Rookie Review – Round 3

Written by Juddlow on April 12 2016

Great to see some of the best rookie priced players float promptly out of the rookie price range. I know he hasn’t been a rookie for a long time, but all the best to Rob Murphy, hopefully we are privileged enough to see him grace the field for at least another season. Back on topic- my mix of top rookie scorers and cheap options are as follows-


M Adams (WBD, 226K) “The Specimen” was again rock solid in defence for the Dogs in their narrow loss to the Hawks. He gathered 23 disposals, clunked 15 marks and again had 7 one percenters. Those stats still make him look like a good buy at his current price! If he can continue his scoring, he could well turn into a first class SuperCoach selection.

C Cameron (GCS, 223K) 18 disposals and 7 marks for the 21 year old in the big win over the Blues. Add to this his 5 rebound 50s, 4 tackles and a goal, his improvement typifies that of the Suns. If you had him from the beginning of the Season, he could repay the faith. The local product was taken at Pick 58 in the 2012 Draft.

T Ruggles (GEE, 102K) The mature aged recruit finally had his first opportunity at the highest level against the Lions on Sunday. The 23 year old Geelong local gathered 17 disposals and 9 marks in the 10 goal win. If he can hold his spot in the side, could be an early downgrade option next week.

M Hartley (ESS, 117K) Rookie on the bubble and I have the feeling we could see a lot of this man. On Friday night against the Power he didn’t have a huge impact with just 11 disposals and 4 tackles. However after an impressive year last season for Coburg and a good preseason, he shows great potential.

Looking Back:

DEFENDERS Club Price Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Ave
M Adams (FWD) WBD 226K 82 135 97 104.67
M Dea ESS 243K 61 87 95 81.00
C Cameron GCS 223K 49 73 98 73.33
T Ruggles GEE 102K DNP DNP 72 72.00
M Hartley ESS 117K DNP 86 53 69.50
A McDonald-Tipungwuti (FWD) ESS 166K 50 84 71 68.33
C Byrne CAR 123K DNP DNP 67 67.00
C Marchbank GWS 215K 93 31 DNP 62.00
A Litherland HAW 252K 67 54 64 61.67
J Bennell WCE 228K 89 23 DNP 56.00
M Brown (FWD) ESS 154K 42 72 38 50.67
D Gardiner BRI 238K 33 42 71 48.67
J Wagner MEL 121K DNP DNP 47 47.00
S Lemmens GCS 233K 24 52 56 44.00
J Nelson WCE 212K 43 44 42 43.00
O McDonald MEL 155K 32 DNP DNP 32.00
Z Dawson FRE 225K 61 15 64 46.67
D McStay BRI 248K 63 43 37 47.67



With Parish and Oliver now above 250K, there isn’t much to see here. Hopefully this changes soon to provide us with some downgrade options.

MIDFIELDERS Club Price Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Ave
R Davis GCS 151K 57 63 51 57.00
J O’Rouke HAW 245K 54 65 50 56.33
G Hewett SYD 153K 96 48 18 54.00
L Weller FRE 219K 43 59 47 49.67
J Dunkley WBD 117K 61 33 DNP 47.00
R Crowley ESS 205K 58 38 28 41.33
J Gresham STK 144K 44 37 DNP 40.50
B Macaffer COL 174K 38 37 DNP 37.50
M Goodyear COL 123K DNP DNP 25 25.00



J Lyons (ADE, 241K) Lyons played 13 games in 2015 and dominated the SANFL in his time away from the top level, however he should now see much more game time with the sub vest vanishing in the off season. Against the Tigers, he had 21 disposals at 85%, 3 centre clearances, 7 inside 50s, 2 goal assists and kicked 2 goals himself. He will be looking to back up his form and consolidate his place in the Crows line up. Lyons was drafted from Sandringham at pick 61 in the 2010 Draft.

L McCarthy (GEE, 193K) Playing his first game at Kardinia Park, McCarthy showed some real spark. He kicked 2 goals and laid 4 tackles to go with his 13 disposals. The South Australian has been hampered by injuries in the past, however the 22 year old now looks to be given his chance.

J Short (RIC, 117K) Wanted to mention a rookie on the bubble and Short looks to be the best basement priced option. In the loss to the Crows, Short gathered 11 disposals and applied 3 tackles. In his first outing, the 20 year old kicked 3 goals from his 6 touches. Short was selected by the Tigers at pick number 11 in last years Rookie Draft.

Front line trading:

FORWARDS Club Price Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Ave
J Lyons ADE 241K DNP DNP 97 97.00
T Papley SYD 196K 104 109 46 86.33
S Kerridge (MID) CAR 215K 86 106 65 85.67
J Simpkin (MID) ESS 223K 72 DNP DNP 72.00
C Ah Chee GCS 189K 58 76 DNP 67.00
L McCarthy GEE 193K 43 66 96 68.33
D Howard PORT 123K DNP 61 DNP 61.00
D Byrne-Jones PORT 123K DNP DNP 61 61.00
T Garner NTH 259K 77 77 26 60.00
C Menadue (MID) RIC 192K 80 63 31 58.00
K Langford ESS 216K 41 66 67 58.00
J Schache BRI 235K 59 65 47 57.00
E Langdon FRE 231K DNP 61 52 56.50
M McGovern ADE 163K 41 61 61 54.33
D Kent MEL 243K 73 13 77 54.33
W Milera ADE 201K 40 83 39 54.00
C Ellis (MID) RIC 210K 59 39 53 50.33
J Short RIC 117K DNP 52 46 49.00
W Hoskin-Elliott GWS 222K DNP 67 31 49.00
C Curnow CAR 171K DNP 46 50 48.00
D Rioli RIC 157K 39 DNP 54 46.50
B Evans BRI 219K DNP DNP 43 43.00
P McCartin STK 200K DNP 45 37 41.00
E Templeton STK 196K 41 DNP DNP 41.00
J Patton GWS 233K DNP 26 53 39.50
J Lamb CAR 189K 46 30 DNP 38.00
N Kommer ESS 123K DNP 31 38 34.50
L Duggan (MID) WCE 215K 56 17 29 34.00
J Freeman BRI 218K 27 DNP DNP 27.00
M Taberner FRE 242K 26 DNP DNP 26.00
J Anderson NTH 223K 15 DNP DNP 15.00
C Gault COL 215K 16 10 DNP 13.00


Tall Order:

RUCKS Club Price Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Ave
M Pitonet HAW 123K 16 DNP DNP 16.00
S Frost (FWD) MEL 217K 17 DNP 31 24.00



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16 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 3”

  1. Nice one Juddlow. I have one question, and one thought;

    Who has the best job security of Ruggles, Hartley and Byrne?

    And my thought is that the rapidly improving Lincoln McCarthy will score well in the next couple of games, and therefore will be making his way into my Tech team this week.


    1. Just a quick one about Hartley: Word is that Nathan Grima might get a call-up this week and Hartley might have to make way. Keep a close eye on the Teams as they’re announced on Thursday…….


      1. Thanks Schwarz!
        That sounds interesting, he could come in and out of the side a little bit this season then. I will be waiting eagerly for Thursday night.


    2. I do like all 3 options here. I will be watching Ruggles and Byrne very closely this weekend. Could be worth watching and waiting while the rookies on your list start to grow.


    1. 4th……….He makes an appearance on the ‘Flavour OTW’ later today. All about the cross-promotion 😉


  2. Thoughts on McCarthy guys? Was his score on the weekend inflated because cats played lions??
    His 3 scores have gradually increased each week.
    Would he be a better option than Dan Menzel?


    1. Personally, I don’t like splashing out too much cash on downgrades, Menzel at 260k is a bit rich, however I do feel he has a touch more class than McCarthy.


      1. Yeah they are at awkward prices…. I like caleb Daniel too and have crouch to dump……

        TUp — McCarthy
        TDown — splash out a bit more on Caleb/Menzel


    2. He’s already has his first rise, so isn’t a very good cow anymore. That said, he is better than Menzel I think.


  3. I’m concerned about Hewetts JS!! Reckon it’s Robinson or him who gets the chop next time an injured player returns.



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Rookie Review Round 3

Written by Big Sexy on April 12 2011

My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:
1) Z Smith (Ruck 117k) Big lanky Zac was pegged at the start of the season by most as one of their bench Rucks, yet there was little to really justify this other than a lot of positive reinforcement from Bluey McKenna. Well, low and behold, the kid has talent. He’s about 10ft tall (206cm), and can jump, and his two scores thus far have been 84 and 94. To be honest, if I had of known how good he was at the start of the season I wouldn’t have bothered with Petrie. Anyway, if you need some bench ruck cover, make sure you have him on standby.
2) S Savage (Mid 186k) I’m not sure why Savage didn’t get more attention during the pre-season, and I haven’t seen anyone with him, but he is in 10,000 teams (must be 10,000 Hawks supporters). Anyway, Savage had been ‘steady’ without being a standout and had scored two 70’s in R1 & R2, but in R3 went to another level with a very impressive game racking up 121. I’m guessing he benefitted from Cyril’s week off, but he certainly didn’t do his chances any harm with regard to Clarko’s view-point. He got a reasonable price hike this week, but if you’re looking for someone around this price in your midfield, this is your last chance.
3) D Prestia (Mid/Fwd 148k) During the Pre-season there were plenty of Mid/Fwd DPP rookies floating around to help out your bench, yet come round one, the all evaporated, and the last man standing was Prestia. Well, Prestia is about to receive a price hike, and if you want some extra flexibility with your Mid or Fwd bench, then grab Prestia now. He’s been pretty solid in his first two weeks with 55 and 77.
4) D Harris (Def 125k) Harris was clearly the Suns best player in his first up run, and 150th game against the Blues, but a little less convincing against the doggies. However, I still feel he is a great value player, and one real benefit, and one of the main reasons I will be starting him each week is because I don’t have to worry about him getting Subbed out of the game. In his first two outing’s he scored 109 and 58.
5) J Darling (Fwd 163k) I had Jack in last week’s review, and I still think he is great value….. All the WC supporters are loving the look of 191cm big Jack who has height and the agility to go with it. Jack has played two years of senior footy in the WAFL and comes into the AFL well prepared with a strong body for an 18yo. Again, his scores haven’t been ridiculously good, but they have been very solid and considering where he fits into the side… with The Frenchman (LeCras) out for 10 weeks and the big Q-stick constantly under-achieving, I firmly believe Whoosha will give Darling plenty of opportunity. His scores were R1 80, R2 70 and R3 71. I reiterate, give him some thought!

Here is the rookie data for you to analyse in your spare time, and form your own opinions:

R3 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
121 89 3 S Savage Mid 186k HAW
120 87 2 T Bellchambers Ruck 179k ESS
94 89 2 Z Smith Ruck 117k GC
92 107 3 E Curnow Mid 206k CARL
92 76 3 S Martin Def 174k MELB
90 87 3 D Heppell Def/Mid 216k ESS
86 67 2 B Smith Def 123k ADEL
85 74 3 N Duigan Def 164k CARL
84 84 1 M Coad Def 123k GC
80 75 3 N Lower Def 166k FREO
79 74 3 J Pittard Mid 169k PORT
77 66 2 D Prestia Mid/Fwd 148k GC
74 76 3 M Nicoski Def 237k WCE
72 71 2 D Swallow Mid 188k GC
71 90 3 T Liberatore Mid 183k WBD
71 73 3 J Darling Fwd 163k WCE
65 65 2 H Bennell Mid 183k GC
61 59 3 A Gaff Mid 198k WCE
58 83 2 D Harris Mid 125k GC
58 64 2 M Watson Def 103k CARL
58 59 2 D Stanley Def 117k GC
57 62 3 J O’Brien Def/Fwd 202k BRIS
57 49 3 J Batchelor Def 135k RICH
56 56 1 D Grimes Def 111k RICH
56 51 2 J Pitt Fwd 103k FREO
53 53 1 J Polec Mid 168k BRIS
50 84 3 L Tapscott Fwd 181k MELB
50 50 1 A Smith Mid 110k STK
50 50 1 A Johnson Def/Fwd 103k SYD
49 51 3 R Lester Def 137k BRIS
49 49 1 D Gorringe Ruck 143k GC
46 56 2 T McKenzie Mid 110k GC
44 55 2 A Otten Def 185k ADEL
44 54 2 B Matera Fwd 110k GC
42 44 2 S Tape Def 128k GC
41 69 2 S McKernan Def/Fwd 110k ADEL
41 34 3 B Helbig Mid 116k RICH
41 33 2 K Hunt Def 117k GC
40 49 3 L Markovic Def/Fwd 140k WBD
38 49 3 R Conca Mid 178k RICH
38 44 3 R Bewick Mid 133k BRIS
38 34 2 C Gutherie Def 103k GEEL
34 34 1 M Weller Mid 110k GC
34 30 3 C Beams Mid 103k BRIS
32 41 3 R Gamble Fwd 184k STK
30 48 3 C O’Shea Def 133k PORT
25 27 2 A Christensen Mid 110k GEEL
23 24 2 A Magin Def 103k GC
22 32 2 C Dixon Fwd 110k GC
15 43 3 J Irons Mid 118k PORT
  114 1 C Pedesen Def 109k NM
  84 2 R Tarrant Def 184k NM
  61 2 S Buckley Def/Mid 110k COLL
  56 2 C Richardson Fwd 110k NM
  52 1 D Archer Fwd 103k STK
  44 1 B Sumner Fwd 110k SYD
  40 2 N Djerrkura Mid 184k WBD
  38 1 J Toy Def 110k GC
  36 2 S Atley Mid 108k NM
  34 1 B McCauley Ruck 91k BRIS
  24 1 M Lock Mid 110k GC

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42 thoughts on “Rookie Review Round 3”

  1. G’day Big Sexy, love your work. What are your thoughts on Michael Coad. Obviously didn’t play round 1, but played last round and got a solid 84! I’ve currently got Simon Buckley sitting on my bench, and he needs to go. Worth bringing in?


  2. Im new to SC so forgive me!

    Say for example I want to trade Harris in round 10 and maybe release his eg 200k increase. I have to replace him with a 90k MF and use the rest to buy a more expensive player?
    is that the best way to trade?


  3. question for Motts, can i do a “crystal ball” each week for a match of everyone’s choice, like, who you guys do Rookie Review, Motts movers and the Progress scores, can i do the crystal ball, and im not a complete joke, if you can find the Geelong vs Port one that i did as a comment?


  4. Had Savage from the start 😉
    Too bad I had him as an emergency last week -_-
    Starting him this week though just not sure whether to start Harris or Swallow along with him


  5. Anyone else seei in the second quarter in the WBD vs GCS match, when Dion Prestia sent it forward and Daniel Gorringe to the specky and grabbed the mark, but…….it was touched!
    “Mark Of The year That Wasn’t!”


  6. All 5 in my team, hope they get me over the line one of these weeks or at the very least, raise significantly in value and give me some trading power.


  7. It’s a slow moving news day in the world of AFL, like most Tuesday’s, so let’s talk this weeks games:
    Carlton V Essendon @ the ‘G
    Sydney V Geelong @ the SCG
    Two great matches. Who do we like and why?


  8. Welcome back PA, how was your Gravator trip, Im over the little monkeys its C Judd from today until seasons end for me


  9. I had Bellchambers with Smith at R3+4, until Bellchambers wasn’t named round 1. Stuck with Brad Moran who is named as emergency each week. Doh!


  10. Thanks BS.

    What do people think about a Gamble to Prestia trade? Gamble has been a dismal failure, not worth the gamble at all, and I could use Prestia’s DPP with Krakeour in my mids. But is it worth a precious trade?


  11. As soon as they have their first price drop, or if u wanna get in before that, as soon as their break-even exceeds their average score.



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