Rookie Review – Round 14

Written by Huttabito on June 27 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd14AvgBE
Witherdan (MID)Bris$117.3k7676-
RyanFrem$163.8k (+$46.5k)4957.7-40
StewartGeel$327.8k (+$1.5k)4859.570
MelicanSyd$251.6k (+$23.1k)6055.817
Berry (MID)Bris$307.6k (+$14.1k)7654.161
Cox (FWD)*Frem$117.3k6045-21

Sorry Chillo, just have to mention it 😛 but shout out to Newman for getting to 90 with a late goal to keep him premium relevant! All from just 13 disposals (9 kicks), 5 tackles and 2 goals.

Witherdan finally earned a senior call after being named best on ground in the Brisbane’s NEAFL team two weeks running and he did not look out of place one single bit. Had an amazing smother to save a goal to go with 20 disposals (13 kicks), 7 marks and 7 rebound 50s (Brisbane’s most) – so they clearly want the ball in his hands. With a solid 76 points on debut, he would be extremely stiff to lose his spot, especially as Brisbane seem to be playing the kids. Cheap price with handy DPP, he will be a popular trade in over the coming weeks but as always, best to wait until on the bubble unless covering donuts.

Scharenberg was omitted from the seniors as it’s quite clear he is to good of a kick, but you know the decision was a little bizarre when the Collingwood VFL twitter team is trolling the selection panel.He had 35 disposals (23 kicks) to go with 13 marks, 2 tackles and a goal so surely, just surely, he we get a recall. Then again it’s Buckley, beats me!

Ryan was busy early when the Dockers were on top to head into the half time break on 27 points. Only had 1 handball and 1 free kick against in the 3rd quarter with 2 kicks in the final quarter but somehow scraped together 22 points in the last half? Must have been a few 1%ers in there too (or making up for lack of points first half?) but ended up with 10 disposals (7 kicks) at 80% DE with 3 marks, 3 tackles, 3 1%ers and 4 clangers all up. 49 points was a little disappointing as he didn’t make the most of his lowest BE and after this weeks roles out, it looks to be heading into positive territory.

Stewart got to a quick fire 51 points in the first 40% of the game before succumbing to a fractured eye socket in the second quarter ending his day. Such a shame as he was just starting to settle nicely in the Geelong defensive 6 and looking like a semi-viable D7 option if his last month has been anything to go bye. Not to be, ended up being scaled back to 48 to only to just beat his break even. Unforeseen goodbye as is set to miss 4-6 weeks.

Melican was dropped just after Sydney had their bye but was recalled the very next week and with a BE of 8, was welcomed by his 10,000 owners. He was Sydney’s 2nd most accurate player with 93% of his 15 disposals (5 kicks) hitting the target. Other than taking 3 marks (1 contested) and putting in 2 1%ers, he was relatively stat less so it was his high accuracy which scraped him through to 60 points for the night. With a BE of 17, only has 1 more decent cash rise before just about ready to be culled.

Berry continues to tick along nicely with a 76 points against GWS. In what was a very one sided affair, he collected 18 disposals (4 kicks unfortunately) at 83% DE, 3 marks, 4 clearances, 2 tackles, 3 1%ers to go with 1 goal/1 behind. His BE has jumped however once the 44 rolls out of his pricing average, there is a good chance it will go down again to continue making cash. Will be set to get increased midfield time with Beams set to be sidelined for 3-4 weeks.

Cox played his second game and with the lack of other tall men, played second fiddle in the ruck. Much better second game as he seemed to have shaken out game 1 jitters, he had 15 disposals (7 kicks) at 73% DE, 6 marks (3 contested), 8 hitouts, 3 tackles (2 frees against) and 4 1%ers for his 60 points. On the bubble this week, his spot in the team is very touch and go, especially as he’s playing forward on offering ruck relief. With a BE of -21, his cash potential looks unders too.

Goodbye for now: Stewart


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd14AvgBE
Powell-PepperPort$358.2k (+$10.1k)8270.243
BarrettBris$340.0k (-$10k)3263.6114

Powell-Pepper won the rising star in Rd1 and hasn’t looked back with another outstanding game collecting 20 disposals (9 kicks). Port Adelaide’s second top contested possession getter with 12, he went at 65% DE for the day to end up on 82 points. His points were hard earned as he racked up 4 marks, 5 clearances, 8 tackles and 4 inside 50s. Continuing his constant positive cash flow, he BE is down to 43 again and it looks set to continue.

Barrett, up against his former club, would have wanted to impress but fell short just managing 13 disposals (3 kicks). He was quiet elsewhere just getting 4 marks, 1 tackle to go with 4 clangers which saw him end up on 32 points. With his BE at 55 coming into the round, he dropped cash for the first time this season and with that, his new BE has jumped to 114 and now is a good time to part ways, unless you like losing money, I’m not one to tell you otherwise. He was the most traded out player this week so coaches were starting to sense his time was up anyway.

Mountford popped his bubble this week and was a popular trade in target for those who went early on Ryan a few weeks ago as he was one of the only other options. Playing on ball at times, he was able to collect 13 disposals (4 kicks) but was let down by his DE which was at 31% for the afternoon which held his score back to 46. He was relatively quite otherwise and laid 3 tackles, 2 1%ers and kicked 2 behinds so has lots or room for points improvement and Cunnington suspended this week may see him with an extra midfield rotation or two.

Goodbye for now: Barrett and Willsmore.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd14AvgBE

Darcy made his debut against Geelong in what was a baptism of fire but he has been taken under the wings of one of the best in the business to build his game and dominate the WAFL before his call up. With no Sandilands, no Griffin, no Clarke and no Taberner… it was 19 year old Darcy to shoulder the load for the entire Fremantle. What would have been a new tap out record on debut had Soldo not rucked solo himself in Rd7, Darcy finished up on 40 for the afternoon! Not only getting the 40 hitouts, he had 14 disposals (6 kicks) at 57% DE to go with 5 clearances, 2 tackles and 3 1%ers. Fremantle’s ruck stocks look to be in good hands (get it?) when Sandilands retires and Darcy may be one to be looked at in years to come, but offers very little for SuperCoach teams this year this late in the season unfortunately.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd14AvgBE
Greenwood (MID)Adel$296.3k (+$56.3k)12788.6-21
White (MID)Port$198.4k9981-41
J.StewartEss$265.4k (+$21.2k)5163.80
Ainsworth (MID)GC$268.8k (+11k)6463.855
HannanMelb$317.6k (+$6.4k)5658.340
Gallucci (MID)Adel$148.8k-57-
ParsonsGeel$241.8k (+$28.5k)8251.49
Bolton (MID)Rich$199.0k (+$17.6k)3951.215
Brown (MID)*Coll$117.3k4347.5-26
Deluca-Cardillo (MID)Frem$102.3k3333-

When I mentioned that Greenwood would be serviceable F7/M9 cover up until finals, I meant it. His game is made for SuperCoach and was one of the few shining lights on what was a dark night for Adelaide. With carnage hitting every SuperCoach team left, right and centre this round (apart from mine apparently until J.Selwood went down after it was to late to swap out), many coaches were able to field Greenwood this week for an unbelievable 127 points! Breathtaking on the night, he had 21 disposals (12 kicks) at a team high 95% DE to go with 6 marks, 6 clearances, 9 tackles, 3 1%ers and 2 goals, his score was well deserved. 5 game average of 88.6, has 2 x 100+ and 3 ~70s so not a bad loophole option, especially up front with an out of form Lynch or Nankervis.

White played his second AFL game for the season (145 all up) on the weekend buts falls into the “rookie” category due to his sub $200k price tag. On the bubble and a BE of -41, he his set to rise in price $50k with a score of at least 65. Given his price, you would want him to cover the remainder of the year and his JS is shaky at best, with many others in line that play similar roles.

Schoenmakers is back, which is great news for my Dead Team – BB, I’m coming for you! After being omitted at the end of Rd1, it’s taken 12 rounds and a mountain of injuries to finally get a recall. He didn’t disappoint with 15 disposals (8 kicks) at 85% DE (over 50% contested possessions) to go with 5 marks (1 contested), 2 tackles, 5 1%ers, 3 inside 50s, 1 behind and a goal assist to get to 76 points. On the bubble, may present as a downgrade option but seems to be out of favour and with an elevated price, he poses some risks but why would you chance a team that beat top of the ladder!

J.Stewart was back to his old tricks with 51 points despite kicking a couple of goals. He only collected the 9 disposals (5 kicks) at 67% DE to go with 3 marks and a tackle so was quite quiet otherwise. He still has his 105 in his rolling average for another week so had one more decent cash rise before it starts to taper off (unless he has another 90+ special).

Ainsworth had 17 disposals but with so few kicks (5) and missing the target  on average 4 out of every 1o times, his score was held back to 64 which was right on his average. Relativity quite otherwise, he just had the 3 marks, 2 tackles and 2 behinds on his day out. He will need another 60 odd points this round (wont increase much with a BE of 55) to keep his price ticking over once the 39 rolls out of his cycle but due to quite the elevated starting price, it will certainly come to a halt faster than others.

Hannan had another of his 50 odd scores but as expected, has just ($300) ticked over $200k profit making him one of the more profitable rookies of the year. Not quite as accurate on goal as other weeks, he had 5 shots to convert just the 1 with 2 behinds and 2 missing everything altogether. 17 disposals (9 kicks) at 59% DE with 5 clangers certainly didn’t help his scoring. With a BE of 40, he would need a real turn in form to not continue making money.

Beech played his second game against Hawthorn but only managed to scrape through to 49 points. He had 12 disposals (5 kicks) at 75% DE with Adelaide being defeated by 17th on the ladder, you would expect a few changes and with Beech failing to impact, you would expect his name may be high on the list. Great SANFL player but just lacking the time and space at AFL level for the time being.

Parsons is back! I told him at the end of Rd10 to come back when he’s proven himself and the time has finally arrived. After 6 rounds averaging 42 points but continually getting games due to injuries at the Cattery, it looked to be yet another one of those Parson scores were on the cards as he was stuck on 38 points at 3Qtr time. But, fate would have it, he was able to kick 2 goals in the final quarter when Geelong were making their comeback (sigh) which saw him end up on 74 points at the final siren. CD obviously saw him as an instrumental part of their 2 point win and gave him a few bonus points that were on offer which saw him leapfrog to 82! This has all but bought him a few extra weeks as his BE should hover around 9-15 for the next fortnight allowing him to make an extra $35k, tipping him over the edge as a successful rookie with over $150k profit! Wow – words I didn’t think I would say 2 weeks ago.

Bolton continued his invisible trick and didn’t even bother to trouble the statistician deciding not to register a major stat in the opening quarter of the game (2 SC points though – must be one of those hidden ones). Eventually worked his way into the game, including kicking a goal but ended up on 39 points which was his lowest for the season. Guess we can thank all 4 of his disposals were kicks and they all hit the target and he laid 3 tackles as the 3 clangers he had did their best in lowering his score. He looks set to top out in price around $250k if he continues to score in the 40-60 range.

Brown played his second game and looked a little lost, only getting to 43 points. He had 9 disposals (1 kick) so had he not gone at 100% DE for the day and kicked a goal, his scored would have looked a whole lot bleaker as he barely registered another stat. On the bubble if (if being the question) named, may be a downgrade option is required but not looking like a must have me rookie – he is the small forward type (Pickett) after all and Collingwood have a few players to return from injury soon.

Deluca-Cardillo’s ownership has been slowly increasing over the last month as people slowly began to bring in floating DPP loophole options and with Fremantle’s late fixtures and Deluca’s basement price, he has been one of the go to guys. Not a prolific scorer, he got 33 points from 13 disposals (9 kicks) and was let down by his 39% DE. Not one to be rushing in anytime soon.

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6 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 14”

  1. Nice review Hutta.

    Very sad about Tom Stewart. I finally made a good decision to keep him and he unfortunately got injured. It was good while it lasted, Tom.


  2. Full marks to the wag in charge of the Pies VFL Twitter account. You are spot on.
    Fingers crossed for Witherden’s JS, and the Lions rookies in general. Between Schache, Berry, Witherden, Barrett, Hipwood and McCluggage, there’s the nucleus of a very good team. Just keep them in Brisbane!


  3. I follow the Lions very closely and Fags has huge wraps on Witherden. Was hampered by injuries in his draft year. Certainly didn’t look out of place last week and IMO displayed one of the more impressive performances for the team. Has a great leg on him and should hold his spot for at least the next 2 weeks. If he keeps playing like he did on the weekend, then JS should not be too much of an issue. In saying this, wait another week just to be sure! Should be a popular downgrade for the injured Stewart or could also be a downgrade option for Berry if in need of some cash generation, due to his DPP status. Things are finally looking up at the Lions!


    1. I’ve only “gone early” on one rookie this year and that was due to injury with J.Smith (remember that? All the way back in Rd1). All over Witherden this week……



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