think Grundy first given he is SO consistent and the weekly point differential is likely greater.


    2. I think I would do Jacobs > Grundy now as this will likely become less and less affordable and the point differential is significant.

      Good luck whatever you decide.


      1. Yep, you have convinced me!

        I’ll go Jacobs to Grundy this week.

        Will likely hold the 3 trades just in case.
        I feel the Savage to Lloyd trade is more of a luxury.
        Hopefully Savage comes home strong!



  12. 9 trades, $321,700, ranked 5572
    DEF: Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Hurn, Webster (Mihocek, Keeffe)
    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin, McLean, T Kelly (Holman, Ahern, Phillips)
    Rucks: Gawn, Nankervis (Olango)
    Fwd: Sicily, Westhoff, Gray, Heeney, Fritsch, Guelfi (T Smith, Battle)

    TU: Fritsch to Gaff (swing McLean forward) and Guelfi to Devon Smith, leaves me 7 trades and $12,400

    TD:Guelfi to Gaff (swing McLean forward) and downgrade Holman before he loses more money, leaves me with 7 trades and around $270k


    1. This is the third time I’ve looked at your post. Dunno what to suggest. I feel Holman MUST GO and Guelfi should too!
      Before Thursday and start of LockOut I’d play around with options.
      Play as if you’re trading them both out, fiddle with DPPs, pick THE ONE you really want and see what’s available with the cash. If all options are a compromise to what you really want, then downgrade to a rookie. there are plenty to choose from and you have trades up your sleeve.
      That’ll give you the cash and flexibility with 7 trades left to blitz it from here.
      Good luck!


  13. DEF – Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Ryan (Austin,Ridley)

    MID – Mitchell, Cripps, Gaff, Dangerfield, Merrett, Oliver, Coniglio, Neale
    (J.Smith, Spargo, Giro)

    RUC – Gawn, Martin (Olango)

    FWD – Heeney, Gray, D. Smith, Westhoff, McLean, Franklin (T. Smith, Ahern)

    25 Overall
    4 Trades Left
    23k Banked

    Holding Trades for Lti’s can’t premature trade and a premo goes down then eventually run out :/


    1. 1 more bench loophole cover with low ownership might be helpful to get top ten iam currently 17th with 2 trades left and $110 any tips appreciated good luck nateo


    2. Would need to see your team to comment mick, but Nateo that is magnificent work. All lines look real strong, Neale and Franklin smash it this week and you’re in gravy.
      Sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂


  14. 3 trades left, ranked 8800ish, $6k in the bank.

    Laird, Yeo , Simpson, Savage, Webster, Hurley (Shaw & J Smith)

    Mitchell, Oliver, Jelwood, Dusty, Crouch, Cripps, Gaff, Cognilio (Ahearn & 2 dpp spuds)

    Gawn, Goldstein (Olango)

    Heeney, Sicily, McLean, Gray, D Smith, Walters (Billings, Battle)

    My two trades this week (had 5 to start) have been TSmith and Cole out for Hurley & a dpp spud. This leaves me with at least decent cover on every line (except Ruck) and flexibility with mid/fwd dpp but no kitty for an luxury upgrades (dusty namely but not before finals at earliest). Am I better getting rid of Shaw instead of Cole to leave about $135k in the bank as a back up? Comments appreciated.


  15. Hi guys,

    Def – Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Sicily, Hurley, Savage (J Smith, Heron)

    Mid – Mitchell, Dangerfield, Cripps, Oliver, J Kelly, Coniglio, Merrett, Martin (Ahern, Giro, Barry)

    Ruck – Gawn, Naitanui (Olango)

    For – Heeney, R Gray, McLean, Walters, D Smith, De Goey (Boak, Keeffe)

    4 trades left, $92,900 in the bank and ranked 2378. More importantly 6 point clear on top of cash league.

    Wish I had Lloyd and Grundy but realistically hoping to grab Tom McDonald in defence before finals which will give me 2 spares covering 3 lines (with Boak or De Goey). Subject to LTI’s off course but that is the hope


    1. With four trades and league your target, sitting pretty, I’d be tempted to trade Savage > Lynch this week. Why?
      Gives you likely similar scores for the duration, you still have three trades left and the cash (c.$420k) therefore flexibility, to double UG (Lloyd and Grundy) when finals come around. The risk is your DEF back-up. Other lines you can afford a loss and cover til the next one.
      Don’t listen to me. 2 trades left and have had a couple 😉
      Good night and good luck


  16. DEF: K. Simpson, R. Laird, E. Yeo, J. Crisp, Z. Tuohy, B. Ellis (B. Mihocek, L. Keeffe)

    MID: T. Mitchell, P. Cripps, P. Dangerfield, C. Oliver, L. Neale, Z. Merrett, L. Parker, M. Bontempelli (P. Ahern, S. Giro, J. Dawson)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Olango)

    FWD: J. Sicily, I. Heeney, T. McLean, J. Gunston, D. Smith, L. Franklin (C. Curnow, T. Smith)

    3 trades left (hey, that’s 3 more than I had this time last year 😉 ), $50,700 in the bank, ranked 3225.

    Knowing which of Ellis and Curnow to field each week is a challenge, as both can be up and down, but the cover they provide is handy; plus, when coupled with the fact that I can send either Heeney or McLean into the midfield, I can cover a short-term injury on any line except the ruck, without having to field a rookie.


    1. Tuohy, ellis and Crisp make your backline both very interesting and a big PoD to the standard defenders like Ryan, Hurley etc who haven’t necessarily fired.

      Overall good team and I like that you’ve got cover for almost all lines + the best two rucks. Pity bout Bont though.


  17. simmo yeo sicily laird tmac shaw…..murphy/lynch

    titch danger cripps pendles zerrett wines cogs boak…….ahern/spargo/giro

    gawn grundy…..olango

    hoff heeney robinson d smith wingard mclean…t smith battle

    6 trades 249k 2188

    boak and shaw onfield weaknesses…..uneasy about tmac. boak to either oliver/macrae/kelly…shaw to hurn/hurley…not paying for lloyd. hope battle is back for finals cover


  18. Def: Laird, Simpson, Sicily, Yeo, Lloyd, Howe (Austin, Mihocek)

    Mid: Dangerfield, Mitchell, Neale, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, Crouch, Martin (Ahern, Giro, Mutch)

    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (Olango)

    Fwd: Franklin, Heeney, McLean, Walters, D. Smith, Gray (T. Smith, Battle)

    6 trades left


  19. Def – Laird, Yeo , Simpson, Sicily, Webster, Hurley (Austin, Cumming)

    Mid – Mitchell, Dangerfield, Merrett, J Kelly, A Gaff, Zorko, T McLean, T Rockliff, ( Shuey, Ahern,Barry )

    Ruck – Gawn, Grundy. (Olango )

    FWD – Heeney, R Gray, Walters, D Smith, Menegola, Wingard. (Fritsch, T Smith)

    3 Trades. Bank $21,800. Ranking 2,179.
    Happy with rank as I was 74,337 after round 1.
    No plans, just praying no more LTI’s, can you hear me Father Dougal? Please put in a good word to the Supercoach Gods.
    I am keeping an eye on Rory Sloane as a possible POD.

    Good luck to everyone for the rest of the season.


  20. The Donkeys post R16

    Laird. Yeo. Simo. Sicily. Ryan. Doedee.
    Hibberd / O’Conner.

    Titch. Danger. Oliver. Cripps. Cogs. Wines. Parker. Dusty.
    Ahern / Giro / Spargo.

    Max. Nic Nat.

    Heeney. Westhoff. D Smith. Mundy. Maclean. de Goey.
    T Smith / Guelfi.

    5 trades $94.700. Ranked 10959.

    Tempted to turn Gulefi into Billings with one trade. If Billings had DPP I would pull the trigger. I may just pass for now.
    At some stage I will be looking at getting J Brander( West Coast) F/D as a non playing loophole. Then I can swing Sicily forward if needed.
    I don’t really want to spend $150K but I can’t see too many other options.


  21. Including this week’s trade of Out: L Austin, In: J Webster

    Def: R Laird, E Yeo, J Sicily, K Simpson, M Hurley, A Brayshaw, (J Webster, I Cumming)

    Mid: T Mitchell, J Kelly, P Dangerfield, C Oliver, D Zorko, O Wines, S Coniglio, L Shuey ( N Fyfe, P Ahern, J Dawson)

    Ruck: M Gawn, B Grundy, (D Cameron)

    Fwd: I Heeney, R Gray, D Smith, T McLean, M Walters, C Wingard, ( J Billings, J Brander)

    Trades left: 0
    Ranking: 2106

    Pretty happy with my team/ranking considering I’ve had a premium injured/missing in every round except for RD1, only made 500,000 from 7 rookies (LDU, T Smith, C Spargo, ZGL, J Garlett, L Ryan and D Venables) and had to trade H Andrews out the week I selected him as he suffered an injury.

    Good luck to everybody for the remainder of the season regarding rankings and leagues.


  22. Currently Ranked 55 Overall… 7 Trades left….. 72.5k in the Bank….

    Backs: Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Howe, Hurley, Savage (Mihocek, Keeffe)

    Mids: Mitchell, Cripps, J Kelly, Gaff, Dangerfield, Merrett, Oliver, Coniglio (Rockliff, Giro, Petrucelle (Capt Loop))

    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)

    Forwards: Sicily, Heeney, Gunston, D Smith, McLean, Mundy (Ahern, T Smith)

    Thinking of the one trade this week, TSmith to Lynch, swinging Keeffe, although this loses my Sicily swingman.

    Any suggestions on who needs to go first?? Looping Rocky and Coniglio together is helping, I am personally thinking Savage needs to go to McDonald next round and then Mundy to Greene if he returns soon, having trades in hand is handy, hopefully can still gain ranks.


    1. your in a gun position with 7 trades savage out trade sciily to backs then u can move keefe fwd still have swing 4 smith to lynch and cash good luck liam hope it helps


    2. I’d do the Lynch trade as you’re thinking this week. Then enjoy the ride. A lot can happen in a week. Your team looks very strong and given your ranking you’re a definite chance.
      Just remember, form is temporary and class is permanent. Don’t make short-term trades, just strengthen your gun side when it is forced upon you or an opportunity you see arises.
      Good luck. Very exciting times for you


    3. trade savage 4 westoff moving scilly back returns swing with keefe fwd 4 t smith to lynch then McDonald next week go 4 it liam top 10 look at my team 17th possy 2 trades left Taranto to McDonald next week 4 me


  23. Rank:3595
    Cash: $156,000
    Trades: 3

    Simpson, Laird,Sicily,Yeo,Hurley,
    Savage(Lynch, Mihochek)
    (Ahern, Giro,O’Connor)
    Gawn, Nic Nat (Hayes)

    Feel that there is good balance, will cease trades and only for LTI.
    Have cash for upgrade if needed.


  24. 7 trades, $213k

    Def: R.Laird, E.Yeo, J.Sicily, K.Simpson, T.McDonald, H.Shaw
    (L.Austin, D.Mirra)

    Mid: T.Mitchell, J.Kelly, P.Dangerfield, C Oliver, J.Selwood, E.Curnow, S.Coniglio, P.Cripps
    (D.Martin, C.Spargo, J.Dawson)

    Ruck: M.Gawn, N.Naitanui, (O. McInerney)

    Fwd: I.Heeney, T.McLean, M.Walters, L.Franklin, J.Westhoff, P.Ahern
    (T.Smith, J.Battle)

    Thinking of upgrading that last FWD or DEF (swing TMac/Sicily) and that should have me sorted. Thoughts?


  25. DEF: Lloyd, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Ryan, Hurley [Heron, Cumming]

    MID: Mitchell, Neale, Dangerfield, Merrett, Oliver, Westhoff, Rockliff, Coniglio [Fyfe, Barry, Dawson]

    RUCK: Gawn, Martin, [Olango]

    FWD: Gunston, Robinson, Menegola, Mclean, Walters, Dixon, [Ahern, Battle]


  26. Def: Simpson, Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Howe, Hurley (Redman, Ridley)
    Midfield: Titch, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, J Selwood, Neale, Cogs, Dusty (Ahern, Giro, Spargo)
    Rucks: Gawn, Martin
    Forwards: Gray, Heeney, Mclean, Buddy, D Smith, Walters (Guelfi, T Smith)

    4 trades left
    56,400k in the bank
    Rank is 4895
    The trades I’d like to make are probably not going to happen but if I have used no trades by finals I might use two trades to get an M9/F7 loophole for Buddy, but the two guys I want to trade are starting to lose money hahaha (Guelfi, Spargo) but I can probably do alright trading Guelfi and Giro. Otherwise I might look to acquire Lloyd or Grundy through a downgrade of if I’ve made a lot of money from an injury trade (not having either of those two all year hurts really bad, but I did have Macrae from rounds 7-13 and that helped my year a lot)

    *UP this late for the France v Belgium


  27. D: Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Hurley, Savage, Austin (Mirra, Keeffe)
    M: Mitchell, Cripps, Kelly, Pendles, Oliver, Coniglio, Dusty, Heeney (Ahern, Phillips, Barry)
    R: Gawn, Grundy (English)
    F: Sicily, Westhoff, Gray, DSmith, McLean, Walter’s (Guelfi, Battle)

    Rank not worth mentioning, 6 trades, $203k bank.
    Been one of my worst seasons, but looking at Guelfi to mid under $496k (Crouch?), swinging heeney fwd and Sicily back. Or burn another trade downgrading to free up more cash. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers coaches.


    1. I’d be getting Lynch down back this week and cash up, to move on a premo for Austin over the coming weeks.
      Your MID, RUC and FWD lines look very good to me.


      1. Cheers! Might look at Lynch in for Mirra. Been holding because of negative be and no pressing need to move him on, but a negative be means nothing if he doesn’t play again!


  28. Def: Lloyd Simpson Yeo Laird Hurley Savage (COLE/MIHOCEK

    Mid: Mitchell Cripps Danger Merrett Oliver Heeney Coniglio Martin (AHERN/GIRO/SMITH)

    Ruck: Gawn Grundy

    Fwd: Westhoff Gray DSmith McLean Walters Mundy (SMITH/BATTEL)

    7 Trades left $120k bank Rank: 3,060
    Don’t know my next move?!


    1. IMO Savage to Sicily makes sense, other than that side looks good for improving in the rankings & league finals


  29. Def: Lloyd, Sicily, Simpson, Laird, Webster, Yeo (Rice & J.Smith)

    Mids: Danger, Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, Martin, Ward, Coniglio, Wines (Ahern, Phillips & O’Connor)

    Rucks: Gawn & Martin (Olango)

    Fwd: Heeney, Gray, D. Smith, Wingard, McLean, Walters (Ryan & T.Smith)

    Rank just outside top 6,000. Was as high as 600 but byes & injuries crueled my side.

    4 trades with 40k bank, hoping to hold. Maybe Martin to Grundy at some point, however Stef against a ruckless hawks.


  30. Def: Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Sicily, Howe, Hurley (Lynch, Heron)

    Mid: Mitchell, Cripps, Dangerfield, Gaff, Oliver, Coniglio, Sidebottom, McLean (Fyfe, Giro, Brown)

    Ruc: Gawn, Grundy (Olango)

    Fwd: Heeney, Gray, Mundy, Walters, Smith, Hogan (Ahern, Brander)

    3 trades left
    5k in the bank
    Ranked 188

    Will not be making any trades until finals unless a long-term injury occurs. Would love to have Lloyd in my backline but can’t do it with so little trades and cash. Keeping Fyfe as I have good enough cover and hoping that he can come back and be a great pod for finals


  31. DEF – Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Laird, T.Mcdonald Hurley,
    (Austin, Ridley)

    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Kelly, Kennedy, Merrett, J.Selwood, Coniglio, Martin [J.Smith, Barry, Powell]

    RUC: Gawn, Goldstein (D.Cameron)

    FWD: Sicily, Heeney, R.Gray, D.Smith, McLean, Walters (Ahern, T.Smith)

    5 trades left.
    $142,000 left in the bank.

    Who should I be upgrading?


  32. And now Bont’s out for a few weeks FFS – so much for holding trades

    With a current midfield of Mitchell, Cripps, Bont, Danger, Oliver, Crouch, Coniglio and Westhoff (who I brought in last week for Fyfe & will be moving to the forward line at some stage), who do I replace Bont with? Not going to consider J Kelly or Neale with high BE’s (will get one of them once I move Westhoff), don’t want to take a chance on Selwood as sure he’ll be getting a breather soon, so narrowed it down to either
    TU: Gaff
    TD: Pendles
    Comment for Beams as a bit of a POD


  33. 7 trades 30k

    Simpson, Lloyd, Webster, Yeo, Laird, Crisp
    (Lynch, keefe)

    Mitchell, Kennedy, Gaff, Danger, Merret, Martin, Coniglio
    (Adhere, Giro, Dawson)

    Gawn Nicnat

    Sicily, Heeney, Smith, Menogola, Franklin, Mclean
    (Smith, Battle)


  34. back: Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, T McDonald, Hurn (mihocek, austin)
    Mid:Mitchell, Cripps, Gaff, Oliver, Coniglio, Menegola, Walters, Rockliff (Ahern, Spargo, Giro)
    Ruck: S Martin, M Gawn (Olango)
    Forwards:Westoff, Henne, Edwards, T.Mclean, Fritcsh, Waterman (Ronke, Brander)

    3 Trades left.
    $504,200 in the bank,
    Current rank: 17,270
    I’m looking for tips to run into finals. Forward line needs a little bit I feel.


  35. 7 trades 85k. Got two options below but feel free to throw ideas my way.

    Def: laird, yeo, simpson, Hurley, Webster, hibberd (naughton Taylor)

    Mid: danger, TMitch, curnow, oliver, dusty, beams, Rockliff, cognilio (ahern Holman E.phillips)

    Ruck: Gawn Nicnat (olango)

    Fwd: heeney, westhoff, gray, McLean, d.smith, Sicily (T.smith battle)

    Option 1: single trade. holman —> shuey (M9)

    Option 2: two trades. Holman -> Trengove
    hibberd —> wingard via dpp


  36. Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Hurn, Hurley (Smith, Ridley)

    Mitchell, Cripps, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Oliver, Parker, Coniglio, Martin (Rockliff, Ahern, Phillips)

    Gawn, Goldstein (Olango)

    Heeney, Gray, Smith, Wingard, McLean (Smith, Battle)

    8 trades left and ranked 1700

    This time of the year is perfect for PODs. Picking up Wingard a few weeks ago has worked well thus far. Looking at Beams for Fyfe this week then trading Fritsch for McDonald next week. Webster + Macrae on my radar too over the next couple weeks as well.


  37. 3 trades left 1k in bank throw any ideas over

    Defence- Simson, yeo, sicily, laird, McDonald, Ryan (h.andrews, keefe)

    Midfield- Mitchell, cripps, gaff, Dangerfield, pendlebury, Oliver, Gibbs, rockcliff ( Phillips, Barry, Murphy)

    Rucks- Gawn, Sinclair (olango)

    Forwards- westhoff, heeny, gray, menagola, mclean, billing’s ( ahern, Smith )

    Rank 88 432
    I’m looking for any tips heading into the finals


  38. Defenders:
    Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Savage, Mihocek.
    Bench: Austin, Duman.

    Mitchell, Cripps, Neale, Gaff, Coniglio, Martin, Rockliff, Stephenson
    Bench: Ahern, Phillips,

    Rucks: Gawn, Nic Nat
    Bench: Olango

    Heeney, Gray, Gunston, Smith, McLean, Mundy
    Bench: Ryan, T Smith

    8 trades remaining, 335k in the bank. Roughly around 26,000 in the rankings.

    Any advice would be appreciated, cheers.



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